Invisalign Treatment for my Spaced Overbite - San Diego, CA

I just started recently on my treatment (11/18/13)...

I just started recently on my treatment (11/18/13) and so far so good. I see little changes in the spacing and I know it will take time to notice a bigger difference in appearance later on. My treatment was $3,390 which includes absolutely everything : consultation; x rays ; moldings, ect for 22 trays or 11 months. My teeth have a pretty big over bite, and a lot of spacing that needs to be corrected. I have always looked at the reviews on Invisalign and felt very positive about the plan and am happy that I took the chance to get them. I hope to have great results and will show them next year! Wish me luck!

First week of tray 4 of 22

I haven't noticed a big difference yet, but I know perfection doesn't come over night! Thanks for following!

Half way there! Tray 11 of 22

The pictures on top are the old pictures before starting and the bottom pictures are after taking off tray 11

Tray 19 of 22

I have seen huge difference In the treatment I notice on this tray it's much tighter than the others. Which means I'm very close to being done. Hope this encourages anyone to start your own treatment!!!!
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Dr. Javaheri is straight to the point about exactly what you need. Great Ortho!!

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Your results are amazing!
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Amazing!  I've seen so many gaps disappear here on RealSelf, but it's surprising and wonderful every time, LOL!  Like magic, except with discomfort and requiring a lot of patience and discipline ;).  Congratulations!
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Looks great already! Trays 11/12 were the major turning point for me when I would suddenly catch myself in the mirror and be like holy crap those are some nice lookin teeth ;-)
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Great progress already!
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I love the comparison pics.  They are really useful!  The change is so dramatic already, so congratulations!!!
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Hey! :)  How have things been going?  We haven't heard from you in a couple of months!  Are you around tray 8 now?
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It is, indeed, very early to see progress--but I think your gaps are just a hair smaller.  Of course, that can change in both directions as you go along, because I think they will likely try to shift your midline as well (I can't tell whether it's your upper jaw or lower that's shifted, or a little of both).  When I started my treatment, my midlines lined up, but after my first course of treatment, they no longer did.  I did a refinement that fixed that, though.  So since they can't shift all of your teeth over at once, it might end up opening spaces between other teeth as it shifts teeth in stages.

Thanks for updating!
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I'd love to read updates on your progress. Your teeth appear fairly straight to me, so I'm curious about the process you're going through to correct that bite. Has your ortho provided a ClinCheck video? Good luck!
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Wow, that is an extremely low price for a full course of Invisalign.  Is that after insurance or is that the full price?  I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

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Yes it is .... This the full price and what's even better is once my treatment is complete I will be getting teeth whitening for free! Thx I'll keep updating!
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Do you know what kind of retainers you'll be getting (wire versus the ones from Align Technologies) and whether they're included?  

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I just started March 10th the 24th I put on my second set of trays. Any problems with attachments or buttons? Also any cleaning tips. I've seen a lot of people using white vinegar, peroxide or denture cleaners.
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