Breast Reduction & Breast Lift Review - San Diego CA

Surgery: Breast Reduction & Breast Lift Date of...

Surgery: Breast Reduction & Breast Lift
Date of Surgery: December 6, 2013
Insurance covered Reduction, I paid breast lift portion Cost $2,200.00
Age: 40 Height: 5' 2" Weight: 152 Bra Size: 38 H
Location: San Diego, California

I have had approval for a Reduction from 2 separate Insurance Companies twice now. Once at age 36 & again at age 40. I did not find it difficult to obtain approval. However, I put quite a bit of effort into it.

Day 1 Friday - Surgery Day: Check in Time was 7:30am, Surgery scheduled for 8:30am. BY 8:30 I still had not seen my surgeon. I was the first surgery of the day. Possibly he was sending quality time with his family :) Had to tell dear husband to keep his mouth shut about the wait. I had waited for years to have this done.. a few minutes longer was not a big deal.
PS Picasso arrived to mark his canvas :) It was quite a lot of markings. I wish now I had had my husband snap a shot of it on his phone.
The last thing I remember is telling the OR staff I was submitting my paperwork that afternoon to the IBTC. They looked at me quizzically & I responded well the Itty Bitty Titty Committee of course! :)
When I woke from the surgery I thought they had not begun, but soon realized I was not in the same room. I was not nauseas. My Anasteasiologist (sp) gave me something just before he brought me back. He said it was new, a pain reliever that contained Tylenol. What ever it was it worked.. I was awake quickly.. asked for something to drink & to pee. Within minutes they called my husband to let him know I was in recovery & ready to go home. They dressed me & when he got there.. they wheeled me out. Honestly I felt like it was too fast for a release after surgery; maybe I had been in recovery for a while & didn't realize it.. but hey what do I know.
I was not in much pain, just uncomfortable. They advised me to use ice for the first 24 hrs straight. When I arrived home changed into jammies got in bed with my bags of frozen peas & had me a little nap. Throat was sore from the breathing tube & I was super thirsty all day. Honesty Day 1 was great. I took only half of my recommended dose of pain meds Oxycodone with Tylenol I took a full dose that night to help sleep. Day 1 was uneventful & overall really good. Instructions were to stay wrapped until my post op appt on wed the following week. I was wrapped in gauze & a very tight surgical bra. I was allowed to add gauze as needed for any oozing, but not to unwrap.

Day 2 - Saturday.. I woke in the middle of the night around 3 am with leg & feet cramps & a stomach ache. In the morning I had a slight headache. The pain was manageable so I stuck with Tylenol in the am however my headache progressed to a full blown migraine by early afternoon. Mid afternoon I took a full dose of pain med mainly to combat the migraine. The rest of the day was good.. no pain with exception to headache.

Day 3 - Sunday woke again with headache. Husband realized it may be due to the fact I had not had any coffee for 2 days.. So I had my coffee that morning & wouldn't you know my headache disappeared. :) Pain was really unsubstantial. I took only Tylenol on day 3 moved from the bed to the couch; just to sit up & went for a slow walk around the block with my husband in the late afternoon.

Day 4 Monday.. I woke feeling really good. Decided a little work at the office might be good for me. I woke had my coffee iced the girls, got dressed put on a hat took my Tylenol & drove to the office. When I arrived I was pretty spent. Thankfully I have an office job so l lay on my couch for a bit & did a little work.. only stayed 2 hrs. as my PS called & wanted to see me that day. I went home at noon & took a nap & drove to his office later that afternoon for the unveiling. Which I almost passed out when they unwrapped me. Honestly I have seen the photos I knew what to expect.. I did a brief glance, but other than that I really didn't look too closely.. I still had to drive home!

