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So! I've been on this site quite a bit as it has...

So! I've been on this site quite a bit as it has been tremendously helpful! I'm 21, I waitress part time, while in school to be an RN! I'll start my pre-reqs in the spring of 2015 and transfer to a University a year after that! Due to the next few years being hectic, it lead me to make the decision now to get the boobs I've dreamed of!

I decided to go with Dr. Batra, who had operated on my older sister (who is a mother of 5, nursed all 5, last two were twins!) and her boobs are phenomenal! I literally could not feel a difference between her real tissue and the implant.

My stats are: 21 years old, 5'3, 113lbs, 34" hips, 26" waist, and I wear a 32a bra.
I had my consultation on Monday. Doc confirmed I have asymmetry and suggested high profile silicon. I tried on a 335cc on my left and a 355cc on my right. They felt perfect! I also tried on a 355cc and 375cc but felt that they had a little too much projection for my frame. I want a natural sloped breast that is proportionate with my body. I have a sort of bony chest, toned arms, and semi-broad shoulders. But I also do have a booty too, lol, I'm looking to balance things out! :)

The doctor and nurses suggested that I go with the larger implants due to the sub muscular placement taking away 20cc's. Which made sense to me when I pressed the sizers flushed against my skin you could see the compression reduced the appearance. I was happy! Very pleased, and my mom approved too, lol. Has anyone else had that experience with losing cc's with muscle compression?

My next appointment is for the pre-op consultation on the 19th! I'm so excited! I've been saving for so long and thrilled with the fact that I can pay for the surgery full in cash! It was important to me because I feel like the payments would have been stressful on my student schedule.

I also have read a lot of reviews of women that have waited years before having the BA. I feel like since I'm so young, I have 10+ years before I want to have children, so why wait? One morning I woke up and thought "why the HELL not?" I want it, I'm paying for it, and it's my body! I'm doing this for me! And it's felt great to finally come to terms with myself in that matter! I have 3 sisters and they have been amazingly supportive along with my mom!

Another question is, how did you deal with going back to work/school/seeing distant family? Physically yes, I'm taking two weeks off because I use my upper body a lot at work, but more importantly... socially I guess... Did anyone say anything negative to you about it? Opinionated/critical? That's what I'm most afraid of! I have a lot of (older) regular customers that I see on a weekly basis at work, and my co-workers I've been working with for years, I just don't want to talk about it with them, and I'm afraid that the *obvious* transformation they will see will lead them to say something to me about it! and I just don't know how to politely tell them to mind their own business? I feel like it would be really easy for me to be rude to anyone asking questions or passing judgement. (I'm a bit of a pistol) lol, I don't want to come off that way, I just want to end the conversation before it starts.

So now I'm just finishing up on my finals and prepping for the operation! I've found the list on must-have items for recovery so helpful! If anyone else has any advice, please comment below, it would be so appreciated! I've added a photo of the implants I tried on, and some wish photos. You can also check out my profile to see my pre-op photos. :)


U should check out my profile, we have similar stats..5' 100lbs& (im 21 as well) I got 286ccs (silicone) and I wish I went bigger!! Also, I was scared so I only told a few people-family&friends didn't notice even notice i got em done :O but they were surprisingly overwhelmingly supportive!! Just Bc others don't have stuff done(at least to ur knowledge) doesn't mean they don't want something done. Hopefully you'll have a great support group :D
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Wow! Checked out your profile and our body shapes are SO similar! I'm short/petite with a little bit of a tush too, so I know how you feel being flat and all :| disproportionate. Anyways! I think your boobs look fab! I hope I look like yours 1 month post op. I'm hoping the 375cc&355cc gets me to a small/med C. I don't want to be any more than that. But you're at 286cc and you're a D cup? Do you think it's from the swelling/ or bc they haven't dropped yet?
I think 375/355 will take you to a d cup..but don't be hung up on cup sizes so much! I was like I only want to be a full c and now I'm a d wishing I went bigger. I think I will still end up being a D. 375/355 are pretty big implants for women of our stats but I do think they'd look great on u! Although I think they'll be as big or bigger than ur wish pics, but id still stick w those implants..I didn't think I'd have boob greed-thought anything more than what I have will do-but now I have boob greed!!! And it drives me crazy

Pre-op went fabuloussss!

