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I have wanted this procedure for over 14 yrs and...

I have wanted this procedure for over 14 yrs and now that I finally put my self first, here I go! As moms we tend to put our children first and that is what I did even when I had saved most of the money. The guilt I felt wouldn't let me spend such amount of money on just me.

I'm being realistic about this I just want to feel good in my skin without the extra. I don't expect to look like a super model ( ha ha) I just want to look like a 41 yr old mom that took care of herself. I will say that I did let go of my self for a while but I'm back on tract with getting my weight down. Currently 155, 5'3 I've lost 10 lbs and still want to lose another 10 or 15 lbs. I don't want to lose too much since I want to have curves, that's what makes me a woman... curves :) !
I'm excited and a bit scared but most of all EXCITED! I'm scared because this is surgery and even though I am fully confident in my PS you just never know what can happen. I'm very excited to move along and put this behind me. To donate most of my Tshirts and replace them with nice blouses.


You go girly , glad to here you are doing this for you.
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Thank you and we should all be doing this for ourselves :) . We need to be happy with ourselves and as women that's so hard to do.
Woo hoo mama is right! check your messages ok...gotta love those rice sizers!
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I have not posted an update since I really have...

I have not posted an update since I really have not done anything lately. I have most of my stuff since I got 5 day out before my surgery last time. I have been looking for a second compression bra for when the one from the doc gets dirty. I have my "surgery bag" on my closet floor and anytime I think of something I want I get it and put it in the bag. Everything in one place will make life easier on the day I head out of town cause I know my nerves will be off the chart!!
I hope you all are doing good and getting ready for your big day too.

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Ha ha after posting nothing new.... I got new...

Ha ha after posting nothing new.... I got new stuff.
Just got off the phone with my PS, woohoo, scheduled a 2nd preop for May 16th, the day before surgery to try on sizers again. I still think 600 seems like a lot. The office is going to order a couple of sizes for me since they, the implants, have to be ready to insert the next day. I asked what my BWD and it's a 15cm wow! I looked up the cc's size chart for me and I actually can go up to 650.. way to big I think. Ok well I told the PS that I was thinking more like 450 or 500 since you do lose about 50cc's from the muscle squishing them. I think I'm going to do rice sizers for 450 and 500 cc's .


I'm happy for you. :) One month away! Woo hoo!
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Sorry I was away for a bit, busy time here at home. WOOHOO yes tick tick tick the date is getting closer! :)

Am I starting to get plastic surgery greed? I'm...

Am I starting to get plastic surgery greed? I'm going to have a TT and BA but now I keep thinking I should add some, not alot, of lipo to my outer thighs. I keep thinking, I'm already going to be there, getting surgery, and going thru the pain. I like my thighs but just wish they were a bit smaller. At the very least I wish my left thigh was a bit smaller, like the right one! What do you all think.. Am I being greedy?


I thought I read you are from AZ? Who is your doc? I'm in az.
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I do live in AZ but I'm having surgery in San Diego, my family is there and they will be helping with my recovery-post op. My PS is Dr Alavi in SD.
I'll tell you if I had not given my PS the "artistic license" as he called it (he did graduate from art school) I would have gone 450 instead of 420's but that's what he picked. I can't say if I would have gone 450 I would have still gone with the high profile though?? I know after the surgery and a lot of the swelling would subside and I saw myself in the mirror that I thought oh man my thighs look so big haha. I guess it's like buying new carpet and then the furniture looks awful right? I didn't like at all how the sports bra made the sizers look. Take a couple tops that you love and want to wear after you heal and even a bigger bra and try the sizers with it too. Have fun with it and don't feel rushed. For the record the black top I had on when I tried sizers would not go beneath my boobs like it did in the picture haha I had to give it away.
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WOOHOO!!! Very excited, I am now paid in full! I'm...

WOOHOO!!! Very excited, I am now paid in full! I'm getting on with preparing my "hospital bag" to include filling my medications. So excited that these past couple of days I have been extra loving to my hubby.. lol. I don't know if he's noticed or just happy that I'm the initiator in the bedroom. I can't wait for the new me to have more self confidence :) .


