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I have always wanted breast implants for as long...

I have always wanted breast implants for as long as I can remember; it was just never financially feasible until recently.

My natural breasts were not small, but I cannot remember a time that they were ever perky; and I have always wanted to be much larger than I was naturally. It is one thing to feel good in clothing and it is entirely different to feel confident naked.

Now that I have had the breast augmentation, I finally feel proportionate and it is even motivating me to lose a little weight so that the rest of me looks as good as my new boobs. I have no regrets and I am loving my results even though I am only 2 weeks out at this point.

I am only 2 weeks post-op right now, but I am already thrilled with my results.  When we spoke with Dr. Pousti about what I wanted, we specified that I wanted saline implanted under the muscle at whatever size was necessary to fill and lift my existing tissue.  I left many choices up to him in the operating room because I trusted his expertise.  I gave him pictures of how I would ideally like to turn out and so far my results are much better than I expected.

Thank you for posting your story! I am getting ready for my surgery on the 27th of April, and your before photos give me hope! I think we look similar in the before, and your afters are amazing! I agree that you can carry these well, and the size fits your frame. They look so good, I hope I am as lucky! I am only 5'3 but I am a "big girl" and my Dr is confident that I can carry a large implant as well based on my measurements.
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hi! i just want to say, your breast look beautiful and just the perfect size for your frame! i do want to ask if you ended up with over the muscle or under the muscle? I just had my breast augmentation surgery about 5 weeks ago and i also started with a 34D and my doctor said that my only choice without getting a lift will be to get 700cc saline Moderate plus over the muscle, i wanted under the muscle but my ps said that there will be a high possibility of developing a "double bubble" because my breast were saggy to start with. mine look so similar to yours! but smaller because im only 5'3 140 pounds but im extremely happy with my results and it sounds like you are too!! xoxo
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I gave Dr. Pousti's bedside manner a 4 because during the initial consultation, though I felt he was being honest and realistic about my expectations, when I came for my pre-op appointment, it seemed as though he was trying to lower my expectations a bit. I am realist and I don't expect magic and I realize there have probably been clients with unrealistic expectations, and so he was treating me the same way he would treat them. This didn't bother me very much, which is why I gave 4 stars, but my husband was a little unnerved by it. Otherwise, Dr. Pousti is very friendly and relaxed, yet professional. There was never a doubt in my mind that he wouldn't do his best to give me the result I was asking for, but I was taking a little bit of a risk in my request since I really needed a lift with my Breast Aug., but was trying to avoid it by going with larger implant. Dr. Pousti merely made it known that he didn't know how many cc's he would be able to safely fit until he was in surgery and there was a risk that if he couldn't fit a large enough implant, that I could end up with sub-par results. I appreciated his candor and trusted him to do his best; which he absolutely did and way exceeded my expectations during the surgery. As for answering my questions, he has always answered mine and my husband's thoroughly and his staff is very knowledgeable as well. For the after-care follow-up, I have received calls from his office almost daily for the first 2 weeks after the surgery to make sure I was ok and my two post-op visits have gone very smoothly as well. I realize Dr. Pousti's time is valuable, but he has always taken time to answer my questions and I have never felt that he was in any hurry to get to the next appointment or anything like that. When he was in the room, his focus was entirely on me. I have emailed the office on several occasions and they have always gotten back to me very quickly with the needed answers and every one is very friendly on the phone. Customer Service is very good. As I mentioned before, his staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They are also never in a hurry and are always able to answer my questions. My husband and I paid cash for the surgery so we made the down payment over the phone by credit card and then brought a cashier's check at the pre-op for the remainder of the payment. The entire process was very simple. The first two visits my husband and I made to Dr. Pousti's La Mesa office, we ended up waiting 30-45 minutes after our appointment time. The first visit was our initial consultation and they don't have a sign-in sheet like many doctor's offices and it felt like they forgot about us after we checked in. Many other people were helped before us that had arrived after us. The second visit we made was for my pre-op appointment and I do not remember ever being asked to arrive a few minutes early in order to fill out paperwork, so we arrived about 10 minutes before our appointment, but it took me about 20 minutes to fill out all the forms and then many other people arrived after us and they were all helped before we were. I have not experienced this since. For both of my post-op appointments, we arrived early and were taken back early; so much so that we were leaving before our original appointment times. Based on what I have seen, I believe the two bad waiting experiences my husband and I had, are the exception to the rule and things usually run more smoothly.

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