Day 5 - Tuesday.. felt awesome. Put in a full 8 hrs at the office & on my way home stopped to do a little sweater shopping :) shhh oh & had my first shower. I almost passed out in the shower boobs felt so "weird" and looking at them has lead me to believe that my PS must have had some type of class with Dr Frankenstein.. at least a sewing class.. holy Jesus.. my boobs are a puke fest.. I will NOT be looking anymore!
Congrats on ur surgery. Am confused tho- I thought breast reduction autmatically included a lift?
apparenty not all PS include them & insurance won't cover a lift because it is considered cosmetic, not a medical necissity

Day 6 & Day 7 updates

Day 6 - Wednesday .. didn't feel as great today. However, not terrible either. Decided on a short day at the office & home to rest. Actually shaved my legs in the bath.. that felt crazy good. I did not want to unwrap as my husband was working & only kids were home. Afraid I might get faint again.. Teenage boys to come help naked mom in tub not the best idea.. so took a bath with my surgical bra on.. very fashion forward ;)

Day 7 Thursday..
Feel good.. However my comfort level has severly decresed. Today I can definately "feel" that I have had my breasts sutured to my breast wall. The pull is enoungh to go from minor discomfort to ok.. I am definately not comfortable anymore. Still only on Tylenol.. iced a good portion of the day.. I did put in a full day at the office today & made it in early :) so that was a plus... My mom is headed to town to help out around the house & likely decorate the tree.. under my "supervsion" of course. Not as tired today.. just less comfortable.. Shower tonight since Mom & husband will be home.. I bet they fight over who gets to come help or dosen't have to come help is more like it :)
congratulations on a successful surgery. I venture to guess you've not been taking it easy enough and while you've felt good, your body has gone thru quite a bit of trauma. Rest, rest, rest and hopefully you'll start feeling better on a more consistent basis.
wish I could.. have a job I have to keep.. but thanks! :)

Before Photos

These were the photos sent to insurance with my letter of appeal

Before Pics

Day 8 - 11 Update

Day 8 - Friday:

Friday was a great morning. Woke feeling really good. My shower last night as short lived, don't like the girls being braless. Im quick, I don't look! Energy level was great until about noon.. my staff said I suddenly looked like I was extremely tired.. so I wrapped up for the day & went home & took a nap. My son's football team had made the state championship playoffs so we had a home football game friday evening to attend. Quite chilly out, felt nice on the girls.. but was ready for the night to be over.. they lost so the season has ended.. kinda glad.. it was a long football season! :) can't imiagine fitting in another game before Christmas!

Day 9 - Saturday:

Satuday slept in, had a morning hair appt at the beauty salon. Apparently I had not been getting out all the shampoo & conditioner. Was nice to have my hair professionally washed & styled. If you have the mney I highly recomend doing this. I saved my normal cut & color for this appointment specifically. We also had a Christmas party to attend later that evening so I made sure to fit in a nap.. First time really out for anyone to "see" . The Christmas party was fabulous I felt really good. Had some champagne not to much & was home & in bed by 11:30pm but my friends all thought my boobes were great.. even though I am pulled tight & bra stuffed with gauze. I took nothing for pain.. as I was pain free.. :)

Day 10 - Sunday
Slept in again :) and deicded to do some light christmas shopping with my mom while she was in town. After an hour of walking around I told her we had to go have a nice long lunch I really needed to sit down & rest. After lunch I felt rejuvinated & we hit a couple more stores & both had pedicures. I cannot tell you how fabulous Ithe massage chair was or having my feet rubbed.. AMAZiNG!!! I think I need to remove my polish & go again ;)

Day 11 - Monday
Feeling more tire today. I am at the office all day today. Just taking it easy... need a shower tonight.. so hoping I can snap sme photos.. & maybe really get a good look after :) I feel like the girls are "boxy" super high.. its so bizzare to look down & see my feet.. on the down side I have noticed a belly.. something i had not really noticed before.. will have to work on that whne I can start working out again in 6 weeks.. I am over my stitches .. that is the most uncomfortable part. Still have to wait another week before they are removed.. maybe the shape will get better after that. Going to have me a nap at the office in a few & do some more light work & then head home.. over all I feel good.. although I have much less energy.. maybe over did it this weekened a bit.

Day 11 post Op Photo

still hard for me to look at.. without getting queezy.
Thank you for that detailed review. How much did you ps take out? And what size do you think you are now?
we are awaiting the final grams. will know that on appt on 23rd... and size.. but they showed me photos of what they removed.. to solo cups full (they were clear cups.. but the song red solo cup will never be the same for me) the nurse thought it was about 1400 grams maybe more.. the surgical bra they put ime in is a 38 C

