lovin my tatas (: 9 Months post op ♡

Hi ladies! So I have wanted breasts since puberty!...

Hi ladies! So I have wanted breasts since puberty! All my friends developed early and I just stayed flat chested as ever! I'm 19 yo, 5'6" 133lbs and a size 34AA! ): my husband and I had originally planned this for next year (so ive been planning) but today he surprised me with a Consultation and guess what!! I'm getting them done in a week!! Omg!!! I'm getting 550cc to be a smallD and I couldn't be more happy!! I have a 1 yo and I gained 50ish lbs during pregnancy and my damn boobs stayed the same size!! I've hit the gym hard and I finally feel sexy again. The only thing that's holding me back from truly being happy are my itty bitty titties! March 22nd is the day Ill finally look and feel like a woman! Im so excited and im wondering if any of you can give me any advice from personal experiences?? ll update again soon (:

Alrighty so only 2 more days!! I'm gettin ALL the...

Alrighty so only 2 more days!! I'm gettin ALL the playtime in with my baby girl that I can before I'm bed ridden for a few days. Not being able to hold her is probably going to be the hardest thing about all this. And not going to the gyme will suck too lol. I'm getting so impatient. I know I haven't had to wait very long time after my consultation compared to most of you but it feels like forever bc I've wanted boobs since middle school! Boobs are all I can think about. I'm on here almost all day researching and trying to prepare myself the best I can!! My husband is being SOOOO wonderful and helpful with everything! He reminds me everythings going to be okay and well lets face it all he does is imagine me with big ones and he immediately gets worked up lol. Its hard to keep up! Haha. Typical male I guess but I'm not complaining (: lol. Anywaaaays ill probably update again tomorrow! Byeeeee

Oh and I forgot to update that on Sunday I went...

Oh and I forgot to update that on Sunday I went and got some new sports bras for my new girls but I'm kind of worried they'll be a little uncomfortable...they're a little padded feeling but idk! We'll see (: On Monday I got my prescriptions filled and spent all day celebrating my daughters first birthday! She's so precious! On Tuesday I hung out with my girl and we went to the gym! I didn't have enougj energy to workout bc I can't take my pre-workout so I just went and shot around at the basketball courts. Ill probably do the same today (: I can't wait until I can go hit the gym hard after my boobs but I know its going to be a while and that's a bummer! ):

Oh my goodness my surgery is tomorrow! Its so...

Oh my goodness my surgery is tomorrow! Its so weird thinking of myself with large breasts but I can't wait (: the hospital called me today and asked me a bunch of health questions and gave me pre-op instructions (pretty much everything I already knew lol). She was incredibly sweet and assured me everything would go great! Then later Dr. Pousti called me and just said he's looking forward to tomorrow (: I said that I didn't want to be ridiculously big and fake looking and guess what he said? He said he could tell I was a classy woman and wouldn't do that to me! He's so sweet and confident he made all my doubts go away! I'm so excited he's doing this life changing surgery and I know he's going to do a wonderdul job (: right now I'm hydrating hydrating hydrating! Hoping to wake up after surgery and not feel like I was stranded in the desert for weeks! I can't wait to show you ladies the end results I know they'll be perfect! See ya tomorrow ((: WITH BOOBIES!

Okay ladies I have about an hour and a half until...

Okay ladies I have about an hour and a half until I leave! I'm gonna check in at 10:30 and surgery is at 12:30! I'm getting so nervous....my husband is too! He's waiting to eat anything until I'm under so I won't have to watch him eat bc I can't (: isn't he a sweetheart? I don't know what I would do without him! He's going to stay at the hospital the whole time too just incase something crazy happens. I have no worries (: just ready for the time to pass quickly so I can get my girls!

Okay ladies so I'm in boobieville!! Mt whole...

