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First beach pic...I think I'll throw away the tankini!!

I wanted my hernia repaired to prevent the...

I wanted my hernia repaired to prevent the possibility of a future obstruction....and I also wanted to look good!! 

I'm a 33 year old mother of 4. I just had a complete tummy tuck/hernia repair on August 29th.
I had a bowel obstruction in 2005 and had a large vertical incision and an umbilical hernia. I tried to have the hernia repaired by a general surgeon last year, but that failed miserably.  My insurance company would only allow them to re-open my old incision.  He chose not to use mesh, but instead closed my rectus muscles with absorbable sutures. 

Within three months, my diastasis was worse than ever. My intestines were literally bulging through.  This was something that was very difficult for me to live with because I’m extremely fit, and health conscience. 
I'm very petite 5'3" and 112 pounds with no extra fatty tissue (normally not the type of person that considers a tummy tuck!) I did not want to go back to another general surgeon to have my problem fixed.  I wanted someone who would care about the “finished product” as well as the medical issue.   I saw 5 plastic surgeons because I knew how delicate my procedure would be because of this.  Two of them even turned me away! 

 I saw Dr. Pousti for the first time since my procedure a few days ago, and he said that on a scale of "white-hair" inducing tummy tucks, mine was about an 11! He checked out all of my digestive organs, and thankfully everything was okay...and so far, from what we can tell, it looks awesome!!  I’m 10 days post-op today, and am feeling stronger every day

I'll be 3 weeks PO tomorrow- I'm feeling MUCH...

I'll be 3 weeks PO tomorrow- I'm feeling MUCH better, but I'm still having to walk hunched over. Honestly, that's the only pain that I have now! ;) I'm still pretty swollen, but when I compare before and after pics I'm amazed! My sweet husband who has been an amazing help is going back to work tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I'm totally wishing that my husband had taken 6...

I'm totally wishing that my husband had taken 6 weeks of leave instead of 3- ;) With 4 kids, life goes on whether you're ready or not. Luckily we have a wonderful lady who is cleaning for us and I have been buying my dinners from a place that pre-makes them for the freezer. (AWESOME)I was going stir crazy so my husband and I repainted our kitchen table- don't worry, he did the sanding...I did the easy stuff ;) It looks great! Seriously, I just needed something to do that didn't involve a screen!

I'm feeling kind of discouraged because part of my incision stil hasn't healed...it's very "meaty". Because of this I haven't NOT showered yet....yes, it's been 6 weeks since I have had a shower!!! I'm very happy with my results, and am focusing on keeping my eye on the prize...but I have to admit that this has been hard for me. I really miss working out, and for the first time in years feel "soft"...I keep having to remind myself that this is okay, and that in the future I will be even more happy with my body because my tummy will match the rest of my body!!

I'm about 18 months out from my surgery, and am...

I'm about 18 months out from my surgery, and am still very happy with the results. Even though it's still uncomfortable for me to do traditional abdominal exercises, my muscle definition is great! I run, lift weights, and practice yoga regularly. It's NICE to have a tummy that matches the rest of my body!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I chose to consult with Dr. Pousti because of the wonderful experience one of my best friends had with him. I immediately felt very comfortable with both him and his staff. It gave me great confidence to know that is board certified in BOTH plastic and general surgery. Both my husband and I knew without a doubt that he could handle any possible complication that he may be faced with. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone. In my opinion, he IS the absolute best in San Diego. Kati N.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Amazing results!!!!
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Thanks for posting a one year pic! It gives all of us who are just going through this so much hope! You look fantastic! And I can only imagine you are beside yourself with working out and working those abs! I can't wait to do that!
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Fabulous results!!
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You look absolutely amazing! Congratulations!!!!!!!
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You look amazing! I am almost 10 days post op and feeling a little discouraged because of the bloating but after seeing your results I know all I have to do is to keep my eye on the prize!
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Hope you had a great date night! I bet he couldn't keep his hands off of you! You look amazing girlfriend, a true success story. Love the dress and you radiate happiness!
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Thanks! We didn't go far- just to my favorite Italian place here in Tierrasanta- but I had a good glass of wine and was feeling more like myself by the end of the night. My husband is off to D.C. this week, so I'm on my own with the kiddos. I'm going to try to make things as easy as possible.

