Need Help Finding a Doctor - San Diego, CA

I've been researching on this site for a long time...

I've been researching on this site for a long time now, and I get extremely frustrated that I can't seem to find the information I need! I live in San Diego, and I want to get a BBL close to home. I would consider close anything less than a 2-3 hour drive.

I'm interested in an aggressive lipo procedure with a lot of CCs. I want a dramatic result with a good shape (don't we all?). I can't seem to find any doctors near me that impress me with their before and after photos except Dr Campos. I'm not 100% against crossing the border for the procedure, but I have to admit the idea scares me. I would feel much more comfortable staying state side.

I've seen some of Dr Dass' patient results and like those, but it seems like he charges $10,000+ for the procedure. Is there a surgeon in Southern California that can perform an aggressive BBL for around $7,000??? Any suggestions would be so appreciated!
Hello janedelay, I personally went with Dr Campos and I'm happy with my results. I don't think anybody in california has low prices that r that aggressive. DR HUGHS SEEMS to be a good aggressive lipo Dr but charges a lot.
Hi calibomb, thank you so much for your input. I haven't logged in to RealSelf in a while, so I am just now seeing your comment. I probably won't actually go through with the procedure for another year, an I continue to come back to Dr Campos every time I research more. How long ago did you have your procedure done? Maybe when the time grows closer I can message you with some specific questions should I decide to go with Dr Campos? I'll check out Dr Hughs as well. Thanks again!
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