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Reduce wrinkles, reduce acne scarring

Reduce wrinkles, reduce acne scarring

I had this procedure done to reduce wrinkles and...

I had this procedure done to reduce wrinkles and old acne scars. Improve skin tone and texture. There was an anaesthelogist and I had IV sedation. When the procedure was completed I had minimal redness and swelling. There was some slight burning following the procedure, but that faded in about an hour. I didn't need any of the pain medication prescribed. I hardly had any peeling at all. It was similar to getting a sunburn. Some skin turned very light brown and sluffed off. My face was completely healed at Day 3 following the procedure. I looked the same as pre-op and could go out in public. I had no results.

According to the medical record, 1 pass was done at 30 watts. I have done multiple chemical peels at home over the years and have had more peeling and downtime than this procedure.

The Dr. used a rental machine and he stated this was an industry standard. However, I randomly called 10 doctors from San Diego to Cardiff, and 9 out of 10 owned 1 or more laser machines. Before getting this procedure, recommend you highly research the Dr. to make sure he has a good track record.

That is REALLY a lot of money! Sorry you didn't do more research. This is, unfortunately, a "let the buyer beware" business...

Sorry to hear you were not pleased.


I chose Dr. Hilinski because I he had administered...

I chose Dr. Hilinski because I he had administered some injectables and those worked out well.

On the day of surgery, his staff called me excessively to come in 3 hours early, because he had finished his earlier surgeries and the rental machine was there. (Rental machine?) The surgery took 30 minutes and I was rushed in and out. I healed in 3 1/2 days. It was no worse than a bad sunburn. Looked EXACTLY the same. (I have had more success with at home glycolic peels!)

This was suspect because CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing should take more time, and healing should be much longer. He had advised me to take at least one week from work.

When I returned for follow up, he stated that results would come in 2 months. He wrote in the medical record "Pt being quite unrealistic in expecting to be completely healed by now...." I WAS completely and totally healed. That was the problem!

At the 2 month follow up visit, I asked him for a partial refund or some juvederm injectables. He said he would think about it. Two days later I received a letter discharging me from his office.

So, I took him to Small Claims Court. Having never been to court, I was completely surprised that he actually showed was a 4 hour ordeal. I lost. Judge ruled that it was a medical malpractice case and I needed an expert witness.

I asked Dr. Hilinski why he rented a laser machine, and he claimed it was an "industry standard." "The machines are always newer and better so it is best to rent and keep current." With that, I called 10 random plastic surgeons from San Diego to Cardiff,and 9 out of 10 owned at least one machine or several.

I posted on Yelp, March 2012. I received a PM from a woman that had consulted with him a couple months prior, and he told her that he had not done Laser Skin Resurfacing in 2 years. Mine was "done" in November 2011.

I had a very superficial treatment with a VERY high price. Simply, if he had refunded a partial refund or some juvederm injectables, and stood by his work, it would have been fine.
Ricechex I am sorry for what you went thru. I had a terrible experience with him. At the time my face turned orange and he said it only happens to 1% of the patient. Yeah...right. I am not surprised you lost in small claims court and who has the money for a malpractice law suit. I spent money in attorneys in a case that I had against Dr Hilinski, but I didn't have money to persue. What really scared plastic surgeons are reviews in the internet and a complain to the Medial board. They take the complains seriously. And the complain alone hurts the dr's reputation.
Kathi- yes research is important, but it does not guarantee a good outcome. I did LOTS of research and picked a doctor that was board certified and had lots of experience. Not only did I experience no improvement, but he created new scars.
That is exactly what scares me. There is so much advice telling us to seek out the best of the best, and even when you do just that, there is still the possibility that your own physiology is such that you will not heal as expected. The "downside" of any procedure is touched on only as a vague possibility, but the reality is that we should be totally versed on worst case complications so that we can weigh the possibilities versus probabilities for ourselves. Many years ago, when I was only in my early thirties, a dermatologist wanted to do dermabrasion on me. Now, this was well before these little "micro" dermabrasions that they do now so routinely. This was when they turned you into an oozing, bloody pulp!! I know, as I waited while a friend had it done and took her home, her head was wrapped as if she had brain surgery. What I did at that time was ask the doctor to do a very small test next to my hairline, adjacent to my eye. I wanted to see how it healed, and how it looked after healing. What it left me with was a smaller than dime sized shiny, pink mark. This lasted, as I remember it about five years! It became faint over time, certainly not noticeable to most, but it was certainly an eye opener to me. I knew that I would not have wanted to cover my slightly pink complexion with makeup every single day. And, I am partial to my face being the same color as my neck!! The point is, a cosmetic minded doctor see's an unlined face as his optimum objective, where you or I may have other priorities regarding that face we look at in the mirror everyday. All of those issues should be discussed so the doctor can say "maybe this isn't the procedure for you...". I think we should have all the facts, and then have the last word. Anything wrong with that concept?
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I paid $3100 for a full face laser skin resurfacing and took a week off work. On the day of surgery, I was called excessively by his staff to come in 3 hours early because he finished his earlier surgeries and the rental machine was there. He did the surgery in 30 minutes and I was wheeled out the door still sedated from the anaesthesia. I healed in 3 1/2 days and looked exactly the same. He said I would have results in 2 months. I didn't. I offered that he provide partial refund or even some juvederm injections since I had no results. He sent me a letter discharging me from his office. I took him to Small Claims court. I lost. Judge ruled that it was medical malpractice case and I did not have an expert witness as burden of proof.

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