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Still No Tooth Show - San Diego, CA

I had a lip lift a week ago and so far things look...

I had a lip lift a week ago and so far things look great as in regards to healing process. There is no distortion of any kind and at this point swelling seems at its minimum however my main concern has not been addressed. I went into this hoping for some tooth show when my mouth is relaxed since I had none but there is no difference and I don't understand why. I have seen a few pictures of lip lifts just a few days post and everybody has their teeth showing except me. I understand that time needs to go by but will there be any difference?..it doesn't make sense to think that the lip will shrink and magically my teeth will start showing. I started at about 2cm measuring from the nose to the lip and now I am at about 1cm so I know we cut out enough skin but what is the problem? Anybody has suggestions? Once again, my swelling at this point is at its minimum.

Hi Britt, Thank you for your comment. I am...

Hi Britt,

Thank you for your comment. I am going back to the doctor tomorrow for the check up so I will inquire about this. My dentist once told me that my upper jaw is short and that is why my teeth did not show. On top of that, my philrum was long, about 2 cm prior to the surgery. So I am wondering if the problem was fixed half way...now the philrum is short but so is my upper jaw and that is why my teeth do not show. It sucks because I am 27 and this type of thing ages my mouth extremely. I will post some pictures in a little while.
Thank you!
Hi Sd2lv, can you please post before and after photos of your lips at rest and smiling. I am looking into a lip lift as I don't show teeth when I smile or talk. Not sure if this was your problem but in any case would love to see your improvements with surgery :)
hi eveyone, i had bullhorn together internal lip lift 4 weeks ago. unfortunately surgeon removed only 3mm. of skin which is not enough at all. i have still no teeth show. and still swollen from inside the lip. i'm very depressed. he advised me if he doesnt do the internal lift i wont show any teeth with bullhorn only. had to be done together but no sucsess. is there anyone went thoru this operation.? and how long is the recovery? thanks for any answer.
I just had the lip lift done two weeks ago. I am noticing absolutely zero tooth show. I stumbled upon your post and wondered what the outcome was? The scar so far is red and noticable under the baseline of my nose (not inside nostrils). I am very frustrated and wonder if this is all normal. I thought I would see tooth show immediately and I was told I would by another plastic surgeons office.

Help. Please. Thank you...
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