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I have been reading reviews and did my research...

I have been reading reviews and did my research prior to my purchase and was very excited! I am glad to say that if you look around and call a few places, you will eventually find a great deal! I found a Med Spa place thru the Find a Doctor option on the Latisse website who was offering a free consultation and had a special. $80.00 per bottle, minimum three bottles. They also sold it for $99.00 per bottle. I did the three bottles for $80.00 knowing It would last me about 5 months, if I used it correctly, once at night (this website does not allow my to post any cost lower than $100.00, so that is why it says $100.00 in the box above)

I am very excited, got a great deal and have only been using it for 5 days and my bald spot on my right eye is growing tiny little hairs in only 5 days! I can only imagine the results in 16 weeks! I have had that bald spot for a few months and even went for a period where I stopped curling my lashes and did not use mascara so it could fill in, and nothing! I accepted this and just tried to fan out my lashed when I put my mascara so it would not look noticeable and it worked, but took up my time trying to fan out my lashes. If in only 5 days I can see tiny little hairs then I know this stuff is amazing! I am looking forward to the full results 16 weeks and will keep you posted!

I am also aware that most of the negative ratings are from people who expect it to work over night. It says full results in 16 weeks and to use it nightly. I had no expectations and was going to wait until the 16 weeks to post a true review, but when I noticed only after day 5 that my infamous bald spot is growing little tiny hairs I could not help myself and posted my excitement.

I hope that this motivates people to be patient because we are all different and this stuff works at different rates on different people. If I did not have a bald spot, then I would not notice anything right now, cause it’s only been day 5, so please don’t expect anything by day 5. I am sure I will notice better results in 2 more months and great results in 4 months, so I will keep you guys posted and remember patience!! :)


Yeah that ^. Very good advice. Thanks for sharing!
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Congratulations on solving your problem bald spot. What a relief huh? Also thanks for reminding us to be patient. Im the kind of person who would freak quickly. And what you said will be in the back of my head when I try this product. Take care, : )
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Free consultation, good specials on product!

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