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I am 29 years old.. I am a mother of 5 kids! 3...

I am 29 years old.. I am a mother of 5 kids! 3 girls 13 and 11-11 yes a set of twins and 2 boys 10 and 9 all that have came out of my body lol.... I would realy want my body to look like i have had 0 kids! I wold love to look like a victoria secret model... haha who wouldn't though..... I want to look and feel as good as all these little 20 year old in there tiny bathing suits and feel amazing... my family LOVES water sprts in the summer and I hold theme back due to being so unhappy with my body... praying Dr. Pousti will make my dream come true!!!!

Any help on things i need for after surgery???...

Any help on things i need for after surgery??? getting extended tummy tuck and Lipo of the thighs in 1 week.... scared excited nervous and more.... any advice ???? Thanks ;)

Had my tummy tuck done Thursday 3-21-13... today i...

Had my tummy tuck done Thursday 3-21-13... today i feel like i got hit by a Diesel :( ... wish there was a fast forward button i could push! My fiance is taking very good care of me so that helps a lot! Dr. Pousti was great.... and All the nurses at surgery center were soooo AMAZING ;)

Day 5 feel pretty good... out of pain Kerstens....

Day 5 feel pretty good... out of pain Kerstens. Hope to get refill asap... hospital toilet with handels to sitt on top of my toilet has been a life saver! Thanks to my granny... + my mom having my 5 kids has made it mote relaxing! My man has been amazing taking care of me...Still haven't went #2 yet :/ ?.... doing better than i thought so far ;)

Day number 6 went to my follow up appointment......

Day number 6 went to my follow up appointment... Wow So far my results look amazing it's only been a few days from surgery... So glad I did this I can't wait time completely healed! Thank you so much Dr. Pousti And staff...
Right now I'm a very happy girl and it's only day 6 ;)

3-29-13.....8 Days after surgery ;) as long as i...

3-29-13.....8 Days after surgery ;) as long as i take my pain meds i feel pretty good ;) Hard to sit still... house is sooo quite... mom and granz has all 5 of my kids..... i get up to potty and walk around in my walker for a little just to get out of the stupid chair im living in.... ahhhhh lol any who all is well! Thsnk you Dr. Pousti .... Drains suck and hurt... but day only 8 and im one happy girl ;)

just to get out of imlivinh living in :(

Day 10 and doing Pretty good! ;)

Day 10 and doing Pretty good! ;)

If you have very long hair like mine and can't...

If you have very long hair like mine and can't take a shower + Not wash your hair for 6 long weeks! Putting baby powder on ur roots & brushing it through help keep ur hair non greasy,clean looking.and smelling good ;).... if its Dark hair like mine rub a little rubbing alcohol or water on your hands to wipe of the extra powder.on your hair so you don't look like u have gray hair :)... its been almost 2 weeks since i have washed my hair and it still looks CLEAN!!!!

Well last 24hrs have sucked :( monday got my...

Well last 24hrs have sucked :( monday got my refill of my 15 valiums becouse it feels so good do walk bent over you know day 10 after tt... well that night went to take one abd noticed theres only 2 in the container? Wtf 15 -1 should have 14 not 2 ? Questioned fiance and 5 kids of course nobody knows what happened... dr won't refill do to it not being 24 hrs.... so iv been dying in pain... well this morning my 9 yr old doughter said if look like lid wasnt closed so she tryed to close it and they fell in the trash!!! Well that would have been nice to know a lit sooner... so hopefully at my 2nd check up Dr will give me a refill!!! Ahhhh kids arnt they lovely ;)

Day 14 got drains out.... Dr. Pousti & staff are...

Day 14 got drains out.... Dr. Pousti & staff are truly Amazing.... they took a few stiches out... numbd are were tubes were... asked Daisy are they long she said not realy... she said ready? Take deep breath holy shit those drain are sooooo long! Did not hurt at all... i told her good thing u didnt tell me i would have freaked out...lol... all looks good ;).... need to up load pics... when i get up and get on computer... wont up load kn smart phone.... any ways cant wait till im feelin normal again! Happy girl so far :-*

12:30am Day 14 woke up soar and had to tinkel.......

12:30am Day 14 woke up soar and had to tinkel.... took a pain pill ;)... about over sleeping in this stupid re kleiner :/.... want to walk up-right want to be normal... were is that fast forward button @???? Other than that doing good! Need to update pic's ... wish it would let you with your cell phone!! That would br great :(

Week 3 got tape off for first time! Looks Amazing!...

Week 3 got tape off for first time! Looks Amazing! So Happy!!! Dr.Pousti & Girls are Fab. I was told i can take a shower now but scared to ;/.... was told to walk a little more and be a little active.... told them i did some dishes & laundry :( they did not like that at all! Was told No House chorse for a few more weeks! Take these next couple months very easy!!! Wich is hard haveing 5 kids and 4 larg American BullDogs.... but I will.... ;) realy need to up date pics you will be Amazed!!!!!" Dr. Pousti is they best!!!! ;)

Ok.... well 3 weeks po & drove for the first time...

Ok.... well 3 weeks po & drove for the first time today :'( Not fun! PAINNNN FUULLL!!! But going back to work monday so need to get used to it...

3 weeks po... Took first shower and washed my long...

3 weeks po... Took first shower and washed my long hair for first time! WoW feel soooo clean and fresh lol! ;)

2nd day back to work :/ not happy! Yesterday was...

