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So, My mommy makeover is next Friday. I'm really...

So, My mommy makeover is next Friday. I'm really excited, but nervous! I'm afraid of what the pain level is going to be afterwards. My nerves are getting the best of me, as I find myself eating more excessively. Not to mention, I am going to start my menustral cycle! Will that be an issue. I'm hoping and praying for a safe and speedy recovery! It's finally time to gain my self esteem back & get my pre pregnancy body back! Any good advice to prepare me for and after surgery?!?!

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Today, I had my pre op appointment. Everything was...

Today, I had my pre op appointment. Everything was a bit overwhelming. But, I have all of the paper work to go through again. I can't believe that my surgery is 8 days away! It's so surreal. I am a bit concerned with all the medications that are prescribed. But, I know it's for my well-being and comfort. I was also surprised that they have me the arnica as well. I'm really hoping for a safe and successful recovery. My husband is on leave from the 14-26, so I'll have his help as well as my mother in law who is off from the 18-26. My husband will taking night shifts and my mother in law days shift with my 7 month old son. I'm getting silicon implants at 300cc and the tummy tuck with lipo in the flanks. Everything is starting to set in and I'm getting scared. I don't know if I mentioned this, but my husband is totally against the surgeries. I think that his lack of support doesn't help my situation. Alright ladies, I'll keep all of you updated and I'll post before pictures tomorrow!


It's so hard when the husband isn't supportive, though at least he's helping out after surgery. I hope he'll come around and realize you are doing this for YOU and that you deserve. Here's an interesting blog post on spouse's who don't want their wives getting surgery.

Please do keep us posted. And you might want to check out this list of supplies to get for your recovery.

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Ok, here goes my before pictures. It's relevant...

Ok, here goes my before pictures. It's relevant that I have tons of stretch marks, excessive fat and skin on my abdomen and I have completely lost all volume in my breast from breastfeeding. I am anxious to see how these procedures will change the overall look of my body! Here we go, almost a week left until the big day!


I think u are going to look amazing...keep us posted on your after pics...congrats...I can't wait until I get my MM
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Thank you November Rose! I am hoping that the results meet my expectations. I am extremely excited as not have to worry about my flab 24/7 and my Orangutang boobies. Lol. When are you scheduled?!?!
Good Luck :) Which Doctor in San Diego did you choose? You'll do great!
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Four more days until the big day! As excited as I...

Four more days until the big day! As excited as I am, I also very scared! I've been torturing myself watching the actual procedures of a TT! It's frightening, but it informs me about what will be happening on the big day! Aunt flow will be coming into to town, which explains the excessive eating and mood swings! Ugh. I went to pick up my prescriptions but my pharmacy didn't carry all of them, so I have to go to an outside provider. It seems as though I have so much to do with no time! Ahhhhh.


Ehux good luck the big day is almost here. Omg, so excited for you. Good luck.
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You must be do excited!!! Do u feel ready? I am so jealous of you and tat- I love San Diego!!! I went there this summer for the 1st time!!! 
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I am excited. But my nerves are kicking in and I am starting to feel scared. I never thought I'd ever do something to this extent. It's so surreal. But, I have to walk in with positive spirits! Right? Thank you, it suffered from the pregnancy. And it's going to be damaged from the TT, but we can't have everything. Lol. Yes, SD is a wonderful city! Great weather and there's so much to do! Even staycations are amazing here! I am trying to view your page and any pictures you may have, but I can't. Did you do your mm yet?

It's been three days post op and I am swollen like...

It's been three days post op and I am swollen like there's no tomorrow! It's actually been the worst days of my life. My husband has been fighting with me and calling me selfish, not helping me out at all and I cried so hard the first day! I literally thought I was going to die. To avoid any further arguments I cleaned the entire house on my own and it wasn't even 48 hours post op. It is day three and I have been doing everything on my own. I get up and out on my own. Use the restroom, make myself food, shower myself and don't ask him for any help at all. I'd rather strain myself than deal with the fighting and stress my husban has been putting on me! Ladies, appreciate your significan others if they're being a big help without any complaints! I sure wish I had that! I'm hoping to heal as much as possible by the 27th bc the asshole goes back to work! It's not like he helps anyways. His mom has been taking care of my 8 month old son! I question why I'm still married to him.


Wow...that's a lot to take in, be don't want to over do it and cause any harm to yourself. I wish you well.
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Wow, how rude! He can't even take care of his own son either. I hope you start feeling soon becuz the 1st 3 weeks are a little hard. Do what you have to do and don't feel bad, I was on my own my 2nd day post op since my husband had to go back to work.
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I'm at one week post op and I have to say that I...

I'm at one week post op and I have to say that I almost back to normal. I have been runnin errands, cooking, cleaning, taking care of my 7 month old son. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Selling is still visible and it will be for awhile. Also, I took my drain out yesterday. So, I'm drain free! Thank goodness. I'm excited to see what the final results will look like!

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I haven't written an update for awhile. I'm about...

