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I had my lips done at the same time as a lower...

I had my lips done at the same time as a lower bleph. In office, local ana. I am only 5 days out from surgery but I LOVE my lips! They are still swollen and a bit bruised but they look amazing. They are very stiff but I'm sure that will resolve itself. I got the large 5mm's. The procedure was a piece of cake and took about 1 hour.

Just so you girls know there's guys out here who are turned off the moment a girl's lips look tampered with. To those who have them and like them....good for you...I don't want to make anyone feel bad. And to any women who are thinking of it, pleeeeze don't do it. ....if you really want boobs, I can deal with that, do it for yourself.....but if you think lips or botox or messing with your face in any way is gonna help you 'keep up'....don't do it, that shit is whack! (just look at the photos!!!) And if you've already done it, relax, love yourself anyway, let it wear off and put your time/money into your own happiness instead...THAT's what makes women hot.
I think it is our body ...our face...our choice!!!!Plus.....we dont like it when you men take Viagra...or get hair transplants!!!LOL Amanda
Amen Amanda. Typically, it seems like men think women have enhancements for them or their approval --- that is beyond wrong. We enhance for ourselves - to make ourselves feel better when we look in the mirror. Women that work only around women still wear makeup and just want to look nice, period. Another woman's opinion is more valuable to me than a man's opinion anyway. LOL.
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