Portrait PSR Nightmare

Pros: It does tighten the skin and remove...

Pros: It does tighten the skin and remove brown/sun spots

Con: Difficult recovery, redness lasting months to years, scarring, sun sensitivity, unable to use any cosmetic products (including moisturizers. I mean NOTHING!)

Did it to firm up skin, reduce wrinkling and sun damage. I believed my doctor that it was safe and that it would provide a good outcome. It has been a real nightmare. My skin looks "melted" and has many significant issues and I face a long course of additional treatments to attempt to recover.

There are better procedures out there and you should investigate them completely as well as the doctor performing them. I wouldn't wish this on anyone else. Good luck to all of those similarly effected.

UPDATE: It's been 2 years since my Portrait...

UPDATE: It's been 2 years since my Portrait treatment and after reading that the nozzles will once again become available and treatments resuming, I'm posting an update for anyone who may be considering this procedure in future.


To say that my Portrait experience has been a nightmare would truly be an understatement - there aren't words to adequately describe the life changing horror. Portrait PSR treatment was touted to be as easy and as simple as a "spa treatment", with little risk or downtime all supposed to magically make you look better.

To date I've had 2 years of recovery and my skin has not and probably will not ever return to normal. I continue live with multiple issues that still complicate daily life.

Could you afford to give up 2 or more years of your life?

The initial result left my skin so burned and damaged that I couldn't even comfortably leave the house for 3-4 months. My face appeared like it had been severely burned in a grease fire for almost 18 months and during this time my skin could only be coated with greasy pure petroleum products like Vaseline or Aquaphor - NOTHING ELSE, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE or I would experience a serious reaction. You have a procedure like this to look better, not to be noticed and stared at in public as being visibly disfigured, right?

Now 2 years later, I've had to accept that my skin and many aspects of my life will never be the same. The severe product and sun sensitivity conditions remain. My facial skin is completely damaged, compromised and injured having an unnatural texture that is visibly obvious to anyone that I suffered serious burns and have scarring in multiple areas. The deep unnatural blazing redness and inflammation from the deep burn damage have improved slightly, but may never go away.

Are you prepared to look WORSE after a cosmetic procedure? I CERTAINLY WAS NOT.  

I would easily trade to have the wrinkles and brown spots back at this point - Hindsight truly is 20/20.



The result of any Portrait procedure is ABSOLUTELY dependent on the skill and expertise of the practitioner administering the treatment. The slightest mistake in the device settings or slip of the handpiece can be disastrous.

IS IT WORTH THE RISK? It's up to you to decide ... Do your own research as there is plenty of information out there. Good luck to all ...

Still not convinced? Go back to the FDA website and further research how many Adverse Event Reports (complaints) have been filed detailing similar outcomes and injuries that patients have suffered during their own horrific ordeals.

A few last words: If you have had a great outcome from Portrait, FANTASTIC! I seriously couldn't be happier and am even more RELIEVED that you weren't harmed and have to endure what I have gone through, but please be considerate and don't post comments that may discount my experience or of any others who have didn't share your good fortune.   I've only posted it in hopes that it may prevent EVEN ONE single person from suffering like I have.

And finally, to any doctor who feels compelled to post any patronizing sugar coated Portrait promoting statements saying something like "this can't happen" or "Portrait can't do that"... I respectfully ask that you think twice before doing so.

I've been seen by some the best doctors who are perplexed as how to even treat my damaged skin.  And I've already heard every conceivable excuse from the treating dermatologist who ultimately became the proud recipient of a civil court judgment, rendered on solid evidence of the failed procedure and disastrous outcome.

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I am wondering with everyone who has stated they have had problems...if by chance, you did not follow all instructions to a fault or were not given aftercare instructions. Specifically, not using any products on the face that thin the first layer of your skin for atleast a week before your treatment as well as continually reapplying new aquafour every few hours, vinegar and water soaks, and not picking at skin at all. I am currently recovering from my third extremely aggressive portrait treatment with no horrific problems. It seems that if it had been the procedure then everyone would experience something terrible. I just want to throw out there for those that are looking to this forum for their answer to having this procedure or not, that make sure you have been given a specific set of instructions from your doctor before and after the procedure. It is a cosmetic surgery that requires very thoughtful aftercare. I am sorry for those who experienced a horrible outcome. It seems though, that it was probably not the procedure in itself.

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hi i hope you read this... G.R and R.B

is there any way to chat privately with you guys?

i have had exactly the same experience as you guys albeit my treatment was 3 years ago. i have even been too ashamed up until now to go back to the doctor who burnt me but have recently sent emails but with no response..
i paid £1300 here in the uk and was left with plastic like skin, there is permanent redness , and as G.R explained when im hot or anything to raise temperature the skin fiercly burns a deep purple red that just looks strange.
my social life has been hugely damaged as well as confidence but most importantly i think we need to start holding these doctors accountable.

guys get in touch cos maybe you have found something that has helped you or we can help each other ..

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I am curious what setting on ryhtec plasma was used. If anything from a 9 or higher could have caused some trauma. Also, to get rid of facial redness you may want to try doing nothing to yours skin. Almost all moisturizers have either vitamin c, a, or other irritants that
only make it take longer for you to heal.
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I have been considering it with a leading, well respected plastic surgeon who got a 100% satisfaction rate on healthgrades and who has great outcomes, but this makes me reconsider just leaving the wrinkles and rosacea that I have.

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I have experienced the very same everything, as above letter, with the Plasma Portait. I would also advise anyone to have IPL it is safe and workds better. And no down time, as I also took over 3 months of hell just trying to get my old skin back. I now have... sunspots, fime lines, [red patches], a added extra. All still there

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Plasma portrait did not work but more damage to your skin. DO NOT DO IT. These doctors just lie to take your money. Ain't worth 1 cent.
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If the FDA link doesn't work go to: http://www.fda.gov And in the search box in the upper right hand corner, enter the following file name to view the FDA Warning letter: ucm076365.htm
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