2nd day back to work :/ not happy! Yesterday was so hard only worked 5 hours... but felt like 15 was so soar & swollen when i came home i cryed layed in my bed aka "recliner" & stayed there all day! I will up load all my pic's wed for you all to see.... wish me luck on day of work #2 @ almost 4 weeks post op

Im 5 weeks today and im a little discouraged about...

Im 5 weeks today and im a little discouraged about my swelling :/ I do love my flat belly from front view but side view still feel Fat :( any way just a depressed mood I'm going through... Dr said i look great and in a few month the swelling will go down... and its a long healing

very sad :(

Part of my incisions have opened and are painfull ugly and won't heal!!! Dr said its normal!!! That would have been nice to know before hand!!!! I guess from what they said is my bodys mad & tierd of healing!!!! Any ways 2 weeks now iv had a open soar that has no progress :(

2 months

Soooo its been awhile since I've updated..... so I'm loving my flat belly! not enjoying the scarring or the part of my incision that still open:(..... but other than that i would do it again.... what do u think?


Soooo hears some pics sorry going to leave the bandaid on.... hopefully it will all be closed in.a few weeks you can see how iv had some trouble and now will have
some thicker scaring but do luv the flat belly ;)


feeling good today

4 month pics


scares :(

no belly though in skin tight dress..do love that

about 7 months post op

feeling Great almost a year now ;)


Im so glad I did this! I have a lot more self-esteem now wich makes me a lot more comfortable in my own skin ;)
Thanks Dr.Pousti & team

Extremely Happy

Its been about a year since my surgery. .... finally I started working out for the first time since my surgery......I started T25 workout video 6week's ago..... & after 5 kids & Dr.Pousties magic surgen hands.... im getting abs :)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Referd to him by friends who spoke very highly about him and he is high class & #1 in my eye's.... i like him so much it makes me want to have another up grade to my self! Love the staff the girls make you feel like uv been bff's for a long time & Dr. Pousti is honest kind

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for sharing
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Have you used anything fOr your scarring? Rose oil? Silicon sheath?
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Great review thank you!
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You look great!
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Thank you!
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Yes it will heal iv had to pull out the dissolvabel stapels and plastic stitching out of several spots just to get it to close :/
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I'm so glad I found your review. I'm also a patient of Dr. Pousti and my scar has several spots like yours did. I will be 5 weeks post op on Friday and it's nice to see that it is normal and that it will eventually heal!
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No lol did not change size of my belly button. ... the darkness from scabs made it look smaller and the pinkness of the scaring makes it look large... its wierd... im getting used to it... my incision just finally closed I have 2 small spots that are clossing after pulling out plastic stitching that was irritating it... iv had some problems with that
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Hey sweetie, u loom amazing! I was looking at your pics and I was wondering did you change the size of your belly button?. Because in some pics it looks small and then it looks larger
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You look beautiful!! I bet your scar will fade and you will hardly notice it!! Looks like it is healing alot better now! I get my tape off next Tuesday-but some of it already started peeling off and in one spot it is a bit open and leaking....I'm anxious to get the tape off to see-but I'm also scared as I don't know whats underneath! HOWEVER, I am beginning to fall in love with my tummy-so the scar will be what it will be!! Did your surgeon tell you to massage your scar at all so it doesn't stick to underlying tissue?? I am told to do this at week 3-but my scar hurts in places and I'm scared that I'm doing more harm than good! :)
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Ya he told me to only rub the parts that are 100% heald dont rub the open or unheald spots... but it is definitely a wierd feeling and long healing process
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Just saw your update was from today and your are 3 months post op. I thought your update was from 3 months ago. Sorry :(
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You look great! Any updates? Would love to hear about your progress :)
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Thank you :)
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oh chica yo amo (i love) your blk bikini,sexxxi y' flat it looks god speed to u,for happy healin!i can't wait...and keep us posted ok? i pray your better from a week or 2 go,as i don't want ot hav issues,as your having but i know i read that 2 weeks ago now leaving a post,so praying ur better,and you really look beautiful chica, adios.. ~CertifiedFlatSexxxiStomach2013~
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if I'd see you out on the beach I'd never guess that you are a mom to 5 children!!! You seriously look amazing. The open wound thing is quite scary, and with my luck it will happen to me...
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your pics look great! so sad you're having issues now :( hopefully you'll heal up quickly! ps. It is crazy how perfectly those blue panties cover your scar perfectly!!
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Hey! I just read your posts!! You look great, but I'm sooo sorry that you are having issues with your scar healing. I keep hearing that this eating process takes a long time...take it easy and hang in there!!! Hugs hugs hugs!
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Your pictures look great. I can't wait for mine tomorrow, I hope to look as beautiful as yours.
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Thank you so much... iv felt like iv been talking to my self on hear :( your the first to respond on my profile :) who's your Dr.? I wish you the best of luck tomorrow.. Do you have a medial bucket like toilet that can sit over your toilet? That for me was a life safer! You don't realize how low your toilet is until you're trying to sit way down there
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Dr. Yamahata. I don't, I hear some needed one, some don't so I will wait, there is a store down the street that the hubs can get one at if needed.
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Dr.Pousti & Girls are #1 in my eye's ;)
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Feel like i im talking to my self... ;/
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How do u add pic's
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I have posted some things on my review that I thought was helpful for post recovery and my post today may calm your nerves a little. I'm looking forward to seeing you post TT! It will be amazing.
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