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I had 4 treatments of Fraxel restore, and 2...

I had 4 treatments of Fraxel restore, and 2 IPL's were included in the price. I chose this Dr. because the price was good compared to others, close to my house, and I had had IPL with her before. She recommended I have thermage, which was cheaper, but after reading reviews here I was scared of that, and had seen more favorable worth it reviews for fraxel, so I chose Fraxel. She is a sweet Dr. and the help is nice.The office required me to come in an hour before and used a numbing cream. The Dr. performed the actual procedure. Once I was numb I was treated with the Fraxel. Pain was minimal, but it is not comfortable. I could compare it to heating pinpricks on your skin in small selected areas, and the Dr. went over and over some spots. Afterwards my face was super red which subsided by the next day.I also had swelling especially around eyes which was ok because it looked just a little temporarily plumped, and less wrinkled.

I looked like I had a sunburn for a few days. After 2-3 days the peeling starts. I had 7-10 days of peeling and mild scabbing after each treatment. I still went about my day and wore makeup, but I do not work so I may have felt differently going to a job. I didn't think it looked that bad, just super dry. My kids never said what happened to your face or anything, and normally they would! After the second treatment I got a blister on one side of my nose where my eyeglasses pad had rubbed. This same side still has a red scar, and also under eye area is crepey looking and has a small brown spot. I do not know if the settings were too high, if it was the Dr. or just my skin's reaction, or what? I It is not severely disfiguring or anything, but my goal of having smoother younger skin, and wearing less makeup is not going to happen. I actually have to wear a little more to cover areas. I also hoped that this would minimize my pores, but it definetly did not. One small area of faint acne scars seems better, but it is hardly worth the trade off of these other scar and brown spot. BTW I faithfully wore sunscreen and followed Dr. orders following procedures.

I am 51 years old.

I am 51 years old.
Dr. Mani Parvin

I would not recommend this procedure, but do not know if the Dr. was at fault for bad results, or it is my skin's reaction that gave me unwanted/unimpressive results. She has recommended I come in to view pictures, and get after results, but I can tell by looking in the mirror what is different, and what is not.

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Because of less restrictions and a seemingly more logical way of regulating devices in the United Kingdom, the British skin therapist has access to many more devices and technologies than their American counterparts. As a result, the foci and trends of each country, although similar, definitely have their own twist. Hands down, European skin therapists use much more aggressive devices than American skin therapists.

One good example is laser. While many skin therapists in the United Kingdom offer laser hair removal and facial rejuvenation, LED and like-kind technologies seem to be almost nonexistent. This is partly because they have very little restrictions on the use of laser devices as skin therapists, and as such, have had no reason to consider lower-powered alternatives. Additionally, because they do not have the U.S. FDA to contend with, the availability of laser devices in the United Kingdom are seemingly endless, and the prices are about half of what you would pay in the United States.
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Now you know why doctors have a beef against Estheticians. It's all about $$$$$
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Do you know the difference in training regulations in the UK vs US? I'm sure there are some money grubbing doctors out there, but it seems the vast majority really care about their patients, and people in general. I think the real concern for them is the devastating amount of damage that can be done by a laser in under-trained hands. Read some of the other "Not Worth It" laser reviews and you are bound to run across some of these very sad stories.

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Thank you so much for posting pictures even though you don't feel there was much change. It is still really helpful to see pictures so people can have some sort of idea of what things actually looked like, so I really appreciate you doing that!

Fingers crossed that you see improvement as more time goes by - please keep us posted on what you see.

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I had my last treatment 3 weeks ago. I hope it is going to improve.
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Yes.  You are still healing. Please update your progress.  I know you are using sunblock but use more and reapply often. 
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How long ago did you have your last treatment?   Hopefully you are still healing.  
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