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I am incredibly excited that this is becoming a...

I am incredibly excited that this is becoming a reality and after 15 years of battling anorexia I am excited for my body to look the way I now feel... a happy, healthy, and loved woman. I have been recovered and healthy for almost 5 years and ever since I have been wanting larger breasts with my now more womanly body... which is a complete shift of mind from my childhood years in competitive sports and obsessive compulsion of weight loss and an emaciated appearance. I'm looking at this as a life changing experiencing that will help me feel even more confident with myself and be a further step in my choice of recovery.


I was anorexic too before kids for about 3 years. It sucks!! but enjoy your new look and feel good about your body!! good luck keep us posted
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Congrats on getting healthy and your upcoming transformation. I'm excited for you! Have you scheduled surgery yet?

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Excited for you
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San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Pousti on the Real Self website. I was extremely impressed with the consultation and everything presented. I also thought this was something out of my reach: financially, recovery time, etc; however, at the consultation Dr Pousti and his team answered all of my questions and helped me through the steps to make this a reality.

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