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Dr. K and his staff are so amazing! They are so...

Dr. K and his staff are so amazing! They are so professional, caring and friendly. The one thing that really impressed me(although there were so many), the night before my procedure, Dr. K called me to see if I was ready and how I was doing. This shows how much he cares for each individual patient. Dr. K and his entire staff always took their time to answer all my questions and always made me feel comfortable.

My procedure was quick and the pain and discomfort were minimal. I liked the fact that the procedure took place in his office. I felt fine after. I did have some bruising and many shades of yellow and green, but it went away after a week.

I would highly recommend Dr. K to anyone who is thinking about plastic surgery. I wouldn't even get a second opinion, he is the best! This whole thing was a great experience and I am so glad I did it, and would do it again.

Is there any stories of the fat transfer lasting? I'm considering the face fat transfer and it would really help me make an informed decision to hear about some good stories even a brief one if anyone would be willing. Thank you
i wish i had taken a photo of me about 2 months after the fat transfer done by Karam. I looked so good! But it didn't last. His office asked if they could use pics from before and 2 months after and I said no because it would be deceptive, since I only looked that good for about 2 months. Now I am not so fooled by before and after pictures. There are so many things that can make a photo look good or bad: timing since procedure, lighting, angle, makeup -- Thats another thing, no makeup in the before, but they put makeup on me for the after! I did not have any problems with lumps or anything else at any time. Just did not get any lasting results! Too bad that the mds can't admit when something doesn't work. And too bad they use deceptive before and after shots to make them look good.
I don't know about some of the "pro" reviews. Several just sound like an ad for a particular doctor rather than sounding like an actual patient. Perhaps that is why there are no photos provided on most of those reviews. I tend to be a little suspect when you see someone post...and then they never respond or post again.
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Dr. K is the best when it comes to fat Transfers. Very talented and specialized in this procedure. Has a lot of experience in the field.

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