After Photo

Day 12 - Tuesday

Day 12 was better. Much more energy today.. so ready to sleep on my back & have my stitches removed. Dec 23rd can not get here fast enough! Took an actual photo today. Super "boxy" looking and still oozing a good bit & bruising.. I have not taken anything for pain since saturday. Not even Tylenol. No pain just slight discomfort with occasional stabbing/sharp pains.. which go away very quickly. I still try to not look to long.. my surgeon said I won't even begin to see shape until my stitches are removed.. so praying to god he is right.. but they sure are smaller.. and I no longer suffer from neck & shoulder pain from carrying those beasts around.. right now my back pain is from not only being able to sleep in one position :) so relief I feel is on the horizion...
All steps in the right direction, good that you are not in pain. Hope all goes well on 23rd

update post op Days 12-18

uneventfull.. itchy.. tight & bruised. No pain just not comfortable.. still.. I am so over sleeping on my back..I have pondererd if I could possibly manage to sleep standing up.. I am begining to think the lack of energy & tiredness is from lack of sleep :)
A few new photos.. I was cleaning my bedroom & found my bag that I was sent home from the surgery center with. they actually gave me photos of my cups of bob.. gross... but interesting!
I get my stitches out this afternoon.. I cannot wait!! I had a dream last night the Dr decded I should keep them in for awhile longer... hello.. NIGHTMARE!! I just hope I don't pass out when they take them out.. I am squimish.. and I have only barely peeked at my photos.. let alone my boobies! :)
Wishing happy new boobies on the other side for those of us on the December check ins!!!
cups of boob! ? Just when you think you've seen it all!!!!
The measuring cups of breast tissue were fascinating and a tiny bit gory, but that is to be expected. You look fantastic!! I love your results

Confirmed Grams removed 2300!!

Left Breast 1170g Right Breast 1130g .. well that fully explains the weight loss of 5lbs!! :) Unfortunately I was so excieted to get the stitches out.. mine are disolvable so he snipped the knots at all of the ends & said we are done.. I was super disapointed.. I was hoping to suddenly find myself comfortable again... oh well. 4 weeks post op I have my energy back.. my boobs are hard, PS is havng me massage them. Still no scar treatment just neosporin. They kind of burn & have sharp pains from time to time.. nothing unbearable, just annying.. oh & I AM READY TO NOT SLEEP ON MY BACK!!! There I feel better! :) I'' try to take some photos tonight.. I still think I am a little boxy & still have bruising.
You are a tricky stage of recovery - I remember the annoying burning and itching. It will pass within a few weeks and you forget it ever happened - also that weird tightness under your breasts that you think will never be flexible again - it all gets better. ;-)
Congrats!!! Your new boobies are so small!!! The shirt looks great! I can't wait to try on all my old shirts and dresses that I haven't worn in years!!!!! Yay for you!!!!!
Did he use lollipop method? But what u have is an anchor scar

week 4 post op photo

week #4 post op..
Hey girl, you certainly got a great lift there!
Thanks Peediewife :)

breast lift name..

the lift procedure I had is called the Suspension Mastopexy Prodecure.
Looking great! I am amazed at how active you were so soon after surgery and back to work. I am & days post op and am dreading having to go back in a week. You are doing great!!!
Thanks Coloradolady! So far recovery has been pretty easy for me. Keep in mind I lift nothing heavier than a coffee cup. My office has been really great at making sure I don't over do anything! :)
You look great! :) it's totally understandable that you are still uncomfortable, given the amount of tissue you had removed! That is unbelievable! Good for you! I bet your quality of life will increase a ton from here on out :))

anyone experiencing this?

I am having issues with my left nipple & a rippling effect (maybe "puckerng" that everyone talks about) in my right breast at incision site/seam. I am massaging this area pretty good duuring the day & very well at shower time, but noticing no change t the ripple or pucker area. I will upload photos & appreciate any response. Trying to deciede if I should call PS office or just wait until my next appt on Feb 5th.
The puckering is normal and smooths itself out over time. I would call the surgeon about the little hole. You don't want it to get infected.
I'm pretty sure the puckering is normal but I would call and have the spot checked out just to be sure. Feb is still a ways off. I know my PS says always to call if there are any problems in between appointments.
Your "puckering" looks pretty good to me. Did you mention it to your PS at your last visit? I would mention that black spot to your PS though. Not sure what they can do if it is stitch trying to come through, but you don't want it to get worse.

