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Hello all! I am an avid stalker of Realself. It...

Hello all! I am an avid stalker of Realself. It has even put Facebook on the backburner! ha!
I am 35, but refuse to believe that. I have 3 boys, 16,11,and 4. I have been married for 17 years to a military man. I have been waiting for 16 years to have a TT done. My oldest son was an emergency c-section. I tried doing to much right afterwards and ended up opening up my insicion. Well they had to sew it back shut again and I ended up with an uneven stomach. I am only 5'3 and all of my babies have been over 8 lbs and full term. I looked like I was carrying twins with each one of them, so ultimately my stomach is a big blob of..well blob! So I am super stoked I am finally going to get it done! WOO!!

I had a BR done back in 06'. They were DDD's and I had headaches, backaches, rashes, you name it. It was such a relief to have them gone, and now the ? is WHY would you get a BA if you had a BR done?? Well the answer is simple. I want some nice cleavage, and something for me to have fun with *wink wink* and besides there is a huge difference between pancake-armpit boobs and nice perky silicone boobs.

I about had a heart attack when I was getting ready to write this review, because it asks for the surgery date! HOLY MOLY!! I actually have a date! I am so happy there is such a great website that is full of real experiences and knowledge. Thanks so much to all of you who take the time to give your advise and knowledge. I will be posting pics in a few weeks. Those are the best part, right!!!

So Happy for You!!! Everyone here knows how you feel and it's such a great source of knowledge and help for along the way. I am 1 wk post-op from 4 kids (1set twins), so, I know that belly!!! I lovingly called it my kangaRoo pouch.
Welcome and Congrats on you soon upcoming date!!!!
Thanks so much!

Yay for having a date and starting your story! You've waited a long time for this and you deserve it. Please keep us posted! and if you haven't already, check out this list of supplies to get for your recovery.


Tomorrow makes 5 weeks till my MM! I am so excited...

Tomorrow makes 5 weeks till my MM! I am so excited. I went out today and bought a few supplies to start building up my MM box of goodies. My husband and I had so much fun looking at bras and trying to guess what size my new tata's will actually be. I picked up a DD bra and he was like, "WOAH those are huge!" I had to remind him that I was a DDD at one time. It's been so long since my Reduction that he has forgotten what bigger boobs look like.. Poor guy! haha!! I don't want to go out buying a ton of stuff so I just showed him examples of stuff that I liked so he could get them for me if I needed them (like the really soft cami's to wear under my CG). He had way to much fun helping me look for a zip up bra. He's such a kid sometimes :-)
I started printing out pics for my Poster I am taking to the PS. I told my kids if they see boobs laying around the house that is why. They must think I am cray cray. My oldest, he is 16 and we are really close. I am a hands on, in your face type of mom and never hold back from them. It makes for some interesting convos sometimes. While driving him to school the other day I asked him, "So what size boobs you think I should get?" He busted up laughing and said, "So not a question I want to answer MOM!" HAHA the poor kid.
I am starting the 17 day diet tomorrow. I really want to be in the 140's for the surgery. I'm 160 now. I have done the diet before and lost 11 lbs. Kept it off to. So I know it works for me.
Did I mention I am so excited?? I know there is going to be pain, and swelling and all the good stuff that comes along with this surgery. BUT I am so ready! 16 years ready!!
Happy Healing all!!
can't wait to see your before and after photos!!!  so excited for you!

So today brought me the question once again, "Why...

So today brought me the question once again, "Why am I willing to put myself thru this huge operation?" So many answers. I finally narrowed it down to one. I want my outside to feel like my inside. I want the happy, outgoing, carefree person that I feel inside to show on the outside. SO yeah. That's my update for today. Happy Happy hump day.
Can't waiyt to see your results!! Recovery has been a breeze for me and hopefully will be for you too.
I hope so! I workout like crazy so I am hoping that is going to help in the recovery.
Hey love! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see your results!

29 Days and a wake up! WOOOO!! I am down 5lbs this...

29 Days and a wake up! WOOOO!! I am down 5lbs this week and trying to hit the 140's before my surgery~today is def a feel good kind of day!
I am going with Dr. Jason Hess. :)
Its is probably really terrible in some peoples opinion but I only had 1 consult and that was with Pousti. I knew right away he was the one. I had other consults in different states and no one ever set me at ease right away. It will be interesting to follow your journey to see how our docs very.
Yea you are so close!!! I have 21 days:-)

I think I have started the nesting period, without...

I think I have started the nesting period, without the cleaning part :-) I started stocking up on the essentials. Got the anica gel and tablets and the Bromelain. Spent $22 at GNC for all 3. I found a walker on craigslist for $15 and am now on the prowl for a shower seat. Think I will be ok without the toilet seat, my legs are pretty strong and I am short so I'm closer to the toilet than some ha! I'm getting so anxious now. Pre op is next week. I am not looking forward to the payment part. My husband said that he could buy a new car with the money I am spending. My son replied to that, "Mom is going to be your new hot rod!" Hope everyone is healing well..Happy thoughts make happy people!
We are so in the same spot weight wise. I'm really wanting to get into the 140s before surgery too, I have 3 pounds to go. What are you doing to get your weight down?
I am doing the 17 day diet. I more or less eat like the diet everyday even though I am past the 17 days.
LOL! At the short comment! I am 5'9 so the toilet seat was a must have for me. But the first time you have to go down on that toilet seat you might not need colace let me put it that way! LOL!

3 weeks to go! YIKES!! I haven't been sleeping,...

3 weeks to go! YIKES!! I haven't been sleeping, driving my husband insane and my poor children are being tormented with coming home to boob obessed mom! I am so excited I just can't contain myself. My husband told me I needed to relax and not stress about it. He clearly is the one that is insane. IF I didn't love him so much I might have clobbered him over the head..HUMPH tell me to relax. Does he not understand how long I have been waiting for this??? When I married him I was 110lbs, my waist was a size 23 1/2 and I had abs. He still thinks I look that way lol. Blinded by love. Good thing I love myself to not be that blinded lol. I tried out the rice sizers last night while my husband and boys went to the mall. I left the ones in that I am thinking about getting and my husband came home and was like "WOAH, I like that size." They were 550's. I haven't yet decided if I want saline or silicone. I like the real feeling of the silicone, but hate the thought of not knowing if it ruptures. I have gotten most of the stuff that I need. I will be sleeping in the recliner downstairs and my hubby said he will sleep down here with me. He is taking off from work, so I am so thankful for that. Did I mention he is fantastic? My preop is the 18th, and I will be glad to get in there and really nail down the exact specifics of the surgery. From having the BR done, I scar really well and didn't have any bruising from that. You can barely see my scars they are so thin and white. I am fairskinned so I am sure that plays a part. Thanks to this website I feel like I am totally prepared for what's to come, so thanks to all you ladies for letting me have a glimpse into your lives and recoveries!
Hey saw your post saying you were going 550!! My friends keep telling me I'm going too small. Did 550 look huge on you? I tried on 500 and thought I was going to topple over. lol
What I did was started at 600 and went down from there using the sizers. I got to the 550's and wore them around the house doing some chores to see how comfortable they were. They felt just right but I might go down, just depends on the advise I get tomorrow at my preop. I know I don't want less than 500. Maybe start with a size you know would be to big and downsize from there till you are comfortable.
I'm not sure how I'm going to get myself to chill over the next three weeks. I feel obsessed with real self and with every aspect of this surgery. I have to be driving everyone around me insane because I can somehow always figure out a way to relate any topic of conversation to my MM haha! I hope I calm down after surgery!
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Found my doc thru Realself.

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