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Well Just Finished my Lipo with Dr. Alavi - San Diego

After reseaching multiple doctors in San diego I...

After reseaching multiple doctors in San diego I found Dr. Alavi to be the best option for me. With the combination of experience, price, and bedside manner he had it all. I am pleased so far and being a few hours postop I can say I am in little to no pain so far and all I have taken is 1000mg of tylenol. Yhais was done under general. My anesthesiologist Carol Mann was awesome too. I also plan on going foe a walk soon. More to follow....


Welcome to RS LoveSDBeaches. Congrats on your sx. Glad it was a success and that you are happy with your results. Happy healing and don't forget to post some post op pics without the binder when you are up to it! Peace and Blessings to you
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2 days postop

This is a lot easier than I thought. I took a percocet last night just in case I was in pain during the night. I am still sore when I get up and down but its just soreness like an ab workout. I took my first shower and saw that I stopped leaking tumescent fluid. My midsection does look thinner and I cant wait to get back to my workouts in a couple weeks. I am also currently recovering from a laser face procedure that I did yesterday so that also keeps me indoors and resting.


I have heard GREAT STUFF about Dr Alavi!!! Apparently he does great boob jobs-----lol! (Yeah, your a dude; I had to see why your TT was so inexpensive )-haha It looks like you got the "foam going on and everything"- right on!!!! Good luck with recovery. :0)
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Well luckily I didn't need a TT, just lipo. But he's top notch. I've seen his other work too and he's very meticulous with his work. I actually had my procedure scheduled two other places before I chose him. His anesthesiologist is awesome too. I work in surgery and understand that the anesthesiologist is just as important as the surgeon.
Absolutely! I agree with you 100%. Ahh Lipo.-he's a great doctor !

Going on day four

So the pain up till now has been like a 4 out of ten and occasionally I take a percocet before bed to help me sleep all through the night in which case is a zero out of ten. I stay indoors all day because I had a facial skin resurfacing done but go for long walks in the early morning. The bruising has shown up more on the flanks and on my genitals. All normal. But all in all this was such an easy thing to go through and definitely worth it. My shape looks great and I can't wait to take the foam on my belly off this Thursday. As for my abdominal binder I take it on and off throughout the day to air it out. As far as itching goes I rub aquaphor (like vaseline) on both my flanks under the garment and that helps me with itching. I would post more pics but there really isn't much change. I will post pics after the foam is removed.

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Day 5... Finally ditched the foam

It feels so awesome to remove the foam. I didn't realize my belly would be that flat underneath. It was like opening a Christmas present. I'm super stoked with the results. My only concern is I still feel part of my rear flanks could've been trimmed more. I'm hoping though that what's left is some swelling though. I've read that it takes time to see the full results. I've now started some massage to help with healing.


Wow ,your look awesome! I can see huge diffrence . Happy healing !!!!
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You look great especially for 5 days out. Most people on this site say that they are swollen to bigger than before their procedure on Day 5. Good luck!
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I appreciate the feedback. It could be genetics or it could be a combination of the surgeon, a high nutrient and vitamin diet, excellent fluid intake, rest... Etc. Plus I think it does help that I'm a nurse at a surgery center and know what it takes to heal.

day 12

Most of the swelling and bruising has subsided. My only concern is my lower abdomen and rear flanks. I know it takes time. I'm just concerned that my lower abdomen might be visceral fat around my organs. I started lifting arm weights again so that's fun. By the end of this week I will receive my faja. I think that will compress better than the binder provides by my doc.

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received my faja

I ordered this one through amazon for $60 and I have to say that I love wearing this thing. It keeps the swelling down and I'm not sure if its because of the faja but the bruising went away.


Looking AWESOME! You can really tell in the leaning over pic!!! Congrats!!!
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Rock on!!!! Can't wait to show it off soon while running down the beach... you're looking pretty hot yourself...
Thanks for the love! Trust me, it only gets better as ya heal!

day 22

The tighteness at the abdomen has decreased tremendously but when I run or swim I feel a pull on my abdomen. I started this past week lifting heavy again with my arms, back and chest but avoiding squats and core work. I also started running amd swimming. My figure is looking better and better. I'm getting the "V" appearance which is what I always wanted. When Isqueeze my abdomen its nice to pinch less fat. I feel that the surgeon still didn't take enough off in the flanks but that could be still swelling. All in all I'm happy where I'm at.


Looking good, you should have rocking abs when you're back in the gym again and swelling is finally finished/gone. I'm glad to see another guy looking for the same type of results. We are only a few weeks apart in the healing process.
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Thanks for posting your review. You're looking good Man. There are few reviews here from Men on here and I wanted that perspective. Honestly, Your pictures and review helped me make the final decision to go through with it. You and I had similar lipo procedures done. I couldn't be happier about it. I'm now going through the same with the itching and cramping feeling as the skin starts to tighten but it's well worth it. Keep up the good work.
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Thank you very much. Yes I agree there are few reviews from men. I did get some swelling yesterday after not wearing my faja for a bit. I did wakr this morning looking extremely lean so that was sweet....good luck too. This new look rocks!

time for an update.

So the sensation to my abdomen has returned 90%. I definitely wish there was more fat taken off from all the areas I had lipo'd and I have to say in all the areas I hada 50% reduction in fat. I work out 5 days a week and eat decent but I am definitely not doing a cut like I normally do when trying to shred fat. My weight is essentially the same as preoperatively. So here are my pics at week 6.


Are you back to working out at 100%?
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Oh yeah....100% and taking no prisoners. I'm running a few days a week, lifting about four days, and hiking one day. Despite the fact that I'm burning a ton of calories I'm probably eating equal to what I'm burning.
wow you look great.....
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had a follow up with the surgeon today.

He said that I'm only 10% healed and the areas that I still think are fat on my flanks are swelling. He said just be patient and wait.

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9 months later and...

Feeling that it was about 80% worth it so far. My only issue was that I wish they would have taken more off. I figured it would get better over time. I plan on discussing more to be taken off with my doctor at my next follow up. I would definitely like to have more taken off on the abs but my biggest concern are the flanks as I still feel like I have a muffin top. The doc has told me at all the follow up appontments that he thought the flanks/sides were just loose skin but I know they are still fat. See the pictures and let them speak for themselves. Hopefully it won't cost me more to do my touch-ups.


I think you look great!! What is a faja and did it really help? I had surgery a week ago and the swelling and brusing is at it's peak I would say. I want to get back into the gym but afraid cardio may hurt this soon. My garment given to me by my surgeon is really unflattering under clothes and the ones from the store aren't as supportive. Thanks!
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I bought my faja through Amazon for like $50 and well worth it. I have to look and see what brand I had. But the one I had was awesome and unnoticeable under my clothes. It was far better than what the doctor gave me.
If I recall I think I waited a few weeks before hitting the gym again. I totally understand the gym addiction though. ..
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