Hello Everyone! I've Offically Booked my Mommy Makeover! - San Diego, CA

Hello Ladies! I have been a long time lurker of...

Hello Ladies!
I have been a long time lurker of real self, and finally have decided to join since I JUST BOOKED my mommy makeover! YAY!!!
I am 29 years old, 5'3 180lbs YUCK! I have two awesome boys, ages 7 and 19 months, both were c sections.
I have been up and down with my weight my whole life, Im usually in the range of 140-200 and I've been up and down tooo many times to count. So with those 2 c sections and my fluctuating weight, lets just say I am not a pretty cookie these days.
I've been wanting a tummy tuck since 2006! So I am VERY excited I can finally give myself this.

I need to loose 10-20 pounds before surgery, and I dont have much time!! So I am low carbing and doing cardio 6 days a week, and weights 2 days a week.

I am so excited to share this journey with all of you, and I hope my experience may help someone, and I look forward to your experience helping me.


Well I lost 4 pounds this last week!! So I am on the road to success! haha! I am having a TT, BA, BL, and Lipo of hips and flanks. No new news besides this. Hope you all are doing well, and have a great weekend!!
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Thank you for starting your story! Good luck on that weight loss. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

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Hey! Yours is not that long after mine:-) What are you all having done?
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Yesterday was my posdt op appointment! i got all...

yesterday was my posdt op appointment!
i got all my questions out of the way, got my prescriptions, ect ect.
i just need to go get my blood work done and then i will be all set!! oh my goodness ! tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks until surgery day!
oh yea ive also decided NOT to get implants because I already have large breasts and i have well enough breast tissue. yay! so only a lift and tt for me.
i was also suprised yesterday when my doctor was telling me the areas he was going to lipo! he is going to lipo areas i didnt even ask for, which makes me really happy! because i actually wanted to ask him about lipo'ing my mon pubis and back fat area and he is!!! yay!
i bought some supplements from make me heal, that i will start taking tomorrow so hopefully that will help some :)

still a bit worried about the recovery for me. i still havent found someone to care for my son (20 months) while my hubby is at work in the evenings. i need to get on that!

hope everyone is well :) thanks for following my story..

ps. i will upload photos today of my before pics.


Hi Ashleylynnn, feeling ok - sometimes I start to worry about the anaesthesia and the possible complications but I just stop, and reaffirm that this is what I want and it will be good. I'm actually quite excited at seeing my new body after the op! So, so looking forward to the results.
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Hi, I'm having just the sides of the tum lipoed. They'll have to take quite a bit of skin out from my tum anyway, so they are welcome to suck some of the fat out while they're in! (there is a fair amount) :)
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That's exciting you have a date!!!!  Woohoo! What areas are u having lipoed
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8 more days until the big day!!! oh my goodness, i...

8 more days until the big day!!! oh my goodness, i am just so nervous. i have noticed i've been really moody and sad lately, is this normal? im sure its because im so nervous about the upcoming surgery and how much im getting done in 1 day.
my doctor is so wonderful though, he has reassured me and put my worries at ease.
I've only lost a total of 6 pounds, I'm having such a hard time loosing weight. I am eating very well and excersizing 5 days a week, so I dont know whats going on. lol

i hope everyone is doing great, and happy healing.


i worry about the anethesia as well, being put to sleep for 6 hours makes me soo nervous. i try not to think about it. lol

My surgery is tomorrrowwww!!!! omg im so very...

My surgery is tomorrrowwww!!!! omg im so very nervous. my nurse prescribed me xanax and im a little apprehensive to take it, but i think i might take half the pill.
I am getting tummy tuck, breast lift and lipo if the hips, flanks, and back fat.

I have been eating like crap for the last few days and I think its because im so nervous. I go in tomorrow at 9am!!!!!


So how did everything turn out? I am considering Dr Hess, however, upon review of his license, the medical board is trying to suspend it because he keeps getting DUI's LOL. I know I should not laugh, that is serious but I am hoping he doesn't drink while performing surgeries!
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Can you post before and afters??
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I ate like crap too the week before! GOOOOOOOD LUCK TODAY!!!
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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I went to 3 different consults, and I decided to go with Dr Jason Hess because he made me feel most comfortable. He was honest with me, He sat with me and answered all my questions, He did not try to sell me anything.. He was awesome, I just felt so at ease around him.

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