35 Years old but I Feel 80, is It my Breast Implants? I'm Getting an Explant After Everything I've Read on Here! - Orange County

I like many other women are having the same...

I like many other women are having the same symptoms with my joint pain, muscle pain, exhaustion, etc...had all my blood work for lupus, RA come back negative...so now I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia blah blah. It's very hard for me NOT to think its my implants after reading all these other stories this last week on here. I have almost the same story as it seems a lot of us do.

I had a breast aug in 2009 after nursing my first 3, just wanted to be a little fuller again. I ended up getting the Mentor memory gel smooth.

If it wasn't my friend who is a PA to make the recent connection with my implants, I would have never known to look. She didn't know I even had implants but she's known of all my ailments that started right after I got my implants. She has lupus and because of my symptoms she told me I should maybe get tested for lupus...I did and it was negative. When she found out last week that I had implants that's when she said "how long ago did your joint pain start?" Then I said well over 4 years...then it HIT ME!!
I googled 'joint pain and breast implants' and THERE IT WAS! SO MANY people like me.
I have no reason to be overly dramatic or make things up. I have four young kids to care for and I can barley get through my day. I feel like and 80 year old person whose always in pain all over my body. Pain meaning stiff joints, muscle exhaustion, feels like I have tendonitis in my elbows and buttocks, my hips are killing me, and my shoulders and back are so tight. I can't even get to sleep unless I've had a hard pressure back massage. Talk about always feeling irritable because I feel horrible.

I am getting an explant and wanted to know why or why wouldn't a doctor remove the capsule? Most women say they still remain sick unless the capsule is gone, but my doctor said to leave the capsule & he's amazing.

Please reach out if you've had these symptoms after implants and you feel better after the removal!!
My symptoms are so much better 9 months later! I too had every symptom you could think of and most have gradually decreased. I still have bouts of fatigue but nothing like it used to be. Good luck on your journey, I think you'll find this is the ticket back to health!
Thanks so much for writing in...as you probably know since my recent connection with all of this I have been on this site every day trying to find reasons and just making sure that this could seriously be why I've had all these weird symptoms for the last 4 years. It's hard to think that I will feel better, especially since I've been SO tired and my joints and muscles have been hurting for so long, but I want to stay positive!! How can 2 little bags make you SO SICK?! I'm really thinking that this has to be the answer. My bug thing now is the "en bloc", do you do it or not? My Dr. who is Newport does explants all the time and rarely removes the capsule, but women who don't seem to still be sick and end up going to get it removed :(
Hi Laguna4kids, my Doc removed as much of the capsule as she could. She explained to me that I had such a thin capsules that they tore. Some women's bodies create a thick capsule and some don't. If your Doc is unwilling to even try you might consider finding one of the docs on the explant list or one that is willing to remove your capsule. I asked my Doc ahead of time to photograph my implants and capsules which she was happy to do, heck she even offered me the implants! I politely declined :) Your doc says he rarely does the en bloc but if you request it he may??? Let him know that it's important to you and your peace of mind. You are the patient and you're shelling out the $$$ so you get your way! Good luck sweetie, stay firm in your convictions :)

"En Bloc" or NOT? Help me!

I'm am drowning in all the opinions of whether or not to have them removed "en bloc", my Dr. in Newport says he rarely does it and that I don't need one, but what if I'm still sick after spending all that money? Then I would have always done the "what if"...I just want to feel good again, yet almost every Dr. has a different opinion :( I have had my silicone gel implants about 4 1/2 years!
I'm SO glad you found us! I agree that different doctors do seem to have different opinions on capsule removal. If you insist, do you think your doc will respect that? You can tell him you just don't want any question marks after this is all over. Or, you could always look for another surgeon, too. Not easy or fun, I know. But I want you to feel good about this!

It looks like you're getting a lot of great support on your story already. We are here for you!
Thanks! My brain is just on overload, and when all you want is to feel better, you get sort of crazy with all the responses. What if the capsule is "too thin" then what? They can't remove it and even though I don't have a rupture I will still be sick?!!!!
Good for you for spending the time to do some research! I was in the same boat and after 3 days of non-stop reading, I booked my surgery to happen within two weeks (this Wednesday!). I'm about the same age, but single with no kids, and I can tell you that I only want to be doing this surgery ONCE. My health is compromised, so if this removal is something that can possibly make me even remotely better, I'm going to go for it and not take any chances. Whatever you decide is your choice, but think about how you are feeling, the down time it takes to recover from just the one surgery, and if you can handle the 'what ifs' if your health doesn't not improve if you don't remove the capsule.

