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34 yrs old, been large breasted since I was in jr...

34 yrs old, been large breasted since I was in jr high. Now a DDD & 5'6 160 lbs. I have had back pain, under breast rashes, shoulder dents. I have been approved by insurance and I have pre op tomorrow. I'm scheduled for surgery Thursday the 8th. "Just around the corner"! I've known for a couple months & discovered this site. I'm super nervous & I am amazed at the support from this site.

Lol, I posted that story & it didn't show up until i posted it again, now you get the story twice.... Oops! : )
I lived in Livermore back in 2001 right after getting married, then moved to Dublin, eventually moving down to So Cal in 03'. I miss the bay area, it's so much prettier up there. How are you doing? I had post op yesterday & I get to shower tonight. : ). I'm nervous because the surgical tape is starting to come off & I don't want it to.
I lived in Livermore back in 2001. My hubby and I rented there when we first got married, then moved to Dublin. Now we are in no SD county and have lived here for 9 yrs. so how are things going? I am 4 days post op, and I feel no pain. I'm going in for a check up this morning. But I feel great, other than a bit of swelling, no bleeding, no pain, no bruising that I can see "I peaked a bit". Just some weird zings and throbbing pressure, but no pain.
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