Okay ladies so I'm in boobieville!! Mt whole experience was amazing! The ladies at the front desk, the nurses and Dr Pousti were all so kind and womderdul to me. The first thing I did was take a urine sample to take a prego test amd then I changed into this weird gown thay hooked up to a heater and kept me warm which was amazing! Then a nurse came in and started my iv (ouch) and asked me a ton of questions. Then we waited for a while and another nurse came in and asked me what I wanted and how I'd like to look. She was such an angel and calmed me down so much! Then dr pousti came in and marked me and asked about what I wanted as well. Again another amazing person! Then I was walked back into the OR and laid down on the bed. Everyone could tell I was getting nervous so the angel of a nurse and dr pousti held my hand until I passed out (: I woke not even an hour later amd couls barely keep my eyes open. I didn't want to sleep so I asked the male nurse to sit me up and he happily obliges and fed me ice chips. I asked for my husband and 10 mins later he was right there (: they helped me get dressed and we were headed home in a jiff! The pain didn't completely hit me until we got home and I got out of the truck. It was very hard to keep back tears and I'm the type of giel who does NOT cry about anythinf pain related. I took a pain pill and I swear it didn't work at all. I was in so much pain I broke down and cried. I just ate some food and took another pill and now I feel great! The pain is about 80% better and I'm so thankful! My husband has been an amazing help I don't know what I'd do without him! Ill upload pictures as soon as I can so you all can see the results! I ended up going way smaller than I originally planned bc lets face it 550 is was too big for my slim frame! So dr pousti put 350 in my right and 375 in my left (: I'm definitely getting the frame that I want and I thank god that dr pousti knows what he's doimg bc if I wouldve stuck with what I had chosen then I wouldve walked out of there looking like a big fake porn star! Defnitely not what i wanted amd dr pousti caught on to that and made an amazing decision (: thank you all foe your support ill upload soon!!

Okay ladies...so to sum it up...yesterday was HELL...

Okay ladies...so to sum it up...yesterday was HELL. My pain o ills seemed like they weren't working at all and like I was prescribed placebos. Up until midnight I was absolutelt miserable and in SO much pain...my husband did all he could to help me. He had to help me sit up, lay back, and use the bathroom! We eventually just upped the dosage and I finally fell asleep. Oddly enough I slept really well last night only waking up twice bc I was almost falling off the bed lol. And I just woke up at 8 this morning. I'm feeling 50% better sitting down. & I actually sat myself up and used the restroom in my own and layed back down! Definitely a win! Now my husband and I are eating some cereal and relaxing. I'm thanking god that I'm not in as much pain was I was yesterday. Theres still tightness and pressure but no serious pain. Ill upload pics soon I promise. I would have yesterday but yall know how that went lol.

Alrighty ladies i feel sooo much better today. I...

Alrighty ladies i feel sooo much better today. I took my pain pills and ate and took one heck of a nap. my husband has been cleaning like a mad man and doing laundry...who is he and where is my real husband?? lol he's such a big help and i dont know what i'd do without him! my daughter has been an angel and hasnt jumped on me or tried to crawl on me. i think she knows that mommy's in pain. shes so smart! umm i dont have a lot more to update other than the fact that ive uploaded pictures and that i feel like the bottom of my boobs hurt the worst... like when i stand up i feel like they're going to fall out of the bottom of my boobs and burst... has anyone else had this feeling too? My back has started to hurt quite a bit too from sitting in the same position. I've been trying to sit up occasionally and reposition myself a little on my side to give my back a rest...its not used to the weight i guess! lol. i cant wait to see what the next few days have in store for me...im hoping the pain will go away completely soon!

Alright ladies today 2 days PO and feeling okay....

Alright ladies today 2 days PO and feeling okay. My back is the main thing that hirts right now from sitting in the same position all day :/ I've been in the bedroom but today I've moved into the recliner in the living room and its a good change! I think my surgical bra is too tight bc it feels like its digging into my sides and into the bottom of my breasts :/ that's the only pain I have right now ): I just wish I had a bigger bra! I've cut down quite a lot on my pain pills. I take one every few hours during the day and then I don't take any after I go to bed bc I sleep pretty well. Just ready to feel at least 80% better. Right now I can't even stand up straight which sucks :/ well Ill update more pics later today so stay tuned!

Hi ladies I know I've been posting about twice a...

