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Tummy Tuck Here I Come! - San Clemente, CA

I'm 33 years young, 5'6" & 190lbs...

I'm 33 years young, 5'6" & 190lbs. I use to weigh 298lbs. I choose to have a tummy tuck because I've lost over 100lbs in the last year an half.

I'll add pictures soon.

Here is some pictures of my tummy :0( I'm so ready...

Here is some pictures of my tummy :0( I'm so ready for my tummy to look like a happy tummy and not a sad tummy :0/
WOW, your date is right here! How exciting for you and you will need to keep up updated on your journey....sending well wishes and speedy healing thoughts your way my friend.

Congrats on your weight loss! That's a huge deal and I hope you're proud of yourself. I'll be reading your updates with interest.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos here on RealSelf!

Puggymom- We'll soon have new hot tummies :0) I'd love to keep in touch to watch our changes! Good luck to you as well.

Only 2 more days! I'm starting to get a little...

Only 2 more days! I'm starting to get a little nervous! I've taken care of everything that I needed to take care of before my surgery, now it's just waiting for Tuesday! I can't believe it's already here!!
well, my day is here!! My husband is on his way home to take me to the hospital and then he has to go so he can catch a boat in San Diego, my friend should be there when I wake up. I believe all is going to be fine. See ya ladies on the TT bench :0)
Good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and praying for a great, safe outcome. Oh gosh so excited for you!!
Good luck, you will be fine! Sending you speedy recovery vibes.

Well, I'm 2 days po & I honestly feel like I'm...

Well, I'm 2 days po & I honestly feel like I'm doing great and my doctor agrees. Dr. Evans removed 5lbs of loss skin, tightened my abs and gave me a cute little belly button. I came out of surgery with 6 drain tubs, but they removed 2 last night before they sent me home. I go back tomorrow and he hopes to remove 2 more. My pain level is not even worth taking pain meds for. I'm getting around pretty much on my own. I hope everyone else is doing well.
looks like we are gonna be pretty close to looks....hope my after gives u hope as to what to expect!! good luck!
Wow, that is great news.....I hope mine goes that well! I am on pins & needles with my nerves, but it will be worth it I'm sure.
I'm sure you'll do great!! My doctor was so shocked when he found out I didn't want or take any pain meds. Well, for one, it clouds the mind & for two it slows down the healing process. I wish you the best of luck.

3 day PO- I'm doing good this morning. I slept...

3 day PO- I'm doing good this morning. I slept most the night, after taking a pain pill. It was my first pain pill throughout this whole thing. I have a doctors appointment this morning to see about getting these stupid drains out! I'm really hoping they come out, their a pain!!
Wow sounds like you are doing just awesome ! Congrats to you!! Can't wait to see yr pictures. Glad it went smoothly & that you are recovering nicley. A
Thanks!! I truly hope I look as half as good as you :0)

4 days PO. I went to see my doc yesterday, he...

4 days PO. I went to see my doc yesterday, he removed 2 more of tubs and I got a better look at my new tummy and belly button!! I was shocked!! I use to have a belly button that I could put almost a whole q-tip in and now, it's right there!! I did however get tired yesterday, I had to be at my doctors office at 11am and then he was called to surgery so I didn't get home until 3pm or so, but an hour of so of rest I felt fine. I have been hearing from my husband daily via e-mail and facebook, he always know how to lift my spirits, even from the ocean on a boat :0)
My doctor told me he removed 5lbs. I don't know about any other doctors.

Thanks!! I'm doing really good. I've been sleeping throughout the night and drinking only water :0)
I'm just curious, do the doctors, when they remove the skin & do lipo, tell you how much it all weighed? I understand that you don't generally lose weight when you have the TT & lipo, but it would be good to know what was removed...

I am glad to hear that you are doing well and hubby will be so suprised when he gets home. Get lots of rest and drink lots of water, it will help with the healing and in flushing the fluids from your body.
I'm doing rather well, better than I thought I would. Thanks! I hope to take some pictures as soon as the swelling goes down.

Day 5 PO :0) With every passing day it gets a...

Day 5 PO :0) With every passing day it gets a little better. I've still only taken 1 pain pill throughout this whole thing. I drove yesterday and wow do curves make my tummy feel a little weird. I'm going to try to shower today. I can't do this nasty feeling anymore and my hair is starts to stay in place..haha I'll take pictures and post them after I take a shower.

