Need Help Finding a Doctor - San Diego, CA

I've been researching on this site for a long time...

I've been researching on this site for a long time now, and I get extremely frustrated that I can't seem to find the information I need! I live in San Diego, and I want to get a BBL close to home. I would consider close anything less than a 2-3 hour drive.

I'm interested in an aggressive lipo procedure with a lot of CCs. I want a dramatic result with a good shape (don't we all?). I can't seem to find any doctors near me that impress me with their before and after photos except Dr Campos. I'm not 100% against crossing the border for the procedure, but I have to admit the idea scares me. I would feel much more comfortable staying state side.

I've seen some of Dr Dass' patient results and like those, but it seems like he charges $10,000+ for the procedure. Is there a surgeon in Southern California that can perform an aggressive BBL for around $7,000??? Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

Made my deposit with Dr. Fisher!! Now I need some help from experienced BBL patients...

I tried finding options closer to home, but couldn't find the results I think I would be happy with. I finally decided to just suck it up and travel to get the results I know Dr Fisher can give me.

I've been communicating with Lia from Vanity. So far so good.

I have to say, the more reviews I read the more nervous I get. Is the staff truly as bad as some reviews say? I don't understand how they can just cancel/reschedule your surgery on last minute notice, especially for clients flying in from all around the country for their dates!

Also, is the recovery house awful? My boyfriend is going to stay with me the whole time, and he is VERY particular. If we stay at a nicer hotel instead, will the nurses and the massage people come to me, or would I need to go to the office or somewhere to meet them every day?

I need some really honest feedback on the recovery house. If we get there, and it's gross or crowded he will be so upset. He is really nervous about me doing this, but is trying to be as supportive as possible. I just don't want any bumps in the road, so if anyone who has stayed there reads this please share your experiences. It would be so much appreciated!
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