Breast Revision, Capsular Contracture with Alloderm

I never have any surgery in my life until the age...

I never have any surgery in my life until the age of 39. After having two kids, I lost my breast volume because of breast feeding. So I decided to have my breast augmentation. On November 2012, I had a local Doctor preformed my BA results both breasts had capsular contracture in a few weeks. April 2013, I had a second surgery to have my breast revision and also removed the capsules from both breasts. Unfortunately, my breasts developed capsular contracture again with in a short period of time. I felt so frustrated. I lost my trusts and my hopes with this doctor. I decided not to go back to see him again.

So I have been doing a research and I found Dr. Pousti website. After viewing thousands of before and after patients' pictures preformed by Dr. Pousti. I called the office and made an appointment for consultation. Because of my history, capsular contracture developed very early after surgery. After Dr. Pousti examined my breasts and explained the benefit vs the risk of having another breast revision . He recommended me to have my breast revision with placing Alloderm, removing bilateral capsules and exchanging new implants.

December 2013, I had my breast revision done by Dr. Pousti. I am now only two weeks post op. I feel great and healthy. I am very satisfied with the way my breasts look. They are so soft, fullness and I also have a beautiful cleavage. I am so happy with my new breasts and new look.

Sorry to hear you developed cc but I'm happy your revision went well and you got the results you were seeking. What size implants did you get each time? Congratulations!

Thanks Beth. I started it out with 300cc for first time, then 400cc second time. Now 435cc.
Did you have to travel far for your surgery? As in a hotel, etc? I'd be curious to hear more about the Alloderm. Sounds like it was used to replace the capsules? Do you feel the recovery for a revision is a bit easier than the initial BA? Thank you in advance for answering all these questions. It's not often I get to learn about 3rd time revisions with Alloderm. Thank you for sharing your experience as this will give other women hope for their revisions!

One month post op with breast revision

Wow, time flies, I am now exactly one month post op breast revision. I just had my one month check up with Dr. Pousti yesterday. Everything is going easy and healing smoothly. My breasts look great and soft. Here are some pictures that I took.

6 weeks post op with Alloderm breast revision

Sometimes I think I can not believe myself having 3 surgeries with in one year (all for breast surgery). For the first two after breast surgery, I had a complication with scar tissues. I felt so frustrated and lost myself confident. Coming to this far, I did not want to have my breast implant removed because of capsular contraction. I believe that if there is problem it always can be solved. I am now 6 weeks pots op breast revision with Alloderm. So far everything is coming along. I do not any pain except once in a while I have a burning and shooting pain. I don't know if this is normal. It seems the swollen is gone. My breasts are soft to touch which I did not have this kind of softness experience before with the first two breast sugery.
Thanks again for the info. I'm asking do many questions because I started with a A got 425 left -475right cc and my boobs are atill a little firm and sore if I'm up moving around for 4+ hours . I hope it's not cc! They have dropped a little but not a ton yet and I'm 4 months post op
I hope that it's not CC too. Did you go have your ps checked? How much firm are they? Do you massage your breasts a lot? Good news that they did drop. 4 months post op is still in process of healing. Do you feel sored constantly or just sometimes?
I'm a server and after I work for like 4 hours they start hurting. At the gym they don't hurt though. I just went for my check up and he did not say anything besides that I was tiny and they need to stretch and I may take up to a year to get my final result. They are soft in my surgical bra on my upper pole a little but my whole breast is still pretty firm. I do massage 2-3x a day and I wore the band for 2 months but not anymore. I can't wear a bra yet that makes it kind of sore too

8 Weeks Post Op

Hello everyone! I am 8 weeks post op two days ago. Today I just went to see my PS for two months check up. Everything is great. So far so good. I can start wearing an underwire bras now. Yay... (I am so tired of wearing sport bras) I still have a tiny bit of numbness on the bottom of right breast but it's starting to subside. My breasts are softer. I still need to massage them a lot more though. I also started to sleep on my side. I feel my life is getting back...whoo hoo.
Wow you look awesome, great cleavage too. How much extra is the alloderm? I have heard it can be pricy but something I always was interested in bc I have very little breast tissue. Ugh I SO want to go to Dr. Pousti, I hope he doesn't retire anytime soon!
Thanks Scottsdale. You look great too. Yes, Alloderm is pricy but I think it worths it in investment. I paid for breast revision, complete scar tissues removal and Alloderm all together for &11,500. So I guess for Alloderm itself maybe around 4k. I am sure if in the future you decide to go see Dr. Poustie. He will give you a good price for your revision :).

