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Hello everyone, I'm a 42/yo mother of three thats...

Hello everyone, I'm a 42/yo mother of three thats no stranger to plastic surg, I started with breast reduction went from DD to A cup which sucked, i was a big girl already and it just made my stomach look even bigger,lol , so years later i got implants, still not happy at that point with my body, in 2010 i tried BBL i was told i should have lower body lift at the time but i couldnt afford it so i just opt for BBL, bad move on my part what a waist of money. so then in 2011 i had TT, which i love i wished i would have done that first, it gave me alot more shape and i wasnt as ashamed of my then, still not happy but not as sad. So here I'am today ready to make that last change (i hope) lol but as you can see im a work in progress..I'm doing doing this to be skinny or thinner looking, i dont mind at all being a plus size girl, i just want to be a plus size girl with a killer shape..

I've done a lot of research on doctors and right now i'm leaning toward Pantoja in mexico..

I love this site, i want to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your journey its nice to know your not alone in this struggle to be a better you.

What are your sizes in clothing?
im a size 14 to 16
how much is pantoja tryna charge you

I've got my quote from Campos, I'm not happy about...

I've got my quote from Campos, I'm not happy about his quote he cost just as much as Salama, and took forever to respond to my here it goes my quotes so far
Pantoja for butt lift with fat grafting to buttocks as much as my butt will hold, plus lipo to my arms, inner thighs, flanks (waist), upper and lower back plus upper abdomen, which includes one night stay at recovery house plus meal, operating room, anesthesiologist, ekg, labs, 1 compression garment plus unlimited post vists all for Salama is just for BBL with lipo to abdomen, flanks and back for 7799 and as most of you ladies know that it doesnt include a whole lot just the basics...Campos lower body lift (butt lift) $3000,lipo to abd, upper back $2000, lipo to hips $600, fat grafting $600, anesthesia $600, s facility $1100, girdle $180, post op meds $125, and a $900 discount for a total of 7305 and Fuentes quote butt lift plus lipo to abd, flanks,back and inner thigh with hosp and doc fees the total is 5700 i really like how professional he seems he send all the info at once... I think im going to go with Pantoja I can get more lipo done a better price and more is included in his packages. I'm still looking for march/13 to have this done will be paying mine with income tax money only way i can afford this. but at this time im still looking at doctors
I'm having the same problem. I think I'm going to go to Dr. Pantoja in March, but idk? He quoted me 5,900 for a BBL & Breast Reduction/Lift. Good Luck!!
hey checkin on you have you decided on a dr just yet ... this is my dilemma as well.
no I havent its really hard to choose, you want the best doctor and the price you can afford, I'm now waiting on a quote from Cardenas, I got a quote from Pascual, wow 20,000 and 2 separate surgerys he isn't even a factor at this point, im stil stuck between Pantoja, and Perry and will see what Cardenas says, who are you looking into

After much research and debate im going with Dra...

after much research and debate im going with Dra Yily, i havent set my date yet but i hope its feb 21,22, or the 25th still have a lot to do, dont have a place in mind to stay yet, i dont really want to stay at recovery house but i will see, Im hoping to find a buddy so if any of you ladies are going at that time let me know maybe we can buddy up. I still lots of planning to do any suggestions on a place to stay besides the recovery house, im trying to save more money. Thanks ladies
did you get a quote .
Congrats!! #TeamYily Im hoping to go to her in March. I have a while researching the procedure and im super excited. Keep us posted!!
Hello lookintobebigbootyjudy!! I too have chosen to have my surgery performed by Dra. Yily. I should be going January 11, 2013. I will keep you updated if I proceed with the procedure. I am soooo nervous. I’m thinking about changing my date to something later. Good luck on your journey and welcome.

I think Yiliy does beautiful work and I really...

I think Yiliy does beautiful work and I really wanted to go to her.but after a month of not responding to my date request, and Spanish voicemails left and still nothing (so unprofessional) and please dont tell me how busy she is that much is, obvious ,but a month is uncalled for when girls have been getting answers within ten days not 30, And it was not my first time trying to set date. In january i sent my first request for date i asked for a date at the end of feb, she responded in 3 days told me that feb and march was full so i sent back to her requesting april 2nd still no response so thats where Im at. Now Im going back Pantoja hopefully April 16th is my day. Going to Mx is more money but im ok with that now .
glad you chose Dr P
I m sorry you went through the same problem most of us have with Yily! Pantoja does a great job and he is not as expensif as Campos. I decided to go with Dra Duran and believe she can give me that small waist and big buttock.
Where is she located and can you give me her website I wanna check her out .

Lol today i final got an email from yily saying...

lol today i final got an email from yily saying can i com 3/18/13 ,if i would have had that date 3 weeks ago heck yea, but now its just not enough time for me to prepare, but any way im 90% sure its Duran now, i at least have a date april 3.. Pantoja was full, so im still kinda of holding out for a cancelation in april for him, but im Happy about my choice. One thing i will say about Duran is, i've asked her several times for a detail account of pre/post op instructions, and how she performs her procedures, you know like the one yily gave out that has all that info in it, she responded back but it was very brief not to informative, just basic need to take iron, hgb needs to be 12 or greater, i need more info she did how ever give me her number to contact her, so when i get a chance i will email her again and ask her when is the best time to contact her, i dont like to bother doctors to much just only in thier absolute free time. if anybody has info on a cheap place to stay near her office besides jmspa let me know, im hearing about angela's place, dont really care about having a nurse, cuz im a nurse and have been thru this before. but i dont have any info on angela's, please help my time is approuching fast, and with all this confusion with the doctors i havent truly prepared my self
good luck girl, I have a feeling a lot of girls will be switching to Duran after having had not such great experiences with Yily..all the best to you..:)))
I think Yily gave you my spot on the 18th! I canceled a couple of days ago. I'm going to Duran because she does great body sculpting and gives big butts ! Not to mention she's really nice & responds very quickly!! I'm going Monday & will updates with pics and review!!!
good luck can't wait to hear your review and see your pictures, I wish I would've found out about her months ago, I feel like I wasted 5 months trying to get you Yiliy. I'm here now team Duran so I'm so excited I'm going in a couple weeks

Surgery in am with Dra Duran..will keep you posted...

Surgery in am with Dra Duran..will keep you posted as much as possible, dra has her work cut out for her tomorrow wish me luck and beauty
hey hun checking on you ... how are you?
Happy healing to you. I'm glad that you went thru without any complications and on your way to recovery. I wish I seen this earlier I would have gave you brief details on the places she suggested in her email to me for stay. Where did you wind up staying and how long are you staying for? Thanks for the update, your pictures looks good.
So far ur looking nice in the pic, although ur bandage up. But yeah, no need to comment on ur body soo soon, gurl!! U know u gotta wait it out! .LOL... So just relax your body and focus on Healing. Just keep us posted on how ur feeling and what's happening around the way hehee!!

If you want to see Duran results go to her twitter...

If you want to see Duran results go to her twitter page
Congrats! Enjoy your new body in great health. I'm also quoting around since I'm BBW and need a dr who is willing to work on this body. So far great response from Yoly but I wanted to get a quote from Duran and Almonte, neither of which have responded... Smh Once I know for sure, I will be listing pics
Hey. U look great! Lovee your shape. I too am trying to get more info from Duran about this procedure but she won't reply me :( were u successful when you called her?
Can you give me her email ?
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