Cottage Cheese Dimpling from Threadlift - San Diego, CA

I had a thread lift done 2 years ago and while I...

I had a thread lift done 2 years ago and while I was first happy with it - my jawline profile appeared tighter - I noticed once the swelling went down (I also had some fat injections and a chin implant at the same time) that there was a prominent indentation in my chin.

My doctor brushed this off and I did not pursue the issue because generally I was happy with the profile. However.... after two years my chin has a cottage cheese look to it from the thread lift pulling at the muscles and it looks terrible. I am having to re-do my chin implant (which was also seated improperly) AND have the thread lift removed.

I am extremely disgruntled as I am paying twice for surgery and having to go through the healing and time off work for the second time. DON'T DO THE THREAD LIFT!


Thank you for sharing your story, Irene. I had no idea that could happen! :( When is your removal surgery?

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I am currently in process of deciding which doctor will do it, but am planning on having it done over the Christmas holidays when I can take time off work. I will provide an update once I do. Wish me better luck this time!

Sounds like a great plan. Good luck!

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