34 Days Has Passed Since my Surgery Date - San Diego, CA

Words can't express how I feel after my...

Words can't express how I feel after my surgery both physically and psychologically. I was an H before my surgery and now I am a full D, which is just perfect for my figure. Dr. Pousti did an excellent job by matching my breast size to my body type. I would recommend Dr. Tom Pousti to anyone out there who may be considering breast reduction surgery; he is an experienced physician, kind, highly knowledgeable and very straight forward, along with his sensitive and helpful staff.

My part was easy - they did everything - and the beautiful result is the icing on the cake so to speak. My recovery was easy-breezy. It was a walk in the park. I had to take it easy, but I was up doing as much stuff as could. I didn't have any sharp pains or nausea anything like that." The only discomfort was wearing the harness of bra for thirty-three days LOL.

For other women who may be considering breast reduction surgery I would absolutely recommend Dr. Tom Pousti and his wonderful staff of nurses. Mary J San Diego, CA

Welcome to RealSelf, Sorgham! I too was an H and now a full D or DD. Very happy I finally decided to take this step. Thanks for posting!

Thank you for sharing your journey:)   I am glad that everything turned out well and that you are loving your new breasts.


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Dr.Tom Pousti is highly knowledgeable and experienced,double board certified.

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