I get what you are saying. It's like I'm already feeling more confident, just knowing what is coming! I hadn't thought to put it in words though because I don't think I had realized it. Thanks for sharing!
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Your welcome. Yes putting it in words and saying it out loud makes it that much more real. WOOHOO, almost there!!
I agree. I am having arm, upper and lower back lipo - so I definitely don't think thigh lipo is too much. I'm thinking of adding thigh too! But for thigh, I am asking the question is that too much. I don't even know if my PS would let me add it or not... I just figure since you are in there, makes sense to get it done at the same time?

Day before surgery with sizers in 600cc's

So I had another preop appointment today, the day before surgery! I am happy again and relieved that 600cc's ARE NOT way too big for me. Ahhh so happy and ready for tomorrow, Friday! Been praying alot.


Would love to see pics
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Yeah I know about the pics. I just didn't want my pics on my mom and sisters computer so I was waiting to get back home to load them to our computer.
how are you doing? one week PO?
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Post op 2 days

I know I'm really behind on posting post op pictures but I'm finally going to put some up. Sorry I have not posted any before but I was out of town for the first 2 wks and I didn't want to have my pics on my mom or sisters computer. LOL. Im sure you can understand. These are from the first time I got to take a shower... ahhhhhhhhhh ... the warm water felt soooooooo good!! I know it's a long road ahead for me to finally see any true results so I really don't look at my self all that much but I was happy with what I saw the first time I was able to take a peek :) .


I just put some up.


I had to delete the last pictures since they were out of order.


looking great!!!! but you prob look even better today!!! im almost 5 weeks po ...and i cant believe how our bodies change every day!
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Wow, you are looking GOOD!! So happy for you!!!! :) So glad you put pictures up! :)
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Thank you :) and yeah it was about time.. lol

Post op 3 weeks 1 day

Today I FINALLY felt "normal" or at least that much more normal since surgery. I FINALLY got my little boys back home, YAY!!! My hubby and I took a short drive to meet with my MIL to pick up the boys, first time being in a car that my stomach muscles didn't hurt much afterwards. Another YAY! Right now as I type the "girls" are feeling very tight and let me tell you how happy I am about that because they are continuing their decent to the "final resting spot" ... ha ha ha. Nope no complaints here today from me, well just one tiny one. My younger daughter was in a wedding but the location was just over an hr to get to so my hubby didn't want to go :( waaaaa! Yes it was more important to me that I got the boys back home after not seeing them in over 3 weeks. Hubby said it would be too much to drive to get the boys and also to make it to the wedding. So my choice, MY BOYS!
I hope you are all healing/recovering, let's keep moving FORWARD! WooHoo :)


how are you!! it's encouraging to see that someone who had the same surgeon and procedure is looking so good. My first day back at work was yesterday and it was a loooong day, i did well but couldn't sleep!!! are you still wearing your binder? I'm 17 days po and feel like my left boob just wont drop! Dr A told me to massage which I have......you look great :D
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Thank you and I feel the same it's nice to see results from someone who had the same doc. I am still wearing my binder, for 2 more weeks but I think I'll keep wearing it longer just not 24/7. Back in the day I would wear a "safety belt" while at work, I would think of it as a cg/binder. I honestly think that even though I gained weight and had loose skin that the binder helped me keep my waist smaller. I like to massage my frankenboobs, lol, while in the shower, I think the warm/hot water helps because the muscles are relaxed more. I can't wait to see more of your recovery pictures.
Your photos look fantastic---quick question--- I noticed you had said you were trying to drop 10 lbs before your procedure---can I ask---what was your weight as you went into your procedure-(I am assuming you didn't get taller than the 5'3" you started with-lol!). I think it shows that you've got great curves. Since you have had a chance to "live on the flat side a little while-(whoa--and you LIVE in San Diego in the summertime on the flat side---nice!) How do you feel about it now---"worth it or still not sure?" :0)
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Profile pic change

I changed my profile picture to what I'd like to call... a latina Jessica Rabbit :) . I also keep thinking about taking some of my pictures down and just leaving the last 3 that I've posted. I LOVE to share pictures so show a visual of my recovery process BUT I don't really feel that my/our pictures are protected on this site. I often don't log on, unless I have to comment, and I can see everyones profile and pictures. I know that my face is not showing but I still feel insecure about having my naked pics for anyone to view, member or not. I know some other sites put their watermark on each picture that is up loaded and you have to be a member to view pictures. I would feel more secure if this site did something like that.