Hi ladies I know I've been posting about twice a day. One in the morning and one at night and I'm sorry if it seems like a lot! I definitely feel like my surgical bra is too small. My mom had a ba a few years back and she said the bra was snug but was totally comfortable on her. Mine is digging into my sides and shoulders and bottom of my boobs and that's where all my pain is coming from. Has this happened to anyone else?? I'm going to ask about it at my post op appt tomorrow and hopefully they'll know what's going on. I'm getting pretty nervous bc tomorrow my husband goes back to working nights and idk how I'm gonna handle taking care of my one year old. My husband is going to get bottles made and everything set up so all ill have to do is watch her and change her diapers. Shes a very independent child but she has those moments where she wants to be in someone's lap. I'm just worried about after he goes to work how ill get her into her crib. My roommate will probably gladly help but I just don't want to feel like a burden on her. Anyways I just ask for advice on how to deal with all this from you ladies any advice would be appreciated!

So PO3 and I'm feeling really good! I've only...

So PO3 and I'm feeling really good! I've only taken one pain pill today and that was for my morning boob but other than that I've only had mild pain. I just use frozen peas for my side boob that hurts. I made an effort to walk around and be more active and I actually felt better doing that than sitting around. My husband helped me wash my hair and just wash myself down and it was definitely nice. I tried on some old bras and that was definitely a confidence boost! My boobs look so big! They're way bigger in person than what they look like in the pics. Does anyone know how to get rid of the dang markings?? I feel like I've tried everything lol

PO3 CONTD- Hey ladies my husband left for work...

PO3 CONTD- Hey ladies my husband left for work about an hour ago and so far everythings going great with my daughter. She entertains herself so shes just chillin in the floor with all her toys and being so so good. My roommate gladly agreed to help if I needed anything (: right now I can definitely notice a rise in my energy level. I only took one short nap today opposed to the four I took yesterday lol. I get more sore the longer I sit so I'm trying to keep busy without over doing it. My husband didn't leave much for me to do anyways he pretty much took care of and cleaned everything lol. Which is awesome! My breasts have definitely dropped a little and softened up so I'm pretty excited about that. Just can't wait until they're at their final look! My post op appt had to be rescheduled for wednesday bc dr pousti was running behind on surgeries and oUr appt would have been too late today so wednesday ill get some more info on these babies. Definitely lookin forward to that!

Quick question! How long did you ladies wait...

Quick question! How long did you ladies wait before sleeping in a different sports bra?? My surgical bra is so uncomfortable!

PO4 - Hi ladies so taking care of my one year old...

PO4 - Hi ladies so taking care of my one year old last night was pretty easy. There were a few challenges but nothin crazy. This morning has been pretty rough. I woke up with some pretty bad morning boob. My daughter woke up and my husband got her out of the crib and put her in the living room for me and went back to bed. He works nights so he got gome at like 7 and had only slept for about an hour. I set up her little couch and blankets and we watched spongebob for a while ate breakfast and she played. When she started getting tired is when things started to get tough. She gets really squirmy and wild when she's sleepy so getting her in her crib was very hard. I had to walk her to her room and wake my poor husband up to put her in the crib and she just wouldn't go to sleep even though she was obviously ready for bed. So he had to get back up and put her back in the living rooom for me. All the bending down has really taken a toll on me. I just let her throw a fit and now she's passed out in bed finally. I've found a seriously comfy spot on the recliner so I'm gonna take a nap too. Little girl has worn me out! Boobs are definitely sore now! ):

PO4- after this morning my day has gone really...

PO4- after this morning my day has gone really well! My husband caught up on sleep before he had to leave for work and i just felt so bad for him cause he was so tired still ): poor guy! Tonight has been a breeze with my daughter. She has just played and played and played her little heart out so bed time was a breeze. I picked her up tonight (shhhh dont tell!) And put her on my hip and it was like there was no weight at all so yay for that! I wore a different bra for an hour or so and oh my goodness it was heaven! My boobs felt like they were being held in the hands of jesus lol. And then i then I put that surgery devil bra on and back to the aches and pains ): my arm range is getting better and the the gurgling is so weird! Lol so far I'm feeling great except for the mornings no pain pills today I think I'm done with them (: my post op is tomorrow and I'm excited to see what my PS has to say (: I'm feeling really confident!

