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I had to get home and get back in bed. But when I...

I had to get home and get back in bed. But when I started the day I went in around 615 in the morning my appointment was at 815 so I sat in the office for a good two hours waiting for the doctor. Once they took me back to get my IV and my dressing gown on I was extremely nervous crying having panic attacks told my husband I didn't want to do it. He said I was fine and I would do great. The nurse came in and wrote silicone across My stomach and then she left and the anesthesiologist came in and talk to me for a minute then Dr. Pousti came in and marked me out to figure out where he wanted to go. Once all that was done they'd walled me back to the OR which was actually rather comforting area my nurse wrapped her arms around me the whole way back so she was really really nice. They had me put my butt on the table and then my head and I don't remember much past that up until I woke up dizzy. Coming out of the anesthesia was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be it was dizziness and then I was totally fine. So all in all I've been pretty okay I didn't take the pain medicine at the doctors office wish I had because I really should've taken them. By the time I got home I wanted to die. I've had 2 Percocets and 2 Valium today. I'm doing okay. I just took a other Valium now. The nurse called not to long ago I told her one Valium one perc wasn't doing anything. She changed it to 2 percs every 4 hours. The staff was very friendly helped me through everything. Amazing!!

I had my 3 day appointment and my 10 day...

I had my 3 day appointment and my 10 day appointment since I last posted. I'm healing great!! The tingling and burning sensation has started which he told me was nerves coming back to life. Great sigh of relief there haha. I'm very high still but have been shown how to do the massage to help them fall into place. I'm absolutely obsessed already and can't seem to keep my hands off them. They are very pretty to look at and I can't wait to wear real clothes again. I started at a 34AA and at this moment look to be around a D but I'm not 100% sure. I just know they are big and fit my frame flawlessly. Dr. Pousti used his judgment on my size and its like he could see into my mind on what I wanted :D !!
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Amazing doctor. Great bedside manor very helpful. Family friendly. Amazing.

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They look really good !!
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Congratulations! It can be an emotional roller coaster but I'm glad to hear your gradually feeling better. Hoping you took something to counteract the constipating side effects of the pain meds. ;)  What was your pre op cup size? Had you been contemplating implants for a while? Looking forward to your updates!

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I was 34aa pre op. I've been looking into this for around 6 years and am so glad I did. They are starting to heal up now and it's been a great recovery.
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Glad you had great staff to help you through this... I seriously was the same as you I was crying and almost had a panic arms and hands were so tingly and I knew it was coming but some how the nurse calmed me down. Glad you went through with it!! How many cc did you get? How ya feeling now that its been a few days?
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It's been exactly a week. I'm feeling pretty good I'm weaning myself off my Percocets and it's kind of still painful. I can't lift my arms above my head or really even away from my body but that's on doctor's orders. Ended up getting 500cc which he said will be a D. :)
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Good to hear! I was told to keep my arms to my sides for a while too. are you able to move them now? Mine are almost back to normal but not quite. Good you are able to slow down on the pain pills, but im envious cuz I couldnt take mine lol. stupid body! oh wow thats awesome! I can't wait to see more pics! =)
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I'm fully off them now. Not by choice I would love to have then for sleeping but the pharmacy hasn't been able to refill them. Sleeping is just plain awful right now. I wake up so swollen and can't get comfortable all night :-/ I'm still told to have my arms at my side and no heavy lifting as of right now.
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well I guess it's better to not be taking them, but wont your ps refill the prescription if needed? ugh I know, I still cant sleep good and its 16 days post op. Morning Boob sucks hey? yes no heavy lifting. Well hopefully within the next week things will be getting more normal...its such a long process.
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He refilled them Walmart and target were just out lol. And yes I didn't understand what the ladies meant by morning boob before. Like are you kidding haha oh my. He said one more week which ends Monday so I will finally be able to hold my son again. He's 34 pounds lol. I'm exactly 2 weeks post op today.
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oh no are you serious? what are the chances of that! Hopefully they get in soon. Aw that is so sad to not be able to hold your son! Would be so hard but thankfully one more week and your good =)
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Lol yes. I sit on the floor with him and he sits in my lap but he loves to squirm so he makes it hard lol
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hahah no doubt, well soon enough it will be back to normal =)
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