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I am 39 with sun damaged skin. I had committed...

I am 39 with sun damaged skin. I had committed originally to doing at least 3 fraxel restore treatments for wrinkles around my eyes and lips and some MINOR skin discoloration and texture. After two VERY aggressive treatments I have to say I notice no visible difference in wrinkles. Overall, I do not believe looking at before and after pics you can see any differences. What a disappointment!

Here’s my summary of my treatment experience. I'll be polite and start off with the Pro's:

Brown spots: The few brown spots I had definitely did fade. This was not my reason for doing this since there are other less expensive options for the little discoloration I had.

Texture: My skin "feels" smoother, kind of like if I had a microdermabrasion - again which is much cheaper than Fraxel.


I have to note that I did have 2 very aggressive treatments.

Downtime: I was VERY red and had petechiae (red dots) for several days afterward. Having the procedure done on Friday going back to work Monday I looked absolutely ridiculous for a few days, but lived thru it. It took me a good 6 days for me to truly feel that it was no longer noticeable. One other thing to factor into your downtime… Fragile skin. No one really has brought this up in my research, but my skin is EXTREMELY fragile. I mean god forbid I get a blemish or an itchy spot I get hemorrhaging underneath my skin. I mean I had one in the middle of my forehead the size of a quarter. Imagine trying to cover one up. The doctor told me that my skin would be this fragile for several months? Really so I have my treatments months apart so add that to your downtime, so you are looking at several months of healing.

Breakouts: The first treatment I broke out with pustules all over my chin and was treated with antibiotics. The 2nd treatment was not as bad as I took them before the treatment started and it helped keep this to a minimum. Note - I do not have acne. Now - I break out more than I have since I was teenager. I'm not happy about this.

Wrinkles - I did this mainly for lip wrinkles and under eye wrinkles. I notice no difference. In fact, I would go so far to say that the hallows underneath my eyes are worse.

PAIN - oh the pain! I almost couldn't make it through the first treatment. The 2nd treatment I took a percocet which helped me tolerate the pain during treatment however my face hurt more afterward. I heard other lasers are NOT as painful as fraxel.

Advice: I would go with a more aggressive type of laser treatment. The downtime and cost is just not worth the benefit even if I got twice the results with 2 more treatments I would rather pay 1/2 the price and take an extra day off work to knock it out in one session.

If you have skin discoloration only, this *might* be an option since I did work well on the brown spots. However, I still don't think it's convenient going thru multiple sessions at this cost. The downtime is not supposed to be that much worse, maybe a day or two.

I'm going for Active Fx in a week. I wish someone else had posted this before I wasted time and money with the Fraxel restore.


My wrinkles from before my first Fraxel Restore treatment are coming back more and more each day. I have two more sessions ahead. I hope I have better results in future. Im sorry to hear your experience was a disappointment too. But my doctor said it would take 3 appointments.
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It's been about 2.5 months since my fraxel repair and I'm VERY disappointed in the results. I still have the same wrinkles around my mouth. The wrinkles around my eyes are still there, but I would say maybe a 20% improvement, so some are softer, but I can get that with a good eye cream. It was a total of waste of time and money. I am not sure where they got these before and after pictures from w/other women. I am certainly not a candidate because you really can't tell any difference looking at me. I think doing regular microdermabrasion and good creams is the way to go. Obviously fillers and botox are the best and more affordable than laser. It's sad that I was promised so much - I feel like I was robbed. I'm not even 40 yet and was trying to do the best for my skin at my age and guess what, total waste. Take care of your skin, wear sunscreen, but don't do this drastic expensive procedure, it's just not worth it.
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I concur with your disatifaction with Fraxel Repair..relative to wrinkles and overall improvement in shin looks. A complete CON game by the Laser manuf. that have dupe Dr's. into buying this technology without the majority of patients benefiting and then passing it on to the public.
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San Diego Dermatologist

Cost and expectations were not set properly. With the results I was seeking this was NOT the proper treatment option but of course it was more money.

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