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I have given birth 4 times, once as a gestational...

I have given birth 4 times, once as a gestational carrier. I had my first daughter at 16. I'm 5'1 and weighed about 110 which to me is within my ideal weight. Unfortunately a lack of education and support contributed my excessive weight gain of 60lbs! I was so stretched out that my stomach appears very wrinkly. I've lost weight and got down to 120 however I'm never happy and comfortable. No matter how hard I worked out my stomach remained my setback and problem area. I hate being naked in front of my husband. I hate going on vacations and seeing other women wearing bikinis but I'm in a one piece. I hate not being able to wear a crop top, I hate looking at my body in the mirror. After each pregnancy I gained more skin and stretch marks. I lost weight last year and gained it back because I get so fed up with trying and not seeing results. My last child I breastfed until 22 months. I just stopped a few weeks ago. I never considered BA until I was done nursing him. I did not nurse my other children and I can tell you I notice a huge difference! I'm deflated and more saggy! I've been waiting almost 14 years for this! I've made the decision. I'm working on my BS in public health and my last class ends on May 5th so I want to get it done right before memorial day but after my last class. Hopefully I will be well enough to walk for graduation about 3 weeks later. I will be getting a check in January for $4500, $1000 check in Feb, then taking out a loan from my 401k in April to pay it off. I don't want to finance. With my 401k I'm paying myself back, its taken from my pay check, and it is 4% interest. So right now I'm getting consultations. I have one on Monday 8/25 and another on 9/2. I'm excited, nervous, anxious and emotional. I will not have the money until January to schedule but having a few weeks to choose a doctor should be good.


So the one Dr I had a consult with (east lake cosmetic center) has just cancelled again for the second time! I had an appointment on Monday. They called on Friday because he would not be in. I rescheduled for tomorrow and I just checked my voicemail and again he cannot see me due to a surgery. I'm wondering is this normal? What if I'm his patient, will he cancel on me all the time like this? I don't think I'm even going to call him back. On the upside, I still have my appointment next Tuesday with Dr. Vincent Marin. He did my friends BA and they're amazing. They look so natural. I am highly impressed by his before and afters for TT too. I haven't met him and will get more consults but I have a good feeling about him.

First consultation!

I went to see Dr. Marin...I'm not sure what to compare it to but I was really hoping to get that feeling everyone describes, that "I knew he was the Dr when I met him"! I didn't get that at all. They were about 5 minutes late. The nurse was nice but I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with all the ladies coming in looking straight out of Shark Tale LOL. He did not spend much time with me...he did answer my questions. I was shocked on the quote of $18565 for TT, lipo on flanks, BA with lift (silicone). That is over my budget. I was going to put down 5600 and did not want to take out more than $10000 from my 401k. I'm hoping to find someone more affordable and personal. Tomorrow I go to another consult with Dr. Daniel J Brown.

husband problems!

Today was my second consult and I really think I found the one. His name is Dr. Daniel J Brown and it was like night and day. He was so personable and everyone on his staff was so friendly! Before talking numbers it just felt right. He quoted me $12000 for TT BA and lipo. If I want the lift (which he recommended) it is $15,000. I'm kind of debating whether or not to get the lift. For one, I don't like the scar, extra down time, and compared to others I've seen I don't think mine are that bad. I think it is more the loss of volume that caused the nipple to be as droopy as it is. When I was engorged after I stopped breastfeeding they weren't nearly as low. I think I want to get it without the lift and see if in another year I'm not happy then I will get the lift and according to the doctor that's how they were performed years ago; they were never done in one surgery. The only thing is if I pass on it now the price goes up from $3000 to $5500. It is a lot to think about. If you have an opinion on that, please comment! So anyway, I got home and I was so happy! I was thinking of just putting the deposit of $1,000 to secure my date but this is a big decision and I'm impulsive so I will continue with my next two consults. I was so excited to tell my husband hoping I'd get a better reaction than yesterday because after my disappointment and sticker shock of almost $19k quote he was upset that I'm getting BA. At first he said do whatever makes you happy but now he's changed his tune. Now he's saying I should only get TT but nothing else because in more or less words it is selfish and a waste of money. It feels horrible when you spouse doesn't fully support your decision. No one except maybe people here understand what it is like. I hate having sex because of my body... I don't like having sex fully naked because I don't want our bodies to touch. I don't want to be touched. I don't buy clothes I like because they're not flattering or my stomach might show. I wear grandma bathing suits. I hate it. I want to be ME again. Ugh is that so hard to understand.

Sorry for the vent. I'm still doing it without his support...it would just make it easier if he was happy.

Making my first payment!

Yesterday I had my third consult. When I started this journey I decided I would get four consultations (more if needed). The first one went horrible, the second was amazing, the third was even worse than the first! I went to see Dr. Robert Kearney. His only positive is that the consult was free and he explained more into detail on some things, however, to put it bluntly he was an ass! He first asked me who's watching all of your kids? I'm thinking that's none of your business. Things then got bizarre where he was telling me basically I'm too fat and need to lose weight and exercise otherwise he can't sew my muscles together. He delved duether into asking me how many calories I eat and that I should be eating only 1000! I felt like I was in a classroom and he kept mumbling over and after a few words kept saying, "do you get that"? In a very demeaning way. This man was weird and his pictures were nothing compared to the first consults...in fact they were down right awful! To add injury to insult he wanted close to what the first guy wanted , 18k! I have another consult on the 30th but i'm cancelling... I don't think I can handle another bad consultation! Also, I wrote a good review for Dr. Brown on yelp and they surprised me with a bouquet of flowers! My husband and I had just come home from Phoenix for the Chargers game, in which we lost so I was bummed and they totally cheered me up. I need to pay $1000 by 12/30 so today I am mailing my first payment.

Two weeks away!

So I am paid in ful, I've signed my life away and took those very very embarrassing photos. My surgery was moved from the 15th to the 19th. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and scared out of my mind! I think I'm just scared of the healing process... The pain and everything that comes along with it.
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