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I got a breast augmentation 2 months before my...

I got a breast augmentation 2 months before my 17th birthday. It was too easily attainable for me, so insecure at the time. Thinking I would "need" implants (my small A was hereditary.) Now I am 23 and have had a lot of self revelations and these implants are no longer serving me a purpose.

I just want my natural tiny boobs back while I am still young so that i never have to think about them ever again. I had silicone implants placed over the muscle. I am the same as when I got them, 5'4 and 120 lbs. I was a 32aa and went upto a 32c. I got them done in Mexico so I am not sure how many cc's. My breasts have not grown at all in fact I can wear a 32b or a 34 b. I have been researching the subject extensively and the searches are overwhelming.

Somebody, please advise to me from experience a board certified surgeon in the San Diego area. Many of my revelations include not only psychological but physical issues so I am looking for a surgeon that accepts insurance. I have had a strange dizziness and breast spasms that I meditate and push through but they just don't feel right. I have no pictures of my breasts before but the one I carry in my memories. I look at implant removal pictures on the daily and picture how cute and beautiful my boobs were. I have been so hard on myself for bringing this upon me and my family.

I am ready to LET GO, forgive, and teach myself one of the most valuable lessons in my life: loving myself from the inside out! And appreciating myself as nature intended. Please enlighten me friends of the community. I am ready to start my life again. A strong Hug to you all (hopefully soon without these implants) (:


Yes, it is high. But for me, I was concerned about having someone experienced remove them. Not all plastic surgeons are experienced at explant so the end result could be pretty bad. The office has called every day, and been very supportive. To me, it was worth the extra money. Good luck! Keep me posted! :)
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It was $4000. It was worth it. He is such a compassionate man, even held my hand when I got put out. I used care credit. Is this an option for you? I had my appointment two weeks ago, and he was able to get me in the following week. He used general. I needed to be put out completely...bad experience with anesthesia in my first BA (you can read about it on my profile). The office has called me everyday to see how I am doing. Dr. Pousti himself even called today..he knows explantation is an emotional roller coaster. It's definitely nice to have that extra support.
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If possible I want it done under local. That price is a little high, but I am willing to schedule a consultation. There are a few other surgeons on this site from San Diego that mentioned around 1500 with local. I am scheduling a consultation with both to see what my options are and to get the show on the road (: thank you for your help!

I am all scheduled for my pre-op and my surgery...

I am all scheduled for my pre-op and my surgery date. I am anxiously awaiting July 13th!


hey how are you doing? update us on your surgery soon! i can relate to you so much! everything you mention on your post i can relate to. I was 17 when i had my implants put in and im also a 32c or b now. i cant wait to hear about your recovery. i am on the process of looking for surgeons right now. i also did my surgery on another country (back home). i am still in contact with the surgeon however would rather do it where i live now because i wouldnt be able to go back home for long because of job/university. keep us updated! sending lots of love to you!
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sunisshining!  Just stopping by to see how you are doing?  I see that you are scheduled for 13 July!  I know the wait can be nerve racking...... I hope that you are doing well!  Best wishes~
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