5 weeks post op

I am feeling really good. I really have no more shooting pains & I am able now to sleep on my side for about 30 minutes at a time.. honestly I am just ready to sleep on my stomach. Hugs are getting easier, but I still find I tend to recoil from them. I have added a few photos.. so maybe I can "see some progress" looking in the mirror everyday I just feel like I look the same... I have been walking regularly now since this is really the only form of exercise I can do.. I am up to about an hour per day on my lunch hour :) and yesterday I did some serious hills! Got to make that butt smaller now that I am smaller on the top. I will tell you this.. even if my boobies stay exactly as they are now.. I WOULD NOT WANT MY OLD HEAVY BOOBS BACK.. I find I can actually breath easier without all that weight that was on my chest before. My neck & shoulder pains are completely gone.. just have some lower back pain now, that I swear is from only sleeping on my back. Moving around helps.. I am not really all that tender anymore.. massaging is easier.. :)
Glad you are feeling positive, your before pictures are quite like mine.

6 weeks post op

I am really feeling pretty good now. I have very little pain if any at all. The shooting stabing pains have pretty much gone.. I am so ready to workout & run & see how that feels. Sleeping on my side longer than 30 minutes now.. but I do put a pillow under my breast. Added a few photos this week jus to heck progress... likely will not check in again until 8 weeks post op. Which at that time I am hoping to be with no limitations.
You're healing and looking amazing :)!! I'm 5 weeks and I also recoil everytime my husband hugs me. Think it's the body's defense mode to protect them. Thank you for sharing your story :)
Thank you so much for the continued progress reports! It's great to see what to expect in the next few weeks! :)) you're looking good!!!
Nice!! So happy to see your results are coming along great :)

8 weeks post op

Today I am officially 8 weeks post op. I am pretty much back to normal. I am still using some gauze in my bras to assist with the nipple sensitivity I still have while wearing my bras, althought I have not had any leaking of any kind since week 4. I am still wearing my 2 surgial bras.. and I also have 2 Jog Bras (those are super soft, so I don't use any guaze for lining when I wear those. I massage daily & apply neosporin 2 times per day after massage. I see my PS next week on Feb 5th. I am hoping to be released. However I am definately interested in what his opinion will be on my progression in the area of my left nipple as well as the puckering in the right breast at the incision. I will update how that goes next week. :)
Otherwise, life for me has pretty much returned to "normal" I am still not lifting anything or doing housework. My husband and my teenagers have been doing an ok job there.. I may do some dusting this weekend, because there dusting skills leave very little to be desired! :)But I truly feel like I could pretty much do anything and be fine.. but I am a "good girl" and will wait until I get the full relase from my PS. I am so ready to do an actual workout.. push ups, jumping jacks for RUNNING! I just think it will be so easy now! :)
I have included some photos to show progression.. I like to be able to compare & see that I am really "healing"
Looking great!! Your so lucky to be in the healing process. Thank you for the update and look forward to hear what Dr Batra has to say :D
Looking good! Hoping you are feeling good too!
They are looking really good - just shows you need to have patience - the body sorts itself out. best wishes

8 1/2 week post op PS Visit

Saw my PS for a check up yesterday afternoon. He seemed overall pleased with my progress and my restrictions have been lifted! Yay to exercise. I am planning on a jog at lunch time today. I cannot wat to see what that feels like! :)

I am scheduled to go back in 2 mos. He did not like the puckering (thank god) in my right breast. So I am going to continue with massage in hopes that it contiunes to release itself. And we will check it in 2 months and make a decision on whether or not to procede with scar revision. Which he says he thinks he can do in his office in an afteroon with a local. At the same time if the left nipple has not healed itself he wil take some of my fat and plump up the small indentation in the nipple where the scab was! :)
As for the white-ish stuff that was under my skin int eh left nipple.. its fat that came to the surface & was sitting just under my skin.. he gave it a small squeeze some came out. He said when I got home I could continue with the same.. I got it all out. Came out like a pimple (GROSS).. all gone this morning though.. . ..
Im feeling pretty darn good.. I suppose at some point I should go bra shopping.. it was something I always hated doing. Honestly I am still not looking forward to that.

