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I've always, always, always been deeply unhappy...

I've always, always, always been deeply unhappy with the shape of my breasts, even though the men in my life have never complainted. But it was always obvious to me that one was much larger than they other, and they were shaped rather like bananas. As I've gotten older and gained weight, they have really sagged, the nipples are at different horizontal levels, and my breasts are pointing slightly in different directions. I'll admit it: I hate my breasts. Because they are plenty large, and I dislike large breasts anyway, I only want them lifted. Tomorrow is the day, and now I am terrified that I'm making a mistake.

how'd it go? do you have any pictures?

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I'm sorry you're having last minute jitters. It can be an anxious time for a lot of ladies. Remember we're here for you, so lay all your concerns out there and we'll do the best we can to address them.

Your are not making a mistake... you gonna love your breast again and there is nothing wrong on doing something for yourself I'm getting mine done on November 9 i wish i could fast forward the time. good luck with everything and happy healing
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I found Dr. Tom Pousti on the Internet, was impressed with his website content and his medical and academic credentials, so I decided to see him for his free consultation. After just a few minutes of meeting with him, it was instantly clear that I'd chosen the right doctor. He spent an incredible amount of time with me, answering my numerous questions and addressing my concerns. I pored through his photo albums of before and after shots, and we decided on a plan and a date. Still, for the last two weeks, I've been feeling increasingly concerned that I might be making a mistake. Why? Because despite Dr. Pousti's impeccable qualifications, there's no way of knowing beforehand, exactly how my breasts will turn out. Naturally, their "after" appearance is an educated gamble. But I'm determined to go ahead.

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