Everything was so smooth! I tried on some different sizers, one set was 350cc and 400cc which was too big of a difference and totally noticeable. So then I tried on 350cc and 375cc which was my original choice from the beginning! The nurse and I both agreed that was the most even, proportionate, and comfortable on my frame. I attached some photos of me with the sizers on. I paid in full and now it's time to study for finals, make my bedroom as comfy as possible, and relax! If anyone has any advice on what to do to prepare, or any supplies I should pick up before the surgery would be greatly appreciated! 11 more days!


Do you have boobs now??
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Yep I wear v necks, loose tanks with little bralettes. Though I did try to hide them for the first few weeks Bc the shape was so odd! My ps let me wear bras really soon and so the first one I bought and wore was the pink one I have pics of-its perfect! It's not tight an has thin, molded cups to camouflage the odd shape. Id say at like the 3wk mark is when they started looking more normal if i wanted to wear the surgery bra like for work..tho they still don't look normal naked(1.5months po) 12 days is deff enough! Assuming your waitress somewhere not like insanely busy n stuff?honestly if you have limited vaca hrs I wouldn't take that many. I had my surgery on thrs and went back wed..felt fine enough to go back on like Monday but! I had no energy on Wednesday it was hell. I'd take half that many days off..like 6&ud have the weekend. Assuming the pics are of the 350/375-they look great!!


Surgery went smoothly, I was definitely grateful for the xannex my doctor gave me lol I was getting so anxious from being so uncomfortable, rather than just in pain. It's been 4 days, most of the swelling has gone down and now it's mostly bruising that is left. My boobs are super firm and tight they also look very round in shape and still riding high. I just can't wait for them to take more of a natural shape. I haven't tried on different bras yet. Just wearing a stretchy front clasp bra I got from Walmart still. Any advice on the drop&fluff process?


You look great...congratulations! Patience, lots of patience for them to drop and fluff. ;)
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Thank you!
I do! &they are riding high! They're so tight and firm! I can't wait for them to be soft and squishy!!

Just uncomfortable!

How do you adjust to your boobs neigh so firm and tight? Massage? It's so uncomfortable!!


Mine look great! My dr just give me scar cream to put on them, forgot what it was called. But they look great and are in such an inconspicuous place I'd say I don't need to use it but of course I'm going to. I've heard of them hurting before:/ that's so weird that you can take a pill for ur scars, verse applying something directly on the scars. Yours will look great
Thanks girl :) I agree, yours look so good! they are starting to get comfortable now, I'm getting excited! And also, developing a little bit of a jiggle!!! :D I hope yours are too, that's the best thing about boobs!! Haha
I got 375 silicone unders 2.5 weeks ago and yesterday at Victoria's Secret I was a 32dd! But I love them :)

Noticing some dropping

Yay! Finally gaining the slope&softness! Got this compression sports bra at Walmart. Fruit of the loom, I think. Anyway, it's my fav.


Thank you so much. I am 22 & paying for the surgery myself (go us!) I have my final pre-surgery appointment in a few weeks and now I'm getting really nervous. do you have any other advice ??
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Well prepare to be uncomfortable! Have press ready, and seriously tons and tons of pillows! But emotionally wise.. Just acknowledge the patience that you need to have to see your final results. I had a little melt down like a week after bc my boobs still looked like torpedos!! It made me super sad and nervous, like second guessing myself, but don't stress!! I'm like 11 days post op and I'm starting to notice changes. Good for you on making the payment in full! That's a load of stress off right there! Best wishes to you in healing & recovery. Also... I found this post really helpful, she has a link to a detailed list of must haves to prep for surgery. (I'll post on my review bc I can't post links in comments) Good luck!

Helpful links




Oh and also! Bring a pillow or two with you in the car to surgery! :)
thank you so much. your info is greatly appreciated. wishing you the best on your continued recovery.
Yeah kind of, they don't really like hang down yet I guess you could say lol

it's been 2 weeks!

And I'm so happy I did it! Thanks to Dr. Batra!! I've been sized at 34C.

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So in love!!

Every day my boobs get more and more jiggle!! Eeeeeep I love it!! One of the best things I've ever done!! Dr. Batra was so amazing and his staff is so sweet. No regrets!!


love your results :) congrats!!
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