well 2 hrs til run time.. literally.. I am just hoping our rain holds off till after my run. I've always hated running.. I wonder if that feeling will be the same ;) but minus Bouncing Betties I am hopeful I might actually enjoy it.
I loved reading your updates, you have certainly come far! And your shape looks wonderful. I'm glad your PS said he will fix the indentation if it does not resolve itself. That's really good.
Good news and glad your appointment went well :) how was your run? You know I get so out of breath just jogging and I wonder if it's cause I'm top heavy. Thanks for the update :D
my run was so awesome.. instead of my normal 30 minutes i went for a full hour! I have never ever before done that because of the chaffing from the bra & xrazy out of breath! I smiled the ENTIRE run.. I was able to breath.. IT WAS AWESOME! I just may do it AGAIN!!!


a cuple new things I have noticed. I am no longer needing to wear my guaze in my bra.. for sensitvity reasons I hadstill been wearng them.. no more zingers.. all though every now and then I get the feelng of tiny bugs running around under my skin.. (sorry no other way to describe it) and LAST NIGHT I WAS ABLE TO SLEEP ON MY STOMACH! :) yay.. and running is my new favorite past time. I attached a photo of my running bussy who is super exceited that he too can now loose the weight he gained when I was not able to walk or run him.. his name is Henry and he weighs over 100 lbs.. he sure was happy!

spell check

I would love to recomend edit function.. or at least spell check please :) be added to this site
Sorry but you look terrible You had such nice looking breasts
You look lovely, and I'm very happy for you! I like your dog too. Lab? I have 2 labs. One yellow (fox red) and a black. Wonderful running buddies :) Yeah for sleeping on the side, I think that was one of the hardest adjustments. And yes, I would like spell check too! Happy healing and good luck with the scar.
Aww thanks! Yes he is a chocolate lab.. My husbands BFF & my little buddy (in the correct pecking order of course I rate lower) I cod tell he had really missed our walks or jogs as well as gained weight during my "recovery" we are both on a diet! ;)

12 1/2 weeks update

I am behind on my updates. Must mean since I am forgetting about the boobies & things are pretty much back to normal.. Yes! :)
I have decided thatwhile running is MUCH easier.. while the breast no longer almost knock me out.. it feels really good.. I am not really a fan of running! Oh well.. I had to purchase a much sturdier bra for my P90X & Insanity workouts. It was quite pricey $70 but it works really well. The jumping jacks at first were quite uncomfrtable.. but I changed into a better support sport bra & everything was fine.
I am beginning t get sensation back in my right nipple. I would not describe the sensation as a god one, its quite uncomfortable actually. It comes and goes so at least it is not constant. It bothers me the most in the shower if somehow I get one spray perfectly in that area.. I try to avoid that.. and I still shy from my husband hugs. Just a bit sensitive.
Added some photos that I took from home this morning before I left for work. I do have to say the puckering in my right breast seems to be settling down, looks better But now that I started working out my scar in the left breast has started to sread. So will have my PS look at both of thse on April 2 for possible scar revision & see what he says. Other than that all is well..
You are looking great. My scars seem to be getting wider too. I guess it is normal for them to look worse before they look better. Saw PS yesterday and he said I look like I am healing wonderfully and it can take up to a year before scars fade.
Looking wonderful
Hi!! Your looking great :) looks like maybe it's the rubbing of the bra. Glad to hear your doing well. I rescheduled my surgery to April 8th I wasn't thinking of school lol. I do have a question for you.. Did you get any other options for being put under for surgery. I have read some do twilight or IV sedation. Just wondering what options are out there.

Product Reviews

I have been meaning to put this on for a couple weeks, but have been busy or keep forgetting. Hopefully some of you who have not yet gone through this process yet may one day find this information helpful. At least that is my hope.. :)

Product Reviews:

Marena B2 Surgical Bra
This bra was given to me by the Surgery Center not my PS. This I know because when I went to my 1st follow up appointment the Nurse said to me, wow what a fancy contraption you have there my dear. I looked quizzically at him and said, um I’m pretty sure you guys put me in this; It’s been on me since I woke from Surgery. His response, well you must have had surgery at a surgery center.. That said.. this bra has it’s ups and downs.. but I’m going to rate it as an A+. It fit extremely secure and is vest-like. This was perfect for right after surgery. You want zero movement and everything held super secure this did the job perfectly well. A couple of downsides are.. you may want another bra to alternate in and out of a rotation. The seams laying in the same place all of the time after the 1st week started to drive me insane. I wore it constantly the 1st week post op and then later for security while sleeping at night for the 1st month. After you are no longer oozing the bra material is scratchy up against the scars.

