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My surgery went ok but my blood pressure spiked a...

My surgery went ok but my blood pressure spiked a bit. I stayed overnite in their surgery center. I was monitored and had an RN taking care of me. The next day I went home with one drain and lots of instructions.My husband started to pass out when he saw me. I did look awful, but not as bad as i expected. The next 4 days are pretty fuzzy because I took the pain pills and really laid low. after about a week I could see what I might look like. I saw the Dr. at 1 day postop, 3 days, 5 days, one week, and about 10 days. then at 2 weeks and at 3 weeks. My Dr. was fantastic.

I do have some slight swelling at 5 weeks out, but doesnt bother me. Also have numbness in head, sides of face, ears, and forehead. But I knew this would happen.
My surgery was six hours. Maybe things will change, Ill post if they do, but right now I am one happy camper.

I was out and about at ten days, and went to my club at two weeks. My friends were astounded. I had given my doctor a picture of me at 45 and I know he had it on the wall in the OR.
I still need a little makeup but life is good. I must sleep on my back or bad things happen . I dont like it but some people dont have a bed to sleep on so I deal with it. I have to eat light and not drink and not eat rich food or high salt foods. Yes, there is discomfort but I know this surgery was very traumatic to my system. From reading all the posts, it seems many people have lots of troubles.

I find I sometimes start to obsess about the surgery and my face. I notice that when I am busy I forget about it. I also found that most people arent looking at me really and dont notice what I notice.

my advice to others, dont scimp on the cost. I live in southern california. There are many options here, from life style lift ( about 9k for what i had) to beverly hills certified artists for 35k. also, be realistic. If you are real heavy, youre still going to look heavy after the surgery. Look at a picture of yourself maybe 15 years back. If you liked the way you looked then, you will like your result. Be sure you really need the surgery and arent just obsessed with looking younger.

Jst realized i dont have a smiling after picture ....

jst realized i dont have a smiling after picture . Im posting one that was taken at 3 weeks. Please note my face was a blank canvas, I had never had anything done.

also posting another before picture.

Six weeks, not too many changes . am posting...

six weeks, not too many changes . am posting pictures with no concealer. there is still some swelling here and there. I assume its because I had 2 glasses of wine and a big dinner last nite.

my ears are still tender, cant lay on my side. still Im very excited about the results and life is becoming more normal every day. Hit golf balls yesterday and tomorrow am playing!

Hello, today is eight weeks out. I am back to my...

hello, today is eight weeks out. I am back to my evil ways with lemon drop martinis and mexican food. I posted apicture with no camoflauge. there is swelling. see above. this week im behaving.

days go by now that i dont think about this facelift. my friends tell me im gorgeous and the difference is huge, but Im over the whole thing. very glad I had the procedure. Not going to obsess about lumps or bumps. they go away anyway.

detail update: sleeping on side. hurrah! still numb on top of head and sides of face and ears. skin a little tight occasionally. otherwise Im very happy camper. lymph node release by massage therapist a fabulous experience. I recommend to everyone.

Hello, now it really is 7 weeks, i had dates all...

hello, now it really is 7 weeks, i had dates all mixed up. Have a new picture that is better.
Went to colorado the altitude and dryness had some impact on my face. there was more swelling and tightness. In this case, a good allergy pill fixed everything up. pollen counts very high there. Good luck to all future face lift receivers. may you be as happy as I am.

3months out

saw my Surgeon, he gave me my pictures. the before picture is monstrous, but honesty is the best policy. the after pictures are with minimal makeup, i wanted him to see my skin clearly. life is still interesting. drinking and eating salty food will punish me but doesnt seem to stop me from having an occasional martini.

parts of head still numb, ears still tender. this is not for the faint of heart.
sometimes sweeling occurs, and its uneven. underchin scar still a little red. but my friends tell me i look like a child so what do i care?

having a little trouble posting pixs brb



before side


pictures not in order

sorry i can t seem to delete any. oh well.

almost 5 months out

hi everybody. im doing well, don't think about my surgery much anymore. Im addicted to reading tt reviews and facelift reviews but otherwise all is good. my face has definitely relaxed a bit around my mouth but im ok with it. there is a little divot between my eyes but im ok with that too. still a little uncomfortable at times. using arnica for occasional swelling due to martinis.

Eight months

Recovered. Look about the same, but face more relaxed.
It was definitely worth the cost and discomfort.

Two hints for future face lifters

Be cautious with ice, my dr denied me ice. Said numb face plus ice can lead to burns and marks. Same with heat.

Exercise too early causes more swelling. It's a long road coming back to normal activity.

I changed my makeup and my hair with the help of professionals. Really important to look your best.

Last, don't tell your surgeon what to do. He is the expert. Don't shop for one that will do what you want when others won't. You'll end up with the wrong one. My dr told me he turns some women away. Because he just knows he can never make them happy. Oh...when u are obsessing on your looks, try to gain perspective. In the global view, how important is it?