Goodmorning ladies (: PO5 amd I'm feelin great! I...

Goodmorning ladies (: PO5 amd I'm feelin great! I slept amazing last night without any pain pills and my morning boob wasn't too horrible. Don't get me wrong it was still very uncomfortable but nothing compared to the first few days. My breasts are still really tight and hard. I'm so ready for them to start softening up already ): I noticed some minor bruises nothin crazy. The one thing I worry about is the spacing...I stressed to my PS that I absolutely did not want my boobs completely spread apart and I want them to be close together like natural breasts but right now it feels like they're in my armpits and that they're not very close together ): maybe its just because they're hard and swollen? Idk my post op is today so ill ask about that. Maybe I'm just goim nuts because they look really great in person lol. Your opinions would be very much appreciated!

PO6- felt great today! Yesterday was my post op...

PO6- felt great today! Yesterday was my post op appt and it went so quick and easy. All my questions were answered and everything went great. Dr. Pousti sent me home with a bouquet of flowers and my mind at ease (: after the appt we grabbed some food and relaxed and watched a few movies. Then I ran to target to get a few things for the house and got a new sports bra! Ill upload pics (: Its super cute and ridiculously comfy. I got the okay to wear sports bras so that's a huge relief! Later last night I got pretty sore after bending down and picking up toys and (may be tmi) successful and not too painful sexy time with my husband for the first time since my surgery day (long awaited!) so after my daughter went to bed I took an oxy bc the pain was pretty intense. I just over did it. Because of the pain pill I slept really good last night and woke up with not so bad morning boob. I actually have felt so good today I did some light housework! Thenmy boobs got really tight and my back started hurting like they were reminding me to not over do it again and chill out lol so I took some tylenol and now I'm relaxing (: the swelling has definitely gone down amd they've gotten significantly softer which is awesome! Can't wait to see what's to come (:

PO7- so one week! Crazy how fast things are going!...

PO7- so one week! Crazy how fast things are going! I don't really have much to update on. Pain in my boobs is very minimal just tightness and occasional soreness. My back and shoulders is what's hurting me nowadays. Not used to the weight of the new girls I guess! Lol anyone else have this problem?? I just take some tylenol and relax and it usually makes it better. I have my next appt this coming wednesday and ill get to learn about massages and stuff so I'm pretty excited to get these babies where they need to be! I think I'm gonna start wearing the surgical bra with the strap on it again to try and get them to start dropping faster...today they were riding pretty high and I was not a fan of that bc I thought they were making some progress ): I got the ok for showers last appt as long as I cover the incision sight wiwith water proof bandaids and lemme tell ya they are the best part of my day lol. The hot water feels so good on the girls! And I love the way I look naked now (: I used to dread showers with my husband because of my little boobs and now I make him go with me (: he washes my hair for me! Lol. I did some cleaning and laundry today without a problem which was nice. I'm not looking forward to next week bc my husband is in the military and will be away all week.... definitely not what I was hoping for but hey that's what we signed up for ): I've taken care of our daughter for months while he was on deployment so I know I'm obviously capable and a week is nothing compared to that but the boob situation makes it more complicated and I just don't like being away from him anymore. Hello seperation anxiety thanks to 2 deployments. Preciate cha.

Hi ladies I know its been a while but just wanted...

Hi ladies I know its been a while but just wanted to update! Its been almost one month since my surgery! I had my one month checkup today and I got the steristrips removed from the incision sight and it looks sooooo good! I had to shower with waterproof bandaids on them so I'm excited to not have to do that now (: ive been hitting up the gym (just cardio and legs) so that has been really nice! It feels good to get off the couch and not feel like a lump on a log. my husband has helped a lot with massaging and they have softened up significantly and dropped too! They're starting to look like more natural boobies (: I absolutely love love love them! I can't wait to see what they look like in another month! They're changing a lot (: ill upload pictures soon!

Lovin my Tatas!! 3 months po (: ?


