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Overall, I am quite pleased with my results from...

Overall, I am quite pleased with my results from the procedures I had with Dr. K, and as many reviewers say, the results are very natural.

I originally had a full face fat transfer done (about $6K) and several months later I had a revision rhinoplasty and lateral brow lift done (around $12K). The full face fat transfer was done to restore lost volume (in cheeks, temples, chin), as well as to try to fill in a number of acne scars I had, particularly on my cheeks.

I had already had a number of procedures done to try to correct the acne scars on my cheeks over the years, and I have to say that this definitely gave me the best results (somewhere between 50-70% improvement). The scars are still there, as I don’t think there is anything that will completely take them away, but honestly, most people don’t even notice them anymore.

The revision rhinoplasty is still healing so it’s hard to say how pleased I am ultimately going to be with the results, although the results so far are quite good. The lateral brow lift is good, but I do wish the brows had stayed as lifted as they were when they were first done. It’s still an improvement, but it’s not as dramatic of a change as I would have liked.

I do like the fact that there are no visible scars at all from any of the procedures. The one thing I will say is that even though my husband and I feel that the results are pretty noticeble, overall, most people didn’t notice, or if they did, they didn’t say anything. This reminds me of one of the sayings you hear about cosmetic surgery, which is to make sure you are only doing it for yourself!

I was also very pleased that they utilized a number of homeopathic remedies and supplements pre and post op, which I know resulted in me having such a speedy recovery with minimal bruising – although I will say that having two procedures done at the same time (revision rhinoplasty and brow lift) is a lot, and more difficult than I anticipated, and I would certainly not recommend doing more than 2 procedures at once.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

He appears to get get very good, consistent results, he only does faces so lots of time on the same procedures, and great staff. As far as the staff, Dr. K is one of the nicest doctors I’ve met who will spend as much time as you want if you make it clear that you want that time for questions. Every member of his staff is excellent and provide the type of outstanding customer service I would expect for the type of services they are providing.

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Hi Juliabars,

I would definitely agree that Dr. Karam is very conservative. I've definitely lost volume, but it's still much better than it was before I had the procedure. I would guess that I've lost between 25-35% of what I originally had 2 months or so post-op - please realize that this is an estimate. When you look at yourself in the mirror everyday, it's hard to tell what the gradual differences are over time. I'm still glad I did it, but part of me wishes that he wasn't as conservative. Of course, everyone's body reacts differently so certainly there are others who haven't had as much volume loss as I have. Fortunately, the acne scars still look much better than before the procedure, and that was one of the main things that I was trying to treat, so I'm still very glad I did it. I hope that helps!
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One year out, how has the fat transfer endured? I hear that Dr. Karam is very conservative, which is great, but a few patients have mentioned that their fat hasn't lasted as long as a result (which, personally, I'd prefer over have an overfilled face). It would be nice to hear your experience 1 year post op.
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where are the pictures? same Dr agaon, same story
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It's going well. I had a lot of swelling on the left side which has mostly gone done, thank goodness. Because it was a revision rhinoplasty, I wasn't sure what the outcome will be. I've been told not to expect final results for 12-18 months, and I'm only about 6 months out, so we'll see in about a year. I think there still might be some swelling on the tip. But overall, it's a big improvement over what I had before.
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience, 7846anon. How is your rhinoplasty recovery going?

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I have noticed that every time there is a praise about this surgeon regarding fat grafting there is no picture included. I had a bad procedure before and I am aware that some surgeons or their associates write good reviews online to praise themselves. Good review without a picture is doubtful. Would you please kindly share a picture so that others could see the success of your surgery?

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Hi there - first, let me just say that I am an actual patient. I choose to believe that Dr. Karam's staff would not do something like that, and honestly, I don't think they need to. Personally, I am not comfortable posting pictures of myself on the web, but what I can say is that he has lots and lots of pictures on his website, and if you go to his office, he also has a TV that just scrolls through numerous before/after pictures of all the procedures he has done on patients, mainly fat transfers and rhinoplasties, as those seem to be the procedures he specializes in. You can also ask for references that you can contact by phone. I did this for all of my procedures and it was extremely helpful. I'm sure this will help you get the information you are looking for!
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