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I agree with you about this site and the pics security. I also don't like that they don't let you modify or delete your comments. Love the site, but feels fishy to me.
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4 week post op pics

I've been feeling a little bolted/swollen for the past couple of days and it sure looks like it in the pics too. :( Not feeling too happy about that BUT well I just keep thinking that it's part of the healing process. Also my very far end, right side, of incision hurts!! I think during the night my cg must have moved right on top of it and irritated that area. Ugh it was a restless night so I'm really tired today.
I'm posting some 4 wk post of pictures.


Look at that waist....the "tee shoot"- looks great!
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Thanks, that's my new bed time PJ's... lol that my cg :( and panties ;) .
Did you chose high profile or moderate plus? Saline or Silicone?
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5 wks post op

Today I am 5 wks post op and I feel GREAT!!! I keep looking forward to next week, week 6, when I don't have to wear my cg anymore. I will continue to wear it to help my recovery along but just not 24/7. Also I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym and start working out, I plan on starting slow but just being there will help.
Today was the first time, post op, that I was able to blow my nose and brush, clean, my tongue without any pain.. woohoo!! It's so crazy how the little things that we do everyday are such a big deal to do after a surgery like ours. Geez if you only could have seen me and how happy I was when I realized that I had actually fully blown my nose. The past week and a half I had to do it very slow and only small blows, wow that sounds kinda crazy if you read it without knowing what I'm talking about. ROFL.
For the past week I have felt like I'm 99% back to normal, the one percent is that my back hurts if I stand to long. Although I have been able to stand longer every day, with out pain.
If I could give some great advice to the ones who are still waiting for their surgery date to arrive it would be... TAKE IT EASY AS LONG AS YOU CAN it will determine how fast you recover. I KNOW I was blessed to have had total help with my little ones for 3 wks! My older daughter took care of my little ones while I recovered, out of town, in San Diego. After the 2 weeks my mother in law took the boys for a week to her house. I can't stress enough how important it is to sleep and rest especially the first full week and a half.


I agree with the resting as much as you can the first couple of weeks. I completely rested the first 8 or 9 days myself - and still took it easy unless I felt good for the full 3 weeks - and really think it helped me to recover quickly. Glad you are doing so well!
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I am still taking it easy when I can.. lol :)
Damn girl! You look awesome! It must make you so happy to see these results!
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6 wks PO pics

Today is and was a happy day for me :). YAY I don't have to wear my cg anymore although I will continue to wear it when I'm home. I also get go hit the gym again I know I will have to start off slow but just being able to get back is a big deal for me. WOO HOO!!
Yesterday I was so happy about getting in the pool, in this HOT AZ weather I could hear the pool calling me to get in.. lol. Well yesterday I finally did and later that evening and today I paid for it. Last night I had to take a muscle relaxer because my TT area hurt and so did my right boob. Today my TT are was much better but my boob has been hurting and is swollen :( . I've been massaging that one, the right one, more than the left. Other than that nothing new to report.


You look great ! What size bra did you wear before BA ?
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Thank you. I wore a push up with some padding 34or 36C now 36DD.
Looking HOT and it's not just the weather!
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Bye bye lingerie

Tonight I did something that I had been trying to put off because I knew I would be sad. I took out all my lingerie to find out what I can keep and what is now just taking up space in my closet. I have mixed emotions, I'm happy that most of it does not fit because of my bigger boobs. Sad that I have to go get rid of most of it, sigh. I know woohoo to go buy more but my feelings and thoughts are deeper than just go get more. When I fist got with my hubby he was in the Navy so we didn't have a lot of money. I bought lingerie when i had saved up enough to get something nice on clearance. Our lives have changed, for the better, since he got out that I can afford to buy a couple of outfits but that's just not me. I never forget where we first started. We were not scrapping by but we had to focus on furnishing an apartment.. lol .. you know important stuff.
Ugh I don't want to bore you with my story but it's how I'm feeling right now.
Here are a few couple of pics of what I am able to still keep. LOL :(


Hey there just wanted to say you look great! I ha my mommy makeover in July! I am in SD too :-)
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Looking great in your lingerie ! I remember when it was hard to make ends meet many years ago .
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Yup that was us too.
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