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I have been overweight all of my life and a few...

I have been overweight all of my life and a few years ago I decided to make a change. I lost a total of 96lbs and have kept if off for a few years. After my weight loss I had excess skin in the abodminal region and had a tummy tuck. During my consultation with my plastic surgeon we talked about a breast augmentation but I was still unsure if that was something I really wanted. Well, two years later, I have decided to go through with the procedure. I have had a lot of time to think about it and I know it will give me the confidence I feel like I deserve. I am returning to the same plastic surgeon that did my tummy tuck because my results are unbelievable. The confidence I gained from this procedure is immeasurable and I can only imagine how my breast augmentation will make me feel. I am a little worried that I will come out looking too big..that is not my goal. I am tall (5'11), athletic (workout about 4-6 days a week) and curvy, about 185lbs. The doc wants me to go at least 550cc (and that is being conservative in his eyes), he thinks I should be anywhere from 600-650cc. WEll the surgery is tomorrow and if anyone has any advice or opinion on how large I should go, I would greatly appreciate it.


Good luck!
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Hi, i am 6 days post op breast lift and augmentation. I am very pleased with my results so far but when I first seen them after surgery they looked huge to me, but now that the swelling is going down they look much more what i was expecting! So don't be too alarmed when you first see them!!! Good luck!!!!
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Thank you very much! I'm so glad you are happy with your results. I can only imagine the confidence it will bring you. :-)

I'm in the waiting room and I'm so nervous. It...

I'm in the waiting room and I'm so nervous. It makes me question if I'm doing the right thing. I have to continually remind myself that this is the right choice. :-) I know it is!!! Woo hoo. Ok. Now I'm excited. I'll keep you updated. Hopefully I can post after the procedure.


How did it go? I hope you're feeling okay. The first few days will be the hardest and then you'll turn a corner. Thinking about you!

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Don't be worried you will be sooo happy when you are in recovery!!! It is well deserved after all of your weight loss!!
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Good morning/evening. I can't sleep..woke up to...

Good morning/evening. I can't sleep..woke up to take some more pain medicine because my amazing boyfriend set an alarm for every 4 hours. He is sleeping on the floor at the moment..he's a keeper. Well, I did it!!!! I had surgery this morning at around 11am and woke up in recovery at around 130pm. I woke up and it initially felt like a had bricks on my chest. I looked down and, oh my word, I HAD BOOBS. The first thing I asked the nurse was "what is the number written on my chest?". She responded, "752cc" . I yelled, "holy sweet Jesus, you're lying". At that point I was in shock at the number. My plastic surgeon came and talked to me and said, "don't worry about the number, its just a number. You had constricted/tuberous breasts and I had to open up the chest. You have a large shoulders and hips and my number one goal was to make your more proportional". Well, he sure did!! I was a little apprehensive to look in the mirror but I trust my surgeon. He knew exactly the look I was going for and brought the poster I made with boobs I loved and boobs I did not like in the surgery room. After the nurse wheeled me out of the recovery room I saw a glimpse of the new girls and they look amazing!!!!!!!! Not too big at all...they totally balance out. I can't wait until the swelling goes down and they settle. Right now, I'm pretty sore because the anesthesia wore off and I was very itchy. I called the nurse and she advised me to take a benedryl. This exact thing happened after my tummy tuck but I totally forgot. The benedryl kicks in pretty quickly. I'll keep you updated as the days progress.


You are so welcome!!! I am glad that everything went well, and glad that you are happy with your new "girls" :) i hope you have a fast recovery, my pain has been very manageable. I go tomorrow to get my surgi-tape off and i am very excited about that because it is starting to irritate my skin. Day 7 for me and i am trying to manage with tylenol for the first time today. Don't forget to ice, it was such a savior!!
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I'm sure you can't wait to see them! I'm so excited for you. I didn't even think about ice! I am using it right now and it totally helps. Thank you for the tip.
Hope you are doing well!
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