My Facelift Has Taken Years off my Face in a Natural Way

I never thought I'd do it. The risk of anesthesia,...

I never thought I'd do it. The risk of anesthesia, the expense, the vanity of it all! But then, at 57, I saw myself in a photo with a friend my age and I looked like an old lady! I was shocked. How did that happen? I prided myself on my excellent exercise and diet regime. My skin had just aged from years of sun and life.

I interviewed four plastic surgeons before I decided. They had different ideas and different prices and different personalities.

I decided on fat transfers, upper and lower eyelid surgeries, and a facelift. I did not go under general anesthesia, it took about three or four hours, and it did not hurt!

In less than a month I looked great. In less than six months there was no evidence of any surgery and I looked remarkably younger, healthier and all around improved. Nobody knows I did it except my friends. I look like I lost about ten years. People comment on how good I look, but it looks like I am well rested and happy, not pulled.

I found a wonderful doctor who is compassionate and honest, his wife (also a doctor) who works with him, who is kind, smart and caring, and a fantastic and competent staff who listen and respond to their patients. They are like a family business. I feel that they are always there for me and my family.

If you have been waiting to have a facelift but were too afraid, walk, drive or fly to the doctor I used and his wonderful team. They will give you a straight answer. You'll be happy you did.

THANKS for sharing your positive experience. Your experience really helps us make the decision to go ahead and get the surgery. I'm very happy for you.
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

Professional, careful, compassionate with an expert team. Competitively priced! His specialty is the face, that's important.

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