Erbium Resurfacing Nightmare - San Diego, CA

I had Erbium Resurfacing on January 3, and it took...

I had Erbium Resurfacing on January 3, and it took a full 8 weeks for me to be able to leave the house with makeup. I have waffling on my forehead and what looks like stretch marks on my cheeks and hypopigmentation around my mouth. The dermatologist who performed the procedure told me he needed to do a more aggressive treatment on my forehead. He believes the waffling is the result of too light of an application and wants to do everything again. I was afraid to go back to him and depressed to have to hide out in the house again, so I did more research and found a world renowned laser specialist who happens to have an office nearby. He said he has never seen anything like this happen from Erbium... C02, yes, but not Erbium. And in direct opposition to the performing doctor, the specialist says that it is scarring due to over aggressiveness. I am beyond upset because I had very few wrinkles for my age and only hyperpigmentation from sun damage. The only reason I opted for Erbium was because this doctor advertised it in his office and told me it would smooth out the scar left from his MOHs surgery, and I was also hoping it would remove all my sun spots. Now I look like I fell into a waffle iron and have begun treatment with the laser specialist who says it will take 3-4 treatments with another type of laser plus chemotherapy-type med injections.
How awful
Yes, it is. I will find some photos of the rest of my face to post.

Recommended Treatments

Quote #1- The VBeam Laser will be used to treat the erythema. The Fraxel repair will be used to treat the scarring & textural changes. This laser will make tiny little columns in the skin which will allow the doctor to apply topical Retin-A and 5FU with the use of the Alma Impact to infuse these products deeper into the skin. His recommendation is for 3 treatments to be done this way. However, it is possible that it could take more. Typically, the treatments are done at 1 month intervals.

Quote #2- This would be the next step after completing the series of treatments recommended in quote #1. The Fraxel restore will also be used to treat the scarring & textural changes but is less aggressive than the Fraxel repair. The doctor will also apply topical Retin-A with the use of the Alma Impact during this treatment as well. His recommendation is for 4 treatments to be done this way. However, it is possible that it could take more. Typically, the treatments are done at 1 month intervals.

Quote #3- In conjunction with the above treatments, use of topical skin products at home also plays a big part in the results of your treatment. The doctor would want you to use TNS Essential Serum once in the morning & once at night, Vitamin C & E Complex once in the morning, and we will write you an RX for Retin-A to use once at night. These products will need to be used throughout the series of above recommended treatments. The pricing on the quote is per bottle. Because your treatment process will take several months, you will at some point need to purchase more product.

Cheek after Erbium Laser Resurfacing

My cheeks look like they are full of stretch marks!!
Ok people I'm back. Had the surgery on May 1st. I have to say the fat transfer helped and so did the lift. It made my dents look shallower and he filled in some of the scars and wrinkles with fat. He did a nice job. I still have scars that i have to deal with. So now i'm needling every month & it helps better than the fraxel. I go back again to see him on Oct 23rd. I should have done this years ago when the dents were costing me a fortune to fill and never looked good. I still need more fat for certain spots and i will show him when i go in. He's been a dream doll and when ever i had a problem he would tell me to come in that day or the soonest I can, not wait for his staff to put me on their schedule so that is so refreshing. If you live around the Philly area his name is Dr Brandow on Monument Ave, City LIne area. A very soft spoken man & I would recommend him to anyone. Tell him Sharon sent ya.
Welcome Back Sats!! Glad you are seeing some improvements. 
My heart goes out to you. How did the lift go? I'm hoping it improved the condition. Stay strong! Your post changed my mind about getting the CO2 laser. Thank you for that. I'm going to leave well enough alone. I'm from your area so can you please let me know who the PS was that did the work? It would be of help to others, I'm sure. Again, thanks and my best to you.
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