It was definitely a different experience. I chose...

It was definitely a different experience. I chose my doctor based on reviews from this site and they laser that this facility uses... I have done several skin TCA peels over the years and my scars have improves. Now that I could afford it I decided to go with the laser in hopes of improving these scars. The procedure itself was pretty easy but I did experience some pain in areas where the local did not numb. However I have done many hours of tattoos and this reminded me of tattoo pain. I am about three hours postop and it just feels like I have had a really bad sunburn or like being post tca peel. I will post my developement over the next week. The staff was great though and Shelly from the office was awesome. I also felt Dr. GROFF had great bedside manner. I just hope this really works on my face.

Before after

Before after

trouble updating photos...hope this works

No pain at all today. Just going through the process of staying indoors all day and doing soaks every two hours. I am already getting pretty bored...

Thanks for sharing.  That looks painful!  I hope you keep us posted on your day to day healing and final results. 


nothing really new

Just going through the process with the soaks. No pain whatsoever. I also took a shower to get some of the blood out of my hair. They also have me using clobetasol to help prevent hyperpigmentation. I also have my first postop appointment today.
I had mine done today as well, but I did not do the CO2 so I don't have bleeding and redness. Could you find out from your doctor the level he used and the type of fraxel laser specifically. I am curious to see if I should try that for the lines around my mouth.
Well I know that this is the fraxel repair. I am also pretty sure he uaed a bit of active fx at the end to top it off. One of the big reasons I chose this doctor was due to reviews from other realself members and also because dr groffs office was involved in the initial testing for these lasers. I have my next follow up Wednesday so I will get the settings then. Keep in mind that with this laser it goes deeper than others (ie. Activefx and fraxel restore).
I had no idea there were different fraxel lasers. It's confusing because I have heard conflicting reviews, based on but "fraxel", but I'm only finding out now that there are several types.

Day 3 review

Occasionally I get itchy when the aquaphor gets wiped off and I just put more on. There is no pain. Small flakes of old skin are starting to fall off. Last night at 2 am I went for a walk near the ocean just to get in exercise without worrying about the sun. I can't wait to go back outside again. I feel like I'm in a cocoon waiting to be hatched a butterfly.

Day 4 update

After showering this morning and lightly washing my face with a gentle cleanser the dead skin practically fell off. I tried not to force any of it off prematurely as I have learned from mistakes with tca peels in the past that peeling too soon equals unhealed skin and discoloration. I would say though that as of today 95 percent of my dead skin has sloughed off and I am left with the new red skin. I understand that this redness will eventually go away but I need to make sure I protect my new skin from the sun. It's tough when I can't wear sunscreen yet. I've learned that this period is critical in preventing hyper pigmentation so I'm being extra catious.

day 11

Still have redness going on and the sensation still hasn't returned to my face. I used a liquid foundation to go to work and the doctor still has me using clobetasol every other day. The doctor is still following up well with my care. My skin is looking pretty smooth but as of right now there doesn't seem to be a huge improvement in scarring.

How are you making out? Looks like your healing is coming along great! Keep us posted!

I will post up my current pictures tomorrow. I am healing fine but still can't wait for the redness to go away. I am still wearing tinted moisturizer to conceal the redness. As of right now there seems to be minor improvement in scars. I am trying to be optimistic that it just takes time for the collogen to start growing new skin.

Thanks for your update, glad you are doing well! Look forward to you updated photos. 


day 22 pictures

Still wearing my sunscreen and tinted moisturizer.
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!! I'm thinking about getting it done but I'm nervous. What medications do they have you take after the procedure? And for how long do you have to take them? Also, it doesn't look like you currently have any acne--are you on any acne medication?

time for an update

So now I am in week six. I would have to say that as of right now I do not see any improvement in my scars. My biggest concern right now is actually the hyperpigmentation. Since day one I have religiously worn sunscreen and hats. Last week I was started on tri-luma as prescribed by dr. Groff for lightening the skin. Insurance doesn't cover it and it cost me $120 ouch. I have noticed my skin evening out in color with this and I can't wait to at least not have the lines on my face any more from where my old skin and lasered areas meet. I do have hope for healing though as my pores are looking normal and daily the hyperpigmentation improves. I just still think that overall my scars do not look any better than pre surgery. I am just being patient though as I know it takes time for collagen to grow so we will see.

pics to accompany week 6

Thank you so much for sharing such helpful pictures. Your skin looks beautiful but after seeing B/A pictures at a lecture the other day, I can see why the C02 laser resurfacing that hits every molecule get's the best results with deep lines, lifting, and most likely acne scars. I can see why it is crucial to go to an expert dermatologist who knows what is tolerated for a person's skin too. Even with the long term recovery period etc. I think I will do the C02 by Feathertouch/Silktouch because I am hoping this will replace getting a facelift as she also does the neck and eyes all for $4000 and she keeps you covered in bandages and special cremes afterwards. I will share my journey as it is important for people to see what happens and what the results are as all these lasers are so confusing. I hope you will send an updated picture as it has been over a year now.
I am also indecided between a Fraxel Repair and a CO2/dermabrasion. I just think Repair might not go deep enough.
thanks for sharing. Hope your patience pays off.

9 months later and...

My skin is finally starting to look like my old skin pre surgery. If I had to put a rating of improvement on my scars I would say less than 10%. Would I think its worth it right now? I would say "no" for the cost outweighs the benefit. Here are my lists of costs:
- Expensive procedure

- hyperpigmentation (I still have a line under my left cheek where you can see the newer face skin to my neck skin...neck skin still looks better)

- increased breakouts (pimples and milia) I had not broke out much in years and never had milia in the past

- less smoother skin (looks like "orange peel"), but I do have to say it is still improving

Benefits: Less than 10% improvement of scars

On a side note: Finding a better sunblock does seem to be helping me out more. I am also using SkinMedica Retinol 0.25% per the doctors recommendation and it does seems to help smooth out my skin and decrease the size of my pores.
To bad you didnt get more improvement. What did the doctor say? He did recommend another round of laser?

13 month update of Fraxel Repair

It's been a little over a year and I decided to post the new update. I did go for a follow up appointment about 2 months ago and that appointment the doctor felt that I did have a good amount of improvement from before the peel (he said like 50%. I however thought that there was less than a 20 percent improvement. Was is worth spending close to $3,000? My opinion is no. I thi k the ost was not worth the minimal benifit and if anything i think my skin might even have been nicer before the procedyre one year ago.
Dr. Groff's next recommendation was that I do another Fraxel Repair skin peel in the next few months. I on the other hand thought that a Fraxel Restore might be a better option at this time especially since it's a lighter peel and is less expensive.
Below are pictures that I took today. You can see my face at it's current state. Most of the hyperpigmentation has gone away but I do feel that my skin still isn't as smooth as it was before the surgery.
I've read a lot about the orange peel look and I do feel that my skin still looks kind of rough and that my scars were minimally improved from this procedure I have decided at this current moment in time that I want to try a chemical peel. I know it's not as deep as a fraxel surgery but it is cheaper and less risky. My chemical peel is scheduled for November 6. I want to see if that might help smooth out my skin and also help with the rest of the hyperpigmentation. When looking closely there is still a line of color and smoothness of skin between my neck and face.
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