I haven't written an update for awhile. I'm about 5 weeks post op and I am still swollen. I fear that I didn't have enough recovery time. I am being patient and can't wait until the final results. I started workout this Monday and I can definitely say I am out of shape! I can't wait to tone. I'm anxiously awaiting to see how everything will look afterwards. I have to say, I love my boobs! They look real. My PS did an amazing job. I have 300 ccs silicon implant!


You look great!!! Your breasts look SO perfectly natural, wonderful :)
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Thanks girl. I want all the swelling to surpass and lose an additional 10-15 pounds with toning.. I love my boobs! I am so happy they came out this way!!!! I need to check out your pics!
Looking good! Give it a few more months and you won't be as swollen. I'm almost 3 months and I'm still swollen and numb. I can't wait untill we hit 6 months when a lot of the swelling is down :)
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I started the gym and a healthier diet on Monday...

I started the gym and a healthier diet on Monday and I'm already seeing some results. I wear my garments all day and night. It helps my swelling. I'm still swollen on my upper abdominal area and below the incision. My belly button is starting to look somewhat normal. It makes me sad about my scar, but it's only been 5 weeks. I'm starting to gain my confidence back. Slowly, but surely. Patience is needed in cases such as mine. Haha. I can't get over how much I love my breasts. When I go out I do wear my spanks and I wear them during workouts. It helps provide some pressure. I swell after, but that's a given. I plan on starting some abdominal workouts today. Nervous, but was ok'd by my PS. I got 5 months until my vacation to Maui. So, I'm preparing!

4 Comments look amazing, I am so ready to do mind. Bu I am afraid, because like your husband mines does not support me at allll. He threaten to leave me if I got it done, well I am in a battle with myself and making this decision. I am so ready to move forward. ...I am not saying about it to him because we get in so nasty arguments....where the word selfish always is thrown at me. So I am just working on my finances and I have been to four consults already, not sure who I will do it with yet. But again congrats for on your amazing looks and your courage to go out on the limb without your husband support .
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Good morning November Rose, thank you for your compliment. I'm still swollen a bit and I have a ton to work on on other parts of my body. Anywho, as far as the husband predictiment, I was in your exact shoes. It is difficult to not have that love, support and reasoning from your husband. The endless fighting, comments of being selfish and threats of divorce takes a toll on you as person and you decionsion. I personally did what I wanted to do, regardless of his feelings towards the whole thing. I told myself, if my husband is willing to leave me after 10 years just from some simple surgery, then so be it. But, that's my stand point. I had to do what makes me happy with myself in order to be happy with him. The embarrassement and lack of confidence I possessed was ridiculous. So, I went forth with it and he is still here and I am slowly gaining my confidence back. Girl, do what you really want. He is your husband, not your father. He can't dictate your every move. Until this day, my husband makes comments, but it'll surpass. I wish you all the luck and hope you do what you truly want to do. You're a strong woman!
I will, girl. You look amazing! You are one hot MILF. I need to get on your level!!!

I'm at 6 weeks post op, and although there is...

I'm at 6 weeks post op, and although there is slight swelling, I have to say that I am very pleased with my results. The mix of the gym and a healthy diet is also helping me tone and lose the 10 pounds I'm motivated to shed. I'm gaining my confidence back and learning to love myself again.


Hey EhuxGirl..I just looked up Dr. Brown, I think I am going to go see him. I have a question for you..did you get two separate procedures or did you get his body after baby package?? What type of military discount did they do?
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Hi mizarmygirl, I PMd you, check your inbox :)
U look great and good for u :)
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Officially, I am at my 7 week mark! I still have...

Officially, I am at my 7 week mark! I still have minor swelling in the abdomen area and the numbness, but my PS said by 12 weeks that all should surpass. I've been doing great at the gym. Except I do feel a bit of tenderness in my abdominal area. So, I'm holding off on working that part out until next week, which would be my two month mark. My PS says to look at myself on the day I feel great and imaging 15% better. So, I'm excited! I may need a bit of revision on my sides to remove excess skin bc I did have a lot, but that could be done right in his office. So, that's about it!


You look great! How was the military discount? I want a tt sooo badly it hurts, I hate how I look. But, on an e4 salary it might not be plausible. Lol
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Hello USMC, I apologize for the late response. I've been occupied with my motherly duties and school. But, I received a 30% military discount. If you PM, I could tell you about the route I took! There's always a way.
Wow you look amazing! I'm hoping that I look the same. I've added before pictures by the way..pretty gross! Oh and I changed my screenname (it was mizarmygirl). Tomorrow is my consultation!
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Daniel J. Brown

I did a lot of research online and did many reviews. As soon as I met with him, he was very kind and put me at ease. He was honest about my choices and didn't think I should do the tummy tuck if I planned on more children, bc of my age. However, I am certain I am done and I've been wanting to do this for a long time. He has many good reviews and answered all my questions thoroughly as well as showing me all of his credentials. I am hoping I made the right choice!

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