I would make and appt with your lady asap- it really helepd me, and I'm planning on going again this week.
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BTW love the pic in yr dress. Yosu look so happy!
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Thank you SO much! I went to acupunture today- she put 6 needles in the area surrounding the wound and left me to rest with a heat lamp on the area. She took a before and after pic for her records- it was a pretty amazing difference! She also recommend soaking mung beans, boiling them, then drinking the juice...hmmmmm ;)
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Oh I have a great lady in Murrieta that I go to. I've emailed her to see if she can help me. She has helped me in so many areas so hoping she can help with this one too.

I'd ask the doc about the Vaseline. You can always just call the Ofc and ask.
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Hey Kati, My Doctor is also big on keeping the wound dry so I haven't had a shower in weeks either! However, I'm getting pretty good at washing all my "bits" in the sink LOL. Your results are fantastic, I'm so happy for you!!
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No, I haven't needed to do that. Just keeping it clean and bandaged. My neighbor and friend is a dermatologist and suggested that I keep valsoline on it, but I'm not sure...maybe I'll ask Dr. P at my next appt which isn't for over a week.

I can't say enough good about acupuncture- I go to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Mission Valley- it's wonderful and a great price. I know that this is probably too far for you, but I'm sure there are good places up there!
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Are you having to do wet to dry wound care or do you not need that?

I've been thinking about acupuncture too. I used to go regularly. Wish is could get my massage therapy but that ain't happening for some time but maybe the acupuncture would help my back issues.
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I eat a lot of protein and have a vita-mix so I'm consuming lots of fresh vegetables and fruit....I'm the queen of supplements, and I'm decided to go back to acupunture regularly to help.

Three of my kids are in school full time- but of course, everyone is on different schedules and I'm having to drive quite a bit to all of their extra curricular activities.

I hate it when I think the darn thing is FINALLY scabbing over- then BAM, the next day is all yellow and goopy again. I have not used my abdominal muscles at all- and for the most part, am still hunched over. Hey, I know...maybe I could get a refill on my Percocet Rx so that I can CHILL out and not worry so much! ;)
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Make sure you are getting enough protein so you heal well. I know resting with yr 4 kids can't be easy but please try when you can. Dr. P said your surgery was pretty tough so take it easy.

And I understand about no showering yet. I'm over 8 weeks. Seems our dr is one of the only ones that is strict on the showering thing. But I know you trust him as do I so hang in there. Soon you'll be back to normal. I'll try to take my own advice too. I've been working on closing a rather large wound and patience is tough.
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You look great!
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You really look fabulous. Take the time you need to do things, and don't rush the healing process. Most importantly, listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard!
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Kati we have the same surgeon. I love Dr. Pousti! Had my TT on Aug 16. I'm having some issues but he is right on top of them & calls all the time. I see him weekly and think his staff is wonderful too!

Glad you had such a great outcome. You look great!
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Thank you! I love him to...and the staff is also wonderful. I almost feel back to normal, but am still walking hunched over which is a pain.....OH, and I have not been able to shower or bathe yet!! I swear it must take me an hour and a half to get myself ready in the mornings....bending over the tub to wash my hair, etc. Because of my size I have two incisions. Its taking a little longer for the area where they intersect to scab up, so I know that it will still be a while before showering and bathing.

I hope you're doing okay and will heal up very soon!! Contact me anytime if you need moral support...etc. :)
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Yes the recovery is tuff! It really takes patience and understanding that our bodies have been through a major surgery! Take the time to rest. That was very hard for me when I was at the stage post op you are! It really does get better. For me I seen the most improvement afer a week instead of day by day. If that makes sense!
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Congrats on your tummy tuck! It sounds like you are doing great! I had my tt on the 17th of August. A little over three weeks post op. Good luck with the recovery and keep us posted.
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Thank you! You to! Being "down" has been pretty challenging for me...can't wait to post the "after" shots!
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