Rheumatologist said I have Fibromyalgia and I need more sleep...WHAT?!

I went to see the Rheumatologist yesterday and at first I was nervous to start telling her everything that was going on because there's a list!
I could tell she was irritated by the end of that list and then I told her I think it may be because of my implants. She acted like she's never heard of that, but said to def get them out because she thought I had anxiety about it. haha I said "Yes I probably am a little anxious because I've been in this mystery pain for over 4 years and now I feel like it's spreading to my upper shoulders and my neck"
Then she asked if I've ever been in a car wreck, and I said yea a little one back in like 1998.
I just hate answering those kind of questions from YEARS back being that my symptoms have been just the last 4 years.
I had a ton of blood work done and xrays on my lower back and neck per her request. I have had a bad lower back for as long as I can remember but never have I had trouble walking up a set of stairs or just cooking bacon.
She said "explain your pain" I said "well I just ache all over all the time, and I'm exhausted, my muscles feel exhausted and so do my elbows they ache"
It seems like an easy question to answer but when you are talking to a medical Dr. you can't just say "pain" they don't get it & I don't expect them to. It's almost like you need to experience it first hand.

So I walked out of there thinking if my blood tests come back fine it's def my implants. I've never had so many ailments in my life!! I just want to feel better :)

Today is the day!

I'm explanting under local today at 345 :) I'm hoping all goes well and my 4 year old implants are still in tact and the Dr. doesn't find anything weird in there ;)
I will give everyone an update! Thanks for all the support on here...you are all AMAZING!
Hope all goes well! Keep us updated
THANKS SO MUCH!! Just over an hour and I'll be implant free...my 5 year old said "MOM are you getting your BOOBS out today?!" I said "HUH?" haha kids hear EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
That cracked me up ittybittyTC2014! My granddaughter told her teacher that her Grammy was getting her breast "plants" out so she'll feel better :) As my Mom used to say, "little pictures have big ears"....they repeat everything and it doesn't always come out right but they sure are funny!!

They are out and it was a BREEZE!!

Wow I not only feel 20 lbs lighter, but I look leaner (which I prefer) and I feel great. I had them out under local. They were FULLY in tact, no issues and the insides were perfectly clean :)
My Dr. was AMAZING! Today I'm a tad sore but functioning like a normal mother of 4!!
I will post pics when I can...I was a 34 small B before and that's what I look like again, just waiting for the fluffing period. They aren't too bad though. SUPER Happy and my husband couldn't believe how heavy my boobies in a bag were. I took them with me and he picked them up and said "WHOAH those things are heavy" He's super happy I'm back to natural. He never thought I needed to do it anyway.


Your breasts look very similar to mine so I am looking forward to more photos! So far, so good! You look great!
Thanks so much, I honestly feel great!!!! Well they would both look like the perkier one but my children loved that right boobie :o/ haha
I'm amazed at how many PS say there is not link between silicone and illnesses. I just found out that my silicone implant is ruptured and has been leaking slowly for some time and I have an enlarged lymph node with silicone in it. I now am trying to have them removed but none of the PS see to be concerned to have them removed ASAP!

My energy is back!!!

I almost can't believe my energy has come back, and I literally haven't woken up a stiff mess since I had my fully in tact implants removed!!
AMAZING!!!! No one would believe my exhaustion unless you have lived it yourself, but let me testify right now, THAT level of exhaustion has disappeared! It's almost too crazy to believe but I'm excited :)
Can I ask your stats before removal. Weight/height/profile and cc of implant. You look about the same size as me:) Thanks
I'm 5'4" 127 and my implants were 325cc and 375, but I did find out that my "reputable" ps in San Diego gave me one moderate and one moderate plus...I was NOT happy about that when he pulled them out.
That is so wrong!!! It's a shame so many of us have to go through this process. You look amazing, and it sounds like you FEEL amazing:)Thanks so much for sharing your story.
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