Annette Surgical Bra
I purchased this on my own on and am very glad I dic. The material is a soft cotton like feel. Feels less “vest like” has a racer back style instead of the “vest” feel. Easy Close front. I bought the 36D before surgery because honestly I thought I was going to end up bigger than I came out. I really had to beg my PS to get them as small as possible. It was pretty big at first… but when putting in my ABD as.. fit good. Liked stuffing my bra for once! I am still wearing this bra I find it extremely comfortable and now that my breasts are “dropping” into a more natural shape the D kinda fits.

ABD Pads
My PS gave me some of these at my 1st office visit and when I asked where I could get more, they said I probably would not be able to find them and gave me a small stock pile to take with me. I personally like a challenge and it wasn’t to hard to find on I got a box of 25 for just under $7.00 with my prime membership. I also purchased a case of Neosporin at the same time with 3 boxes. I did not ooze to much, I still have a box left over. I did use these even afterwards when my scars were bothering me. They are very soft .. contain no latex and I found the oozing didn’t stick to them like glue either, which trust me is helpful.
Sport Bra – Moving Comfort Rebound Racer
This I purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods for around $52.00. I was out the door for about $60. It has no underwire but the most amazing support and racer back that will with stand workouts like Insanity, P90X, Jillian Michael Body Revolution and T25. It was the best investment and trust me I have put it through the test. I went with a crazy color because let’s face it now I can.. no more nude or back or white! I wear it under a loose workout racer back tank top so you can see it and looks cute under any color tank top!! I love it. Finally a sports bra I can show off and not be embarrassed.
Thanks for this information. I am day 3 into my reduction. You look great by the way. I have a question. You mentioned you had your stitches removed. I have dissolvable stitches. Is this going to make it better or worst to heal? Also, did you use some sort of cream on the scars? I am happy so far, I have a funny shape now but I look forward to looking better soon. Anything in general I should look out for? Thanks so much for sharing. This website has helped me tremendously. I also have a tummy tuck in Jan 2014, which went fantastic.
Well I was sadly disappointed to learn when I went in for the "removal of the stitches" I too had dissolvable stitches and my PS only clipped the ends of the knots on my stitches! Although I did not have any issues. Once your PS gives you ok to massage Breasts I would recommend doing that 2 times per day. I can't remember if I was 4 weeks or 2 weeks when I was able to do that. I feel like it was when I had stitches clipped. Not comfy I still am not a fan but it really has helped my breast settle into a more natural shape! I only really used Neosporin too. I am really beginning to wonder I paying for scar sheets is really beneficial. My scars seem to look close to the ladies that used them. I too loved this site. So many people who understand what you are feeling and honestly can answer a lot of questions when you start to think hmm am I crazy or should I call my dr ;) Breast of luck to you!
Love your look great. That's a really nice sports bra. I'm glad it works for you, it is so much more fun to be able to show off the bright colors. No more hiding! :))

4 months post op

I saw my PS yesterday to review how my scaring is healing. The puckering in my right breast looks so much better! The left breast the scaring had become worse and painful. My PS gave me an injection of something that is supposed to breakup scar tissue. I wish I could remember what it is called but today there is almost zero pain in the scar and has lightened in color by about 40% just today. You should be able to see the pinpoint where the needle was inserted. I see him again in 2 mos to deceive if we remove scar tissue or if it heals better on its own. I am very please with my progress!
Thank's for the Update ! There have been a few gals here that have ended up a little on the SQUARE Side and for You - it shows that you really DID Round Out at the Bottom ! Very Nice Result !
Thanks.....I bought a new under wire....okayed thru Dr...I am now a 38 C Feels so good to be out of the sports bra, which rubbed my incisions....
I think they look great....mine are healing at the same rate. My scaring looks similar to yours, although I didn't have the little hole or much puckering. Your shape is much like mine. I have to remind myself that it was major surgery and things don't heal as fast as I want them to. Glad all went well....looks great!
Del Mar Plastic Surgeon

I will continue to update. So far my experience with my Dr Batra has been great. I am still currently under his care & don't expect this to change.. However, could give him more stars :) - I did give him more stars and if more were available I would... lets give him a perfect 10!! I am super happy with my results and would definately see him agaim should the need arise. Stellar Surgeon!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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