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I had my lipo done yesterday and I feel good....

I had my lipo done yesterday and I feel good. I'm sore and swollen but I can already see a major difference. I had my upper and lower abdomen done. Best decision I ever made. Rob Davis and his angels at Pacific Liposculpture were amazing. He's a perfectionist and I'm satisfied with my results thus far. I'm 28 and felt I deserved the body I once had lol. I highly recommend this facility and procedure.


So how are you doing now? Im thinking about seeing Ron Davis.
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Do you have any before and after pics? I am going in next month and would love to see your results.
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So how are your results thus far? How is the recovery process going? I'm going in tomorrow and Tuesday for some work, and I hope to be able to travel and go hiking over Memorial Day weekend. Is the pain/soreness very debilitating or is it something I can work through, kind of like how you feel the day after a really tough workout?
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Rob Davis, Director of Surgery

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