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Restored the proportions of my face... - San Diego, CA

I've been researching lip lifts for about a year....

I've been researching lip lifts for about a year. Age and a rhinoplasty had elongated the distance between my nose and mouth, which prior to surgery measured about 17mm. I was really impressed with Dr. HIlinski's before and after photos; some of his patients had narrow noses with lips that extend a bit beyond the nasal base (like mine) and he was able to give them a natural (but noticeable) result without hiking the center part of the lips up, rendering the sides too "slopey."

Dr. Hilinski measured my face and decided to excise 5mm in the center and 6 going out toward the sides, at the longest point, leaving me with a distance of about 12mm. He only cuts skin, not muscle, and I've had no problems with movement or function of my mouth. After one day of pain I was fine. No bruising at all. My stitches were neat and tidy and my scar (after an initial bit of redness) is healing nicely. I had to fly out for the surgery, and the doctor is always quick to respond to follow-up emails and address any concerns.

I was hoping to have a bit of tooth show when all was said and done; I do have more when I smile, but not when my mouth is relaxed. That's the fault of my jaw anatomy, though, and not the doctor's--if he had removed any more I think I would have looked unnatural and "hiked up." I'm especially pleased with the increased vermillion show; he was able to "roll it out" and give me back a cupid's bow.

Here's one before and after; I'll post more later.


Thanks, Sarah and MM! It's hard to put yourself out there like this, even on an anonymous site. I really appreciate it. Lady, I feel perfectly back to normal at this point; the only trouble I had was smiling very widely at first, but it's fine now. Just do your research and you'll be fine! Good luck.
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Wow you look beautiful. What a huge difference your liplift made. Very sexy shape and upturn to your lip without any distortion to your nose. Your columella is centered perfectly. You have the perfect sexy shape now. I agree with you about the hiked up slope; that is something that good surgeons try to avoid. Thrilled for you!!
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do you feel back to normal? can you move your lips normally? do you feel any numbness? i want to get a lip lift done but i am scared.
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Two more photos...

Shortened length and improved angle from the side.


I do hope you re-post the pics. You are among friends!
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I do not see any photographs with your posts. Were they removed? I, too, am interested in getting a lip lift and am currently researching the procedure and doctors who perform it. I would really like to see your results as it sounds like you are happy with your procedure and your surgeon.
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Hi Brigid, I did chicken out and remove them (although I might reconsider). In the meantime, feel free to PM me your email address and I'll send you some photos...

Reposting pictures...

Thanks for your support and encouragement, everyone--I'm reposting pictures. I'm about five weeks post-op now and am really pleased. The reduced distance is a HUGE improvement on my face, my upper lip is fuller from the vermillion "roll out," and my scar is fading nicely. But I am contemplating going back to have 2 more mm removed. I'm not sure this would finally result in tooth show, but I'm so close right now that it's possible. Dr. Hilinski has very kindly offered to excise more skin at no extra charge should I decide that's what I want. But he is concerned with maintaining a natural result (as I am) so I'm going to wait a few months and see how things settle. But I'd love any of your opinions...

I was also wondering if anyone out there had a strip of mucosal edge removed--one doctor on the Q&A section said that this procedure is sometimes necessary to achieve tooth show. If you don't already have an abnormally large lip, this seems a bit drastic to me, but I'd love to hear about any first-hand experiences.


How are you doing? Your lip lift is one of the nicest ones on this site. Your doctor gave you a very sexy look with looking like bugs bunny. Do you have any updates.
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Hi there, any chance you can post some updated photos? I'm considering your doctor and your result is one of my favourite! Thanks :)
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Yes I agree, beautiful lip lift.
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