18 months out

Hi all. I am doing fine. I did gain about ten pounds, my exercise level declined. When I realized I was bigger, I got serious, lost 16 pounds and got a trainer. I will lose 12 more and then decide if I want more. I suspect it's easy to gain weight after a facelift.
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Excellent. a magician.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What a sensible woman you are and don't you look fabulous. I have read many a post on this site from women with barely a wrinkle obsessing about their looks, and funny even after the face lift they are still critical and find something else to obsess over. Everything I have ever had done has had complications from botox, fillers, nose job etc. I would love to have a face lift as have been very ill for a number of years and have aged ungracefully lol. but am too frightened. There was one lass on the site who was very pretty but so critical about so many tiny things I'm sure no one else noticed. she decided to have a face lift at 45, I was very worried for her and wrote and said how pretty she was and did she really need this work which was a strain financially for her and I was called a butt hole by another woman for not writing meaningless trivia. All the best, your hair and everything really compliments you and it was great to read a sensible post.
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Looking fantastic, congratulations. I also gained weight after surgery, didn't seem to have any energy for so long.
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Wonderful pic's ... you look extremely happy. I'm trying not to do any more researching on the internet about FL but sometimes I can't help myself LOL Your review is inspiring and gives me that much more confidence in making my decision to have FL, NL and eyes done. Pictures say a thousand words and the ones I see here are of a woman who is happy and confident with the results and herself. Thank you for the wonderful diary (w/o gory post surgery pics).
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Wow you look great. Like you only rested and younger. Great job!
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How much fun it is to read your review and see the amazing transformation. I will take all that you have said along with me during my journey next week and 'beyond'! I know what you mean about being obsessed and addicted to the reviews lol.:)
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My goodness, your results are so jaw dropping, you look like you but at least 25 years younger than before. Everyone must be so proud of you, I agree Dr Miller is a magician!
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Thank you, very sweet of you.
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You do look lovely. These reviews are addicting.
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Silverlegend, you have the sweetest face you look lovely! Agree with you so much about realistic expectations. I live in the Midwest but grew up in Nor-Cal, you're correct about prices..I'm 49 and have a very saggy neck, can't stand it. my doc has recommended neck, upper and lower eyes and forehead lift. I really only need neck at this point, and I'm going to do it in January. I trust my doc, but I think we all need to remind ourselves why we are doing this...I still want to look like myself, just with a 10-15 year younger neck. This will cost me in the 12K range just for neck, for all 3 procedures it would be 18k. I just wanted to thank you for reminding us all to keep things in perspective. Again, you look lovely!
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Thank you. And pictures are interesting....I could take pictures now that makeme look great, or pictures that make me look awful. It's all about the angle!
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Slvlegend, You results are really great and posting b4/after in sequence is very helpful in seeing the dramatic difference. I am curious about the temporal brow lift. Where are those incisions? and what is the recovery in that area? Did he use an endoscope to do the surgery? Is the area more numb or painful than the facelift or eye surgical areas. And was it both an upper and lower? Actually 17K for all of that in a surgical cntr and with board anesthesiologist AND with overnight care is really not that much esp in your geo area. Thanks for you answers......grace60
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Your transformation is fabulous! You are happy and your PS must be, also! Thanks for sharing your updates. I am 8 weeks out and it is very encouraging to read updates from you who are further along the road than I.
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Silverlegend .....your 17,000 . Was that including all anesthesia and facility charges? thanks, grace
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I don't know what silverlegend had done, but I had FL, necklift, lipo under my chin/neck...chin implant, upper and lowers lids. Because I had multiple procedures, I got discounts, when the price went over what I had to spend, I called the office and his secretary asked him if he could knock off the extra (it was $400, I think) he agreed. I was grateful. So what he charged me was $10,000 for all that, and the hospital fees for the surgery, anesthesiologist, etc...was $4,900 or there abouts. My surgeon taught most of the PS around here, and he set his prices lower (and he does all the local celebrities). But yes, you have to factor in other fees. A friend of mine paid the $650 overnight fee by the hospital as well. The surgeon didn't want me to go home after surgery. I am sooooooooooo glad I didn't now. In fact, I never got out of the hospital until the next night.
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I think it was 17700. I stayed overnite, had general anesthesia and a board certified anesthesiologist.
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10000 for all is very low....where do you live?
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I agree, would be interested in more info. FMF, I looked at your profile but you haven't reviewed any procedures. Who was your doctor? TY
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Just popped in to look at your profile...holy wow! You are gorgeous! Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your success!
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Thanks that's very nice of you
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Silverlegend, thanks again for the hair advice and your pictures are amazing and beautiful! Thank you for all the detail that you gave above it all helps! :-) Kathy
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looking gorgeous!!!!!
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You results are BEAUTIFUL!!!
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Glad to hear everything is going well. Congrats!
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You look beautiful!
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