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I had ALL the LSL procedures because I'm 62 years...

I had ALL the LSL procedures because I'm 62 years young and figured I'd be disappointed IF I only had the LSL neck procedure and didn't try all of it, so I went for the full-deal on 10/8/08.  I had the LSL neck procedure, upper eyelids loose skin surgery, with neck/chin and lower eye bags liposuction.  I still have some pangs of pain from time to time all-over swelling, bruises under my eyes and severe scars on my eyelids to deal with.

I think I had the same surgeon as another San Diego reviewer in this review column because he was rough.  I would never choose this surgeon again because he has absolutely NO bedside manner whatsoever.  Due to this, I probably won't even go to my 1 mo. follow-up appt. unless I have problems for him to fix, like my eyelids...I cannot take much more of his condescending behavior and attitude...but all their docs appear to have that problem (I saw 2 different doctors during the after care there).  During the neck part of the surgery the doctor was a little rough, but I have faith that he is competent, did a good job and eventually everything will heal well and look good.  I am less happy with the incisions on my eyelids as they are unnecessarily rough, VERY visible and longer than I was told they would be, but like ALL of this surgery, I will not add negative comments about the results until I have completed the healing process and see the final results.  The doctor's medical assistant (a guy) was VERY kind, gentle and thorough, so that gave me some comfort during my appointments at the center.  The assistant was very patient and good to address any issues I brought up, which the doctors are NOT as good at.  As for the surgery procedure itself, it wasn't much worse than oral surgery...I've had dental implants with the same anesthetic and pain killers, and would relate this experience to that.

The main negatives I see at this point are: (1) they are not telling you up-front how painful the procedure is in fear of making you fearful; (2) they are not honest about the length of the recovery time (2-7 days PLEASE! More like 30+ days in all, at best) and I'm healthy, not a smoker or drinker, not a bleeder and I AM a quick healer, but still, the first week was rough!; (3) they obviously will operate on anyone (even the unhealthy) who will pay them;  (4) their corporate office (which everything LSL HAS to go through) is VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL (thank God I didn't need to have my surgery at the corporate that would have really SCARED me!) and this did not give me a good feeling of their competence from the beginning going into this important surgery.  Corporate is very slow in responding to EVERYTHING...they even mailed my confirmation for the consultation appointment 2 days AFTER the appointment had taken place and there were many more examples of corporate's dysfunction and slowness in everything they had a hand in!  I'm sure this company operates like this to control that they get their share of this lucrative pot, but this company would be much more functional IF they allowed each LSL center to handle ALL their own appointments, consultations, etc.  Overall, I only had a small time frame to allow for this procedure and the healing, so I didn't have a lot of time to shop for a better price, etc.;  (5)  LSL does NOT stand behind their work or live up to their "1 year guarentee"...when you have a problem (which MANY do) they just ignore you and won't return your calls (dirt bags!).

Good Morning Ladies,

I am seeing your posts regarding an "arrogant" doctor from Lifestyle Lift, and I see that even though you don't exactly remember whom the doctor was, you have recklessly selected me as that person. I am writing to tell you that I am generally NOT considered to be a rough or arrogant physician and I would like the opportunity for you to come visit me to verify whether I was your doctor or not. If not, I would appreciate it if you would remove my name and poor recommendation from your posts. Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you. PS: I no longer work at Lifestyle, I have been gone from that practice for almost 2 years.

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My aunt also had an arrogant, insulting doctor with absolutely NO bedside manner, not to mention that he incorrectly stitched her up and made her tongue numb and paralyzed. He now has to do another surgery to fix this (this will make #3...the 2nd one was to fix a botched first LSL). Lifestyle Lift needs to be put out of business. They are butchers who put inexperienced surgeons to work in their offices, use inadequate equipment, they lie about everything from the time it takes to heal to the pain involved to the actual result (which is NOT EVER as described in the office). This is a business first, at a very distant second is it a legitimate surgical facility. RUN AWAY!! Don't darken the door of any LSL "practice" unless you want to gamble with your face.
I have to really wonder. Everyone on this site has said that there is a long recovery time. I have (had) and appointment for Tues, Nov. for consultation. I told her we had a very important Holiday Cruise coming up in Dec. and she said that they could get me in, in plenty of time to have my face heal by then. So, after reading everything on this site, I would be having problems with my face, be healing for the next year and certainly be out the money for the cruise. I'm having a problem understanding how these people are still in business and haven't been sued. I also would love to know where all these Drs. have gotten their training since most are not American names.

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I am 3 months post and STILL have tightness, some numbness and itchy pangs. However, (due to necessity) I was out in public from the third day. Sort of "covered" I was, but no pain, and soon began getting told how good I look. It was certainly worth it and Dr. Rodriguez has excellent bedside manners. I did not have my upper eyes done at the time and am sort of getting cold feet about another downtime in my life. For the lift and laser I used the icing a lot and slept with lots of pillows propping me up in bed as we don't have a recliner. 5 stars to my Doctor!
You look beautiful!
i'm considering a LSL in the Irvine area. Does anyone have anything to share about doctors at the LSL center? Please email and let me know.
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I would NOT recommend the doctor I had because he was rough and not very caring...he left me with the impression that he doesn't like women. The San Diego LSL Center may be okay, but IF I was going to go through something like this again, I would investigate doctors more and choose a different doctor. I was told he was the BEST, most experienced and advanced doctor doing these procedures, but I now think that was an over-blown unnecessary sales tactic.

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