Hoping Lipo and Breast Implant removal Will Help 59 yr old

Scheduled for lipo to my upper/lower stomach,...

Scheduled for lipo to my upper/lower stomach, waist, and flanks. I am 58 yrs old with a long recovery from spine surgeries (4) which resulted in multi level spinal fusion (and other surgeries) very limited activities led to weight gain . Am hoping this will help as I continue my water aerobics and walking.


This Thursday will be 4 weeks and every day seems the swelling gets less, yay! There is still some muscle type aches but not too bothersome. Clothes are fitting better. All of the tape that was covering each of the incisions is now removed and the incisions all look good and quickly healing. I think the surgeon put a stich in each one. Will see the doctor on Friday and hope to be cleared for water exercise classes again!
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Lipo 6 days ago and feeling much better. Swelling is starting to subside and the muscle soreness is getting much better. Anxious to get back to my water exercise class. Bruising is getting better. Wishing everyone else fast healing.
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Had my procedure earlier today and things went well. I can already see a differnce in the upper stomach and waist area. Doctor said it would be 3 months to see results and I am anxious for the time to go by. The pain is like strong muscle injuries but is manageable with pain meds. There is some swelling and bruising, mostly at the hip and mid buttock area. I am taking bromeiine with quercetin which is supposed to help in reducing swelling and promote healing. I started it three days before procedure and actually noticed alot of my arthritis inflammation felt better! This is the first thing I have taken that has done this, so it was a pleasant added benefit! Sleeping is sporadic with a few naps here and there, have been able to lie on my back with little pain, also on my side. I return for dressing changes tomorrow morning. I will try to get some photos to post. Let the healing begin!!
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3 months post lipo

The swelling has continued to go down and most of the skin feeling has returned with the exception of the mid stomach area. I had breast implant removal yesterday and he also did a little more lipo to the upper tummy and side of breast, so now have more swelling and pain. It will be worth it in the end though.

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Implants Removed After 20 Years

I have had implants since the late 80's, had two removals/re-implants, once for tumor and biopsies which would have caused slight disfigurement. I was 34B pre implant, then weight gain and implant became 36DD. Developed CFS, fibromyalgia, accelerated degenerative disease to spine resulting in 5 spine surgeries.

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2 days post op breast implant removal

Had post op appointment and things look pretty good! So happy to be silicon free and just me. Feels so light and there is plenty of breast tissue left. Each day feel better.


Oh I "get" the no exercise from the spinal surgeries (4 here too). How bad was the stomach lipo? Had a tummy tuck in Aug and going in 2/4/14 for the ab lipo. Im scared Im going to be sore for many many weeks. Is this true?
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There is discomfort for quite a while (months), but not intolerable. I find the numbness to be a strange sensation too. The first two weeks were the worst because of the swelling. I would recommend doing during the colder months because you have to wear the compression garment.
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bolitho immediately put me at ease and spent quite a bit of time just talking to my daughter and I. He did not appear to be rushed and just talked like we were old friends or family catching up on things. He is very kind and is very respected by his colleagues.. He told me that he would be able to address my problem areas and that I would be pleased with the results. He explained that he uses a anesthesiologist and does the procedure under general. That is the only thing that took me back some, but I still feel very safe with Dr. Bolitho.

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