Full Face Fat Transfer

I love the final results on my full face fat...

I love the final results on my full face fat transfer. I am 35 yrs old & had some loss of volume in my cheeks & under my eyes. Also, I had a weak jaw line & chin.

My cheeks are raised, I have a chin & a jaw line now without having to have any implants or liposuction. It took about a month for all the swelling to go down & settle into place. Was totally worth it.

did the fat transfer last? I'm considering the face fat transfer and it would really help me make an informed decision to hear about your story even a brief one if you would be willing. Thank you
Doctor's employees like helping out their bosses to bring in new patients. If they are bragging about their looks, just like the photos in the doctors office...books that show their past patients, why not post photos on here of their great results. Advice to doctors employees, post photos, or don't post at all. its worthless
chipmonk you took the word rigt outta my mouth.. I mean the only sincere honest sounding reviews are from those with horrible experiences and the onew with good outcomes just write a sentence or two..how about more details pls..
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose my doctor because he only does facial procedures, no boobs, no tummy tucks. Facial procedures are his specialty and he is board certified. He is very knowlegeable & I trust him 100%. His staff is great as well. Everyone was so friendly.

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