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Over the years being a single Mom I have opted to...

Over the years being a single Mom I have opted to have a few teeth pulled instead of having expensive root canals and crowns. I really had not choice because of money. As the years have gone by my teeth have started to shift and because I am missing two on the upper jaw in back and three on the lower jaw in back I have been using my forward teeth to chew on which of course you should not do and it has worn them down. Since I am in a better financial situation now I have started the process of replacing these teeth with implants so I have a chewing surface, stop bone and gum absorption and the shifting of my own teeth.

The $ amount shown will change as things go on and I will let you know the outcome when all is complete. I thought a step by step may help someone that may be considering this.

This morning I had a sinus lift and bone graft and two implants put in-that is what the 4750 was for. I was given an oral sedative which did nothing but we preceded anyway. Three shots and the only one that was pretty uncomfortable was the one to the palate. Cutting of the gum, lifting of the sinus membrane, material added, drilling, vibration, taping on the implant (kinda gave me a headache) and then an xray to take a look as to line up things for the second implant. Repeat the above for the second one and another xray which he shared with me admiring his work. :) Then he stitched me up, shared with me a few more family stories and asked me to phone him tomorrow on his cell phone. He would like a visit but I live far away so we both agreed I would pay careful attention and call.

The shots have worn off and I feel fine. A bit of blood in my spit and my nose is running which I can't blow for the next 10 days. Given an antibiotic and told to take advil regular for inflammation-no pain meds. In four months I will return to start the restorative process and then after that I will do the other lower side. Besides the stitches in my mouth which feel gross so far this is a cake walk.

I will do follow ups as time goes by-if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them. I will use my regular dentist for the restorative work-the oral surgeon trained him.

Its now Monday and most of the swelling is gone....

Its now Monday and most of the swelling is gone. Only one stitch left in my mouth and very little discomfort. I am sure if I had iced more the first day like my dentist told me to I would not have been so swollen.

By the time this is all complete it will be just a...

By the time this is all complete it will be just a bit over 14 grand. That is for 4 implants and the cost of the teeth.
The injections are really not much fun but other than that the cost it the most painful part of it all.

Dr Peter Shaw

He explains everything in detail almost to the point of boredom. He tells wonderful stories about his family and you can just tell he loves what he does-he exudes happines. I got the shakes before I got there because I was so nervous and the nurse who tried to give me water for the oral sedative saw me shaking. She told me "do not worry, he is the best, he knows what he is doing and you will be just great", and-he is a wonderful boss also". I found that pretty neat for her to mention that.

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I had the sinus augmentation and bone graft. It cost me $4000 out of pocket. It wasn't the most horrible experience but it was wasn't easy-breezy either. I was swollen for at least 5-6 days and out of work for 3. I needed prescription painkillers for 2-3 days. It healed well and I go back in about a month to start the implant procedure. I didn't have any problems at all with infections or sinus issues but I wasn't comfortable with the risk even though my doctor suggested there wasn't much of a risk. I still have the other side to do although I'm not sure if I want to go through this stressful and expensive process again. Overall, it was tolerable but guess I'll wait and see how I feel after the final results.
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Yikes-I am glad you are having them done but I had the two top implants with the sinus lift and bone graft all done at the same time. 4700$ The teeth themselves are another 3 grand. I is important that you have them done as the longer you wait the more your bite and shape of your face changes. Good luck with the rest.
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Gosh I hope you feel better soon-sounds terrible.
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Omg I wish I wouldve found your dr. I had this done one week and a day ago and it has been horrible. My face got soo big I thought it would burst. Infection also with bone graph and infection running out then my face started to go down. I had 2 upper jaws missing also. Just got my stitches out yesterday he said some of the graph got under my gum, that they put a lot in---_yeah that's why my body is trying to get rid of it itself. I jus don't know when this will get better

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Wow, good for you for being able to tolerate all of that without sedation. I'm impressed!!

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No, besides the advil I did not take pain meds. I do not like the way they make me feel. As I said I was given a light sedative to calm my nerves. I did not use that for the lower two that I got because I needed to drive myself home after that visit.
Everyone has different levels of pain they can tolerate. I have sat through hours and hours worth for tattoos-this is just creepy because its in your mouth.
All and all it was not that bad except for the shots to the palate-that hurt.
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NO pain meds?? did he at least offer some?? if you were that nervous he shoulda given you more sedation or general anisthesa (spelling? I din't even ask my doc for pain meds,
he just gave it and said if I didn't need it so be it, I took them the 1st day and a half, advil didn't do anything for the pain!
glad your happy with results and your doctor but I dispise doctors who have no idea what the pain feels like and don't even offer "real pain medicine"
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Hi Nycanon
The longer you wait to do something about it the worse it gets. My Doctor had me take advil for inflamation (swelling) I was also told to ice the first day which I ignored and I believe that is why I was swollen at all.
Yes, its extremley expensive but the most important part is getting those implants in place so the lose of the bone will stop-then you can work on paying for the actual teeth.
I took one and a half days off work but really did not need to. I think if you ice and take the advil like told and sleep with your head elevated the swelling would be very minimal. You will want to take something to keep your sinuses clear-you can't blow for a minimum of a week and if you suffer alergies like myself that can be a pain as you have to let it run. I was in and out in less than an hour and that is with the lift/graft and two upper implants which are harder than the lower. The sounds are not pleasant-however during the process I did not feel a thing. They will have to numb your palate and that was not fun.
I was very nervous and worried but also knew I had to do this. I was worried for no reason.
I really wish you were in my area and could see my surgeon. I talked to many before picking him and his technique (sp) is awsome and the cost while high was lower than most.
Like I said the most painful part of this all has been the cost.
Hope this helps a bit.
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Thank you so much for sharing this info. I have a simiar situtation, missing two back uppers and one upper on the other side. I've been avoiding correcting this for a while now b/c it seemed like such an extensive and EXPENSIVE process. Was the bone grafting and/or sinus lift painful? Were you swollen after and for how long? I read some peope were swollen over a week. Did you need to take off work? Were there any sinus issues after the lift? Sorry for all the questions - I'm a little nervous about the procedure. Does it feel like a long, greuling process? Are you happy with your results so far? Please continue to update! I feel better just knowing I'm not the only one!
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No photos, sorry about that. They are in the far back of my mouth, lower and upper different sides. Not something you can really photograph. I will tell anyone-dont pull teeth your entire face changes as bone abosorbs.
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Hi Butterfly,

Thanks for the review, and the update. I'm glad everything worked out so well, do you have pictures? Please continue to keep us updated.



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