3 months breast revision post op.

Hello ladies out there. How are you guys doing at three months post op? I am three months post op now. At 11 weeks post op I noticed my right breast was a little firmer than the left. I hope this is not a sign for repeating of CC. I have been taking Accolate and massage them like crazy. I feel a little bit down and I am also starting to worry now...
Hi! Looks like we both had the same procedure! Mine is with strattice only one side and I just got it done yesterday. I had to pay almost $9k for one boob. You paid $11 for 2? You must've gotten a great deal! How are things going for you? You said you felt a slight firming?
Hi scrappy37. How are you doing so far? Hope you are doing great and have a fast recovery. Yup, we had a same procedure :). Your breast revision for one side is a little bit pricy. It's totally worth it if it works, right? I am two weeks away to 4 mos. So far so good. Except my right breast. it's a little bit firmer than the left. I will see my PS in two weeks. So, let's see what he's gonna say. In the mean time, I massage them vigorously.
Hi Lkvle, Yes, I think I am doing OK. I can walk around, dress myself, etc. I probably can't go walking too far. But I do feel like I have to hold my chest with my left arm when I get up. I pray that our fixes are "it" and we won't have to worry about CC again. I consider it the cockroach of boobie issues. Once you have the problem, its hard to get rid of it. Is your scar bigger after this surgery? My doc said he had to make it bigger to sew I'm the strattice. I haven't seen it yet. I'm still In bandages till next Thursday. =( that also means no shower. It is interesting that you have the human skin and I have the pig skin. I wonder if we'll see any difference? Yours is supposed to be more expensive too. I wonder what happened there? Must be a difference in doctor fees.

My 4 months post op breast revision with Alloderm

Hello ladies. Here is my news update for 4 months check up. As I always concerned in the last few weeks of my right breast was firmer than the left breast. Today I just had my 4 months post op check up with my PS. Doctor confirmed that the right breast was just a little bit firmer than the left but there was NO signs of encapsulation. Whoo hoo...pressure released....I was so happy to hear that. He told me just keep up with the massage and no worries.

5 months post op

Hello everyone. Things are happened so different since I had my revision. It's been five months already. My right breast is getting a lot softer than few weeks ago. My breasts are so jiggle and soft. Hope that they are always staying this way (x my fingers). Sometimes, I have a shooting pain still but most of the time is during sleeping. I still have to massage them a lot. I have my check up appointment coming in a few weeks. I will update my status later.....

6 months post op breast revision

Hi everyone. I am now six months post op. I just had an appointment checked up with my surgeon. Everything is going well. There was not sign of recurrence CC. I think my breast are still a little bit high. They haven't dropped all the way yet. I can't wait to see how they finally look. I am so thrilled that things are getting along. I still do massaged them a lot. My right breast is a little bit firmer to compare to my left breast. But they are both soft and jiggle.
I have Strattice also -- with my first revision after cap con on one side. Good to see you are doing well so many months later with alloderm. It's only been 3 weeks for me, and all is well. My cap con came along a few months after a staph infection on the skin of my right boob, but I wanted to fix it so it won't come back on either side. And yeah, paid over 11 grand for both (with capselectomy, 2 new implants and pockets under the muscle, and Strattice.). Strattice alone is 3 grand extra where I live
Hi Mamamel1974. Sorry to hear about your history. It's kind frustrated to have CC after having breast implant right? Now that you are three weeks breast revision with strattice and you are doing well. I am glad to hear that. Do you allow to massage them yet? Did you go bigger this time or have a same size? You paid over 11k. It's kind pricey. I hope you are doing great as things come along.
Thanks!! I did go bigger -- from 225cc over the muscle to 350 unders, so the new size was my consolation prize for having to go thru this again a year later. They are the perfect size -- doc didn't think he could fit them in, but I'm glad he did and it looks like he could have gone bigger, even, but that wasn't the point. I just wanted good results -- no more complications. I guess it was pricey because my old doc was offering 2 grand just to fix that one side, but I wanted to reduce my chances of recurrence and go with unders if I had to recover again. He didn't suggest unders for my anatomy, but my new doc did and to me they look just fine. Some docs do not like to bother with revisions, maybe?
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All the comments, reviews and testimonials from the patients who had surgeries performed by Dr. Pousti are so TRUE. Dr. Pousti is so kind, warming, caring and professional. His staff is wonderful. They called and checked on me everyday after my surgery. I definitely will refer friends for his office. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me Dr. Pousti. I am appreciated for your hardworking to revise my breasts and thank you for taking care good of me.

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