5"3 petite frame 32A going for Saline Implants - San Diego, CA

I've been contemplating on having a breast...

I've been contemplating on having a breast augmentation for 3 years now. I'm 5"3 , petite frame and my bust size is 32 A. It's so hard to shop for clothes, especially bikini tops. Those who have small busts can relate to this. I'd be buying my bras at Victoria's Secret that can add 2 cups, its called the bombshell :-).. Having small breasts definitely lowered my self esteem, up to a point that i would not go to the beach or pool cause its embarrassing, and I would feel bad for my husband cause we can't enjoy the summer. So i searched for doctors online, and saw Dr. Poustis site. I immediately called and scheduled an appointment. I went there on May 29th, it wasn't hard to find their clinic. The place is so clean, the staff is friendly and made me feel so welcome. I was escorted to the other room by Daisy. And let me tell you something, she's a total sweetheart. She made me feel calm, and explained everything to me. We talked for a long time, and talked about anything, She's so funny and i had fun talking to her. Then, Dr Pousti came in. All i can say is, he's so professional, explained the procedure well and what to expect. I left the clinic with a big smile, knowing im in good hands. The next time i came in, was to pay the deposit and have my pregnancy test. Then i met with Vanessa, she's so accomodating and helped me choose sample pictures of what look i wanna go for,the shape and etc. I decided to go for saline implants with a round, full look. My surgery was yesterday, June 21st at 11:30 am. The nurses took care of me so well, and made me calm.They're so friendly and warm.And my anesthesologist is so sweet and ensured me that i will be taken care of. The last time i remember, she was putting this mask on me, and i fell asleep. When i woke up, the first thing i did was look at my breast :-).. I have boobies now lol! The nurse at the recovery room is so sweet, she gave me meds for nausea, and helped me change clothes. She put me in a wheelchair and took me outside where my husband was waiting by our car. I felt so sore and feels like theres an elephant on my chest, but percocet and valium really helps. My post op visit will be on Monday, by then il be posting pics... thank you to Dr. Pousti and his staff, and all the nurses that helped me..

before and after photos

after photos...

with bikini top on

after photos



could'nt be happier!

360 cc saline implants... love love love it!

healing well

thinking of me...

the girls at the clinic are so sweet. they gave me this flowers!

happy wife happy life

i feel good today, its been a week since i had my BA. i stopped taking valium and percocet, i switched to advil only, amd no problem! :-) to anyone whos in san diego area, i would highly recommend Dr Tom Pousti!!!!!! Genius!!!!

1week post op

loving the new me :-)

4 months post op.. i can't thank you enough Dr Pousti! .. and staff :-)
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Omg amazin results!! Beautiful
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You look flawless hunny!:) congrats'
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Nice! Can't wait for my breast to look that way in tops/swim suit!
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I must say this doctor really does absolutely great work cant say Ive read one bad comment about it!! You look great!!
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he is indeed! thanks :-)
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Hi! Thanks for answering my question--I have another one. Do you feel like there are objects in your body? I was just wondering if it is noticeable to have implants in your chest, or does it feel natural? I am just concerned that I would "feel" them all the time. I am sure over time you wouldn't notice they were there, or do you?
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That's what I wonder too, and that concerns me more than anything; however, I've already paid lol.
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to be honest with u, the first 2 days after the surgery, i really felt the pressure on my chest, thats why its important to take the valium and percocet cause it will really help, and of course u need to rest and not move a lot.. and yes, it felt heavy and firm. saline will be noticeable cause its a full look, whereas with silicone its really gonna feel natural cause its gel. but now im exactly a week post op, i feel great. i dont even take any meds at all. but u still have to wear the surgical bra ( if they give u one) or u buy one at target. like a cami bra, no wire. and it dsnt feel as firm as it was on those first 3 days, hope this helps. u just have to decide which implant u wanna go for, either way, it will look good on u and take it from me, it will help u to be more confident :-)
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lol.. ul feel the firmness and the heaviness for the first few days, but im a week post op now, and i sometimes even forgot i hav implants, if not for my nipples thats still sensitive for now, cause of the incision lol.... goodluck!!!!
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They look perfect on you! Did you get that white bikini at Aerie? I love it :)
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thats from Victoria's secret Pink. Its actually a 32 A, but i havent shopped for new bras and bikinis yet, so i tried to fit it lol... thank u!
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Ah okay lol it's super cute!!
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thank u :-)
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U look great i also was thinking of dr pousti....how do they feel so far id like to know about how natural are u expecting them to feel i also have small tissue
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u should set an appointment at their clinic, u wont regret it. theyre gonna explain everything to you. i have very small breast tissue thats why dr pousti adviced silicone, but my mind is set on saline implants. i felt sore for 2 days only, it feels stiff and kinda heavy. but this is my 6th day and i feel fine. still wearing the surgical bra, and maybe for 3 more weeks. i hope this helps :-)
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Yay! Congrats! They already look so good!
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thank u! cant wait till it settles in the pockets, see how theyre gonna look like.. so far, im content!
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Congrats! They look beautiful!
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thank u! i love it :-)
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Hi, I am contemplating breast augmentation, and I recently had a consultation with a Dr. (who happens to be in San Diego, where I live); I was undecided as to what I wanted until I saw your after photos! I really love the look you have--they look so round and high up on your chest, that is the look I am going for. Did you have them put under the muscle?
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yes, its under the muscle.. its saline implants, with a smooth round moderate plus profile 360 cc on both. i told Dr Pousti to go big as possible as my skin can stretch. I dont want it to look too fake and waxy, if u know what i mean. i love it and my husband loves it too lol.. i dont have any stretch marks, i did use palmers cocoa butter 3 x aday, followed by palmers massage cream. Dr Pousti is very professional, i love the girls that work there.. He was my first choice and never regretted about it. He's clinic is located in La Mesa. Very easy to find. Make sure u have $3 for parking tho :-)
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his clinic*
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Congratulations! You look awesome! It seems like silicone is so popular these days. I'm curious as to why you chose saline. (I also have saline from 8 years ago.) You chose the perfect size and profile for your figure. I think you're going to really enjoy your new full breasts. Keep us posted and thanks for the great photos!

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