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Generic "Latisse" -- Good So Far - San Diego, CA

I've been using the generic...

I've been using the generic "latisse" for about 8 weeks. I am 45 years old. I bought it from a pharmacy in Tijuana for about $30 for 3 ml or about $100 for 3 bottles I use an artist brush as an applicator and can easily do both eyes with one drop.

For the first 4 days, my lids itched. I notice my lashes seem longer (about 6 really long ones), but they don't seem to be thicker or darker.

So far I am happy. Can't wait to see what happens at 16 weeks. I like the fact that after that time, I may be able to do a maintence schedule. That seems to make it worth the money.


I have been using Carepost, a generic brand for Latisse, and it has been working fine for me. I would say after my 5th week, I notice how long my lashes have become. I am African-American and have noticed that under my eyes are slightly dark so I did stop using it at one point and noticed that it started to lighten back up. Guess it just one of the side effects. I did notice the Careprost product and Latisse had the same main ingredient, but Carepost had some added ingredients which did raise an eyebrow. For the most part, it has been working great for me. I just wish it had longevity after 16 weeks.
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If you live in the US you can get it from overseas pharmacy same exact thing for $10 a bottle . It comes SEALED in box and is the exact same thing as lumigan or latisse ..bimaprost 0.3%. I'm not sure where the confusion lies ? lol is it ME ?
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Generic bimaprost IS the same formula as Lumigan and lastisse ? I am not sure why this question keeps popping up ?
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