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I thought a lot about getting permanent makeup. As...

I thought a lot about getting permanent makeup. As I got older my natural lip color began to fade and it made my face look all pasty so I was always reaching for the lipstick. As an outdoorsy kind of girl this doesn’t really jive with my lifestyle. I love the color – it actually brightens up my face. An ex-lipstick junky, I've not even reached to put any on - I don't need to.

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After effects still beautiful.

after effects still beautiful.


How do I go about locating the woman who worked on your lips? I'm here in San Diego and I'm thinking about getting my lips and brows done soon, I'm not into pain so I like the idea of not feeling it when I'm being worked on for these proceedures. Please if you could send me the information in order to get in touch with this particular person as well as the botox man. I'm starting to think that my botox man may be watering the botox down because it isn't working like it should and when I mention this to him he sort of shrugs and eludes torthe fact that I might be becoming immune to it. I very much doubt this but I can't proove it either and why bother I'd just assume lose him, his loss not mine in this instance. my email is please if you could help me out here it would be fantastic! Oh, by the way, how much does it cost for the botox and also for the lips and eyes? Lastly, My girlfriend had her eyes done and said it was really painful, I was wondering what your take on it is? Ialso would like to get this done but the fear factor is enormous and I'm not good with things like that around my eye area, how the heck can you take a tattoo gun around your eye area? What does the tattoo gun look like for permenant make up? I was told it was a small device that had many tiny burrs on it and that it was different from a regular tattoo gun is this true? Do you think if I ordered one on ebay that a person would be able to do this themselves without to much trouble? Curious. Thanks for listening, AJH
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She did my lips and upper and lower eye liner. And so soft... My direction was: make it look like i have yesterday's left over makeup. :)

Her name is Shelby.

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The above information must have been mistakenly added. I am the previous owner of MPi and I am a registered nurse, formerly a plastic surgery nurse. My name is Laura Rappoport. I'm sure it was an oversight but I do t want people to get misleading information.
Laura Rappoport, RN

She is a Registered Nurse and prior to becoming a permanent makeup artist and owner of MPi she was a plastic surgery nurse working for a large group of local plastic surgeons. Her reasonable price includes a full block and 2 visits: One for the work and one for a touch up. She did a spectacular job on my lips. She's a pro and I feel very comfortable in her hands. She actually did the wife of the guy who does my botox and when another professional puts his wife in the hands of someone, that's really saying something. Since she is a registered nurse she can provide more effective methods of pain control than other estheticians. When she does lips, she does a FULL medical block around your mouth so you feel NOTHING. I chose her because I saw her work before I even met her and learned that she does a lot of corrective work done by salons, nail salons or spas. I preferred a natural look and she accomplished this wonderfully. My lips look smooth and natural.

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