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I got pregnant at a very young age, 18.. I didn't...

I got pregnant at a very young age, 18.. I didn't get to enjoy my body during the years I felt like I was Suppose to. After breast feeding for 19 months, that definitely took a toll on my girls. And not losing the 20 pounds extra weight didn't help at all either. After finally losing the baggage I gained the confidence I used to have in myself as a young teenager. Now 22 and getting back into shape I think it's time I reward myself. I'm nervous, but very excited and anxious. I cannot wait!!


Woo-hoo! How are you feeling on Day 2?

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def sore. pressure hurts. but the pain meds are helping. being just uncomfortable sucks

Ooh, I hope you'll keep us posted as you progress. What sort of implants are you considering?

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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He did one of my girlfriends procedure and her breasts look amazing! His personality definitely makes you feel comfortable & not self conscious. He gives you the vibe that he's dedicated to giving you the body you want and will achieve it. I'm happy with my surgeon choice and I can't wait to see the finished results :)

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