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I've had a lot of friends who have had breast...

I've had a lot of friends who have had breast augmentations. About half saline and half silicone. I've been thinking about the procedure for about 2 years and have decided the time is now. I know what I want. A natural look and slope, I'm not going for the obvious bolted on look. I've had multiple consultations with my doctor and shared pictures of my desired results. He has been very honest with me and answered all of my questions. My surgery is next Thursday and I have done SO much research. I'm conflicted between silicone and saline. Interested to hear what the deciding factor was for others.

I did a TON of research and talked to many women...

I did a TON of research and talked to many women before my surgery. I decided Saline was the right implant type for me, mainly due to health concerns. I highly recommend educating yourself prior to surgery, so you know what to expect and are aware of any possible complications.
I had my post op appointment today and was very pleased with the initial results of the proceedure. I know it will take time for my breasts to "drop down" but I love the size and think that Dr. Pousti did a great job of accomplishing my goal! He has truly been so caring and I appreciate his sincerity, Overall I would recommend breast augmentation to someone who has thoroughly examined the costs/benefits. And I would without hesitation recommend Dr. Pousti to family, friends and fellow women! He is the best :)

Yesterday I had my first bath and got my hair...

Yesterday I had my first bath and got my hair washed. Man was that an experience!! But I felt so much better and fresh :)
Also I am starting to take Advil today instead of the drugs the doc gave me. So hopefully everything will still be feeling good later. And I know other have had a problem with this, I've been taking things to help keep me, hu-hum, regular.... But no success so far. I'm hoping to go today!

Today was my first day out. I went to a class...

Today was my first day out. I went to a class where I just sat and listened for a few hours. I do have to say my chest was hurting by the end of it. I think I'm going to lay and rest for a few more days before returning to work. I will also put up a picture to show my "after surgery".
Also today I realized that I love Dr. Pousti but I really hate it when I want to ask HIM a question and his staff always tries to do it for him. I appreciate that they are trying to "field" calls/requests to help him. But he is my doctor and when I want to talk to him, they should respect that. I just wonder if other have this same issue?

I went for my second check up today and I am...

I went for my second check up today and I am excited to say I can shower and wash my hair!!! That has been driving me crazy.
Dr. Pousti showed me how to do the massages. I was a little scared for this becasue other girls said it hurt, but it wasn't too bad at all.
And I posted a couple pictures so you all can see the "before" and "after"!

So it's been a week and a few days since my...

So it's been a week and a few days since my surgery and I've been completely off the pain meds for a few days now. During the day it's not that bad, but at night when I go to sleep, my breasts get so sore! It's hard to sleep and they really stay that way until I wake up. In the morning they feel swollen and sensitive. This sucks!
Just wondering if anyone else experienced this? And how long it took for all the pain to go away?


Well it's been about a month since my surgery and I should be getting my steri strips off tomorrow! I'm so excited to be able to take a regular shower without bandaids.
But I need to make a decision about whether or not to purchase the extra warranty for my implants? Any advice? How long did your implants last?
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pousti was recommended by multiple friends. I saw his work and felt confident in his ability to give me what I had been wanting.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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i am wondering the same about a warranty. my mom has had saline for 12 years and still going strong! and my gma i think 10 years, and hers are still great as well. i am hoping mine will last that long, but anything can happen along the way. i go next month for my BA :)
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Looking good!! What were your measurements before the BA? And how many cc's did you end up getting?
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I was an A cup. I believe 32" 33". And now I am 32" 34" full B cup, maybe C in some bras. I wont be shopping for about a month.
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Oh and I got 300cc Saline on both sides
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Well good choice! You're all covered in your photos, but from what I can see I can tell they look very natural!
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Not going to lie they look amazing already!!
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Awe! Thank you! I'm so excited but my emotions are all outta. One day I think they look great and then the next Im staring at every little detail wondering if its right. My Dr had me stop taking my BC before surgery, so that may explain some of it. Haha
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You should take Tylenol rather than Advil. Advil contains blood thinners which can effect your recovery.
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Uh oh. Okay I will talk to my Dr. Thanks!
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Also how can I get rid of the doctors pen markings?
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I had my surgery by Dr. POUSTI too! I'm one month out if you want to go check out my my page! I had the HARDEST time getting those dang markings off lol. I eventually just used vinegar & baking soda and scrubbed hard! Eventuallu got it off lol
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Thank you! I will check out your page :)
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Also note I have sporadic shooting pains in my breasts that is said to be the nerves reactivating. Not fun at all but Dr. said it may last up til 4 weeks.
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Congratulations on your surgery! Sorry to hear about the shooting pain! :( Hope it passes sooner than later! Happy healing & I'll be looking forward to seeing your post-op pics! :) KL
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Thanks! Luckily the pain only happens a few times a day. Good news my boobs feel SQUISHY today! Since surgery they have been hard but today I can tell a definately softness :)
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Great news! :) You're turning the corner! Sounds like it's easy street from here! :) May 1st is "D" for me... keep up the good work! :) KL
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Thanks! I hope so :) I'm still planning on resting for a while... Better safe than sorry. I will be sending you good thoughts!
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Yes, rest as LONG as you can & be good to yourself! :) Thank you for your kind words! :) Have you tried those "strips" that everyone keeps talking about to help heal your incisions faster? I have to get more info on them. -KL
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I do have little strips on my incisions that my doc put on during surgery. Not sure if that's what u are talking about?
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Congratulations! Looking forward to your post op appt update!

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Well I go for my post op appointment tomorrow and I'm so anxious to see what my "girls" look like!!! I haven't removed the bandages yet. And I'm worried I they'll be smaller than what I really wanted, since I told Dr. P to go smaller if he felt there would be a risk of rippling or feeling the implant. All night I've been looking at boobs asking will they be like these??? I can't wait to set them free from this right constricting bra for a moment and get a good look :)
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Surgery webt well! Dr. Pousti was great! His office keeps calling to check on me. I realized the nausea and muscle meds were making me dizzy and unable to focus to read or watch TV. So I stopped those. Now im trying to slowly get myself off the pain meds. Anyone else have sharp pain in their breast as the meds start to wear off?
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Good luck tomorrow girl! Dr P does amazing work and i am sure you'll look great!!! See u on the other side :)
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Thanks for the good wishes! Surgery went well. Just waiting until my post op to see how they look.
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Before starting my consultation process, I was 100% set on Saline. My first consultation, the PS suggested silicone & said some pros & cons for each - but didn't push either way. My second consultation, PS also highly recommended Silicone & showed me lots of before & afters of ladies with my similar height/weight & breast tissue starting point..He showed me how rippling can look over time, etc. At that point I was conflicted & started doing tons of research online & quizzed all my gf's that went with silicone. Everyone I talked to & those that have had both say salines great when you don't know any better - but silicone just feels so much more natural. Once my safety concerns were disspelled, I felt confident going with Silicone. Good luck to you!!!!! PS - I WISH I had your abs! :))
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