Hi ladies!! So I know its been a while since I've updated yall but I just wanted to let everyone know how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my boobies (: I owe Dr. Pousti so much for making me feel like a sexy confident woman!! My self esteem is better than it has probably ever been and my husband is loving every second lol. He seriously is almost always staring at my chest and I love it (: they're fluffing and look so great! Ill post some outfit pics soon so you can see what they look like dressed up (: my incisions are almost unnoticeable and I havent been putting any scar cream on them...dr pousti is so great at what he does! 10 stars all around!! Thank you everyone for all of the positive feedback! You're just confirming all of my positive thoughts (:

6 months po

6 mos po

9mos po and sooooo happy!!

Wow has it really been 9months??? My breasts are everything and more than I could ever have hoped for! Dr. Pousti has made a huge impact on my life by making my dream to look and feel like a woman come true! There aren't enough words of gratitude I could express :) love love looooooving my tatas :)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Pousti on yelp and just read all they positive reviews and followed the link to his website and wow everything I read, saw, and researched was amazing. I made a consultation and the staff was just as wonderful as Dr. Pousti himself. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him to anybody! I give 10 stars to his establishment (:

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I have a question! Your ps didnt say you have little breast tissue for saline implants? Do you see rippling? They look great btw
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He said I had just enough and was a perdect candidate for saline! There has been absolutely no rippling (:
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All the doctors that saw me said I don't have much breast tissue and I think I have more than you lol. I don't know I m so indecisive with this. But I think after a lot of thinking I m going with silicone. Hopefully I m making the right decision:(
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THey look amazing! congrats :D
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Wow, beautiful! Very beautiful.
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Looking amazing!! How are the incisions/scars doing? When did you notice the most drop and fluff? I'm 1 month and 1 day out now.
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You look great!
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You look so good! I can't wait to drop more and fluff.
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Omg! You look great. Got my date with pousti in 2 wks!!! So nervous. How are your incisions?
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They look brilliant and so do you, I'm so jealous of your great abs, but I guess you work for them. I'd be over the moon if they were my boobs!,
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Thank you so much!! I amOver the moon ((:
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Hey quick question? it's just that i can't make up my mind. These is something i really want for me, yet i don't want these to interfer with my health. Im @ 100% that ima do it and then i research and then back out :(... did you do any reasearch on mold on the implants afters years they been implanted?
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I came across something online about that once, on some random site, but never in any peer-reviewed medical journals. Gotta question the validity of info like that...
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You look great!
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Yay, glad you're doing well! :) Can you believe it's already been a month? Time flies when you're having fun!!
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How are you feeling now ? You were three days after me. Very close stats . I'm still swollen and riding very high.
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I'm feeling stiff mostly. I'm still swollen and high as well ): its gone down a little but not much!
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I guess we are all feeling the same then . I just want to feel normal again . :)
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I have my BA scheduled for May 24th with Pousti! I loved the 550 sizers and saw that you did too. Pousti said he couldn't fit that many CCs in me, my stats are in my review. He said he could probably do 350CC silicone unders. Are you happy with yours after liking the 550 sizers?
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I know you said you liked it after all, but do they look similar to when you tried on the 550 sizers? I just thought the sizers looked smaller on me than I thought it would be.
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Yeah weirdly enough the 550 sizers actually looked pretty close to what my 350s look like now! I'm very happy with how they look if I wouldve actually went with the 550 I think I would look waaaaaayy out of proportion
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I hope so! I'm not hung up on the number I just want them to look like how the sizers did on me. :) my friend has 500s and is taller and has wider hips than me and hers are huge! Sizers...they are such a tease! Haha. When's your next post op follow up?
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Yeah I'm 5'6 and I think anything over 400 would have made me look weird! But I have a very narrow frame and hips. My next follow up is wednesday and ge told me I'm going to learn some massages so that should be interesting!
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I'm thinking from reading your posts that you meant worth it! Lol I saw not worth it then read your update and was like...so she's so happy yet it wasn't worth it :) congrats on the girls! Looking great!
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Lol I put worth it the dang thing just messed up somehow I've had to change it like a million times already haha. DEFINITELY worth it (:
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