I finally showered!! YAY!! I feel so much better....

I finally showered!! YAY!! I feel so much better. I took a few pictures, but I'm still VERY swollen, it's only been 5 days.
Thanks!! I can't wait for the swelling to go down :0)
You look fantastic! I can't believe you are managing without pain meds. I am rationing my percoset so I have enough until I see my ps tomorrow. Guess I have a low pain tolerance.
OMG you look amazing!! Way to go.

Yay!! I'm drain FREE!!! I feel somewhat normal...

Yay!! I'm drain FREE!!! I feel somewhat normal again & I can wear cloths, not just nightgowns :0)

I go in Friday morning to have the stitches removed from around my new belly button. I can't wait!!

I'm feeling GREAT! I didn't think this TT would be such a cake walk, but it's been rather easy.
Thanks! I have no idea about the weight loss after the TT, I'm only 6 days out. I went in weighing 190lbs and now weigh 188lbs and I have a ton of swelling.
I haven't had much pain at all, but my pain tolerance is pretty high.
you look awsomem but I wanted to ask, is weight loss easier after getting the tummy tuck? Im having my surgery Friday Aug 19, Im a lil scared of the pain :).
oh how i know about the swelling...i didnt have any lipo so my ps said i didnt need a garment to wear but u put an ace bandage wrapped around my belly when it is getting a little swollen...plus heating pad and motrin and im doin great!!!

1 week PO & shower #2 taken! I'm so happy, I...

1 week PO & shower #2 taken! I'm so happy, I finally shaved, now I'm not a hairy lady :0)

I'm doing really good, still very swollen, but it's my own fault. I hate taking medications if I don't just HAVE to!

I'm talking to my husband daily and he really helps lift my spirits.

8 days PO. I'm feeling rather well, but find...

8 days PO. I'm feeling rather well, but find myself still very tired in the mornings :0/ I take my vitamins & that helps, by normally by 3pm I'm ready for bed..haha I think I'm sleeping at night, but not really resting. I normally sleep on my side, but haven't since I had surgery.

I just changed my dressing and took a couple of...

I just changed my dressing and took a couple of pictures :0)
Yeah mine too, Im going in tomorrow :) Im 188 and only 5'1 I hope I come out looking close to what you look, very very nice.. God Bless you and I hope you heal fast, I will post pics of before and after soon. I will also stay intouch..

10 days PO. I go in this morning to have the...

10 days PO. I go in this morning to have the stitches around my belly button removed. I'm a little scared, it's been years since I've had stitches. Also, my belly button is very sensitive and always has been.
I also weighed this morning, before surgery I was 190lbs and this morning I am 184lbs. I'm still swollen too :0)

A few days ago I had a little trouble with a few of my drain site areas, they were red and very sore. I've been taking very good care of them and I'd glad to say their no longer red or sore. I somewhat slept on my side last night..yay

New Pictures :0)

New Pictures :0)
You look fantastic! Hope your recovery continues to go well!

I'm 12 days PO. I just took my wrap off and...

I'm 12 days PO. I just took my wrap off and noticed I'm nor swollen than normal. I'm starting to get the feeling back in my tummy now. Also my wrap was not as tight as I think it should have been. I've noticed the swelling moves around, is that normal as well?
Fabulous results!! How are you feeling??? I'm pretty darned sore, tight & drUgged.
I'm doing alright, just swollen today! I wish this dang swelling would go down, but other than that I'm doing rather well.

I'm 2 weeks PO today and I just talked to my...

I'm 2 weeks PO today and I just talked to my doctor about the swelling that's been moving around and he said it's not normal & that it's either a seroma or I have fluid on my abdomen and that neither are good, but not something that can't be treated. He also told me to go buy a corset time body wrap to wear under my wrap he gave me and if it's either that might just take care of it, plus he's going to change my medication for swelling. Wish me luck!! I don't want another drain or to be opened again :0/
hi there, it looks great.. i had my surgey Aug.19,2011, i have had lil pain a lot of swelling and plenty of gas bloat oh my..i finally put up before and after pics. gl continue to recover well
oh and i was 190lbs 5'1, look like my doctor took away and contoured my body up. i keep hearing that ur bmi need to be, but i was overweight and now since being at home i have lost another 6 lbs..
Dr. Evens

Doctor